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    TakeOver: Angel Soul


    Edward Von Aurence

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    TakeOver: Angel Soul

    Post by Edward Von Aurence on 14th June 2017, 6:10 am

    TakeOver: Angel Soul
    Secondary Magic:

    Caster or Holder:

    TakeOver: Angel Soul is a caster magic and a form of TakeOver magic; as the name of this particular branch of magic implies, it facilitates or enables the wielder to the form of divine beings subservient or subordinated to the deities above - simply put, angels.

    Revered as benevolent celestial or heavenly beings who act as mediators or go-betweens what can be referred to as the Heavenly Realm and Earth Land for their gods or deities, or as guardian spirits, or a guiding influence. Angels are perceived or known for their roles in protecting and guiding human beings and other denizens of Earth Land and carrying out tasks for their deities. The latter allows their existences to be considered similar to a familiar of the gods.

    Angels, normally depicted as a beautiful human with feather white wings coming from their back, a golden halo over their head, and adorned with white robes, come in a variety of shapes and sizes similar to their unholy counterpart demons. Some Angels appear in the normal depiction or stereotype while others appear like sprites, or in some occasions anything that represents organic and mechanical beings of an advanced extraterrestrial origin. Despite their appearances, there are only two classifications or types of angels - regular angels and fallen angels. The former is the standard for all angels while the latter are angels who have been corrupted by sin and fallen from grace. Fallen angels' powers and appearance are closer to demons reflecting their fall from grace.

    In order to utilize this particular branch of magic, the user must first defeat a living creature which matches the theme of their magic- in this case, an angel, and then grab ahold of it. The user then surges their magical aura into the angel, using their magical energy to enter the angel's magic origin and overwhelm it, quickly replacing the target's magical energy with their own, resulting in the loss of magical power causing the body to break down into eternano particles and becoming absorbed into the user's own magic origin. However, the angel, who was targeted by the user, will still have some willpower left and a fight for dominance ensues between the two. If the user loses the duel, then they could be taken over themselves, hoisting them by their own petard as the angel gains a shiny new body, effectively putting them under a variant of one of their many powers bestowed upon the angels by their masters are known as forced divine channeling. Because angels, just like dragons and gods, are an entirely different scale than the other monsters that a user of takeover can assimilate, most of them are phenomenally powerful and thus are significantly more troublesome to defeat- no matter what, victory is not guaranteed. Even if a user was able to defeat an angel, the chances are quite high that they still will not come out unscathed. The user might be hexed or cursed by the angel they have defeated which could result in the user's death or worse. It is because of this fact, traditional users of TakeOver: Angel Soul are quite rare.

    Unlike traditional users of TakeOver magic, Edward has not defeated an angel in combat and used the mentioned methods in order to gain its power. Rather, Edward was bestowed with the power of angels in the service of his god, Lorelei, in a similar process obtain their power. The Angels surged their magical aura into his body and used their magic energy to enter Edward's magic origin. However, the magical energy injected into Edward's magic origin had memories of the angel's form and power. This process is not without its own risks if the user's will is too weak the magical energy will overwhelm the user and break down their body to where they are taken over by the angel. However, the end result is the same as traditional takeover techniques.

    Nonetheless, when bringing forth the power obtained from TakeOver: Angel Soul is very forefront in Edward's Case. Edward releases the eternano particles that have been injected into his body by Lorelei's angel and superimposes them over his body. He solidifies them over his body with magical manipulation tuning his magic origin with the memories and form of the angels thus bringing their form into existence again, but this time it is under Edward's control. The angel's form formed from memories is used in a way similar to armor. Transformations seem to take place by tearing Edward's clothes off and covering parts of their body or their whole body with many sapphire-blue lights, which subsequently disappear, revealing the summoned part or transformation. Generally, TakeOver drastically bolsters the power, strength, and speed of the user even adding a new skill or ability, such as flying or swimming. In the case of TakeOver: Angel Soul, the form of the user will be forcefully modified to suit the absorbed angel's height, weight, and general size- not only this, they will receive an enormous boost of power all across the board while also enabling flight with wings, their current form of magic will be supercharged and converted into the angel's special form of Light Magic that is said to be miraculous and can wash away the sins of those struck by it with a light beyond any equal- not only that, they can use the element of light in ways that are thought to be impossible by the standards of mortal keen, making them tricky opponents, befitting their status as messengers of the gods.

    Credit For Parts Of The Basic Idea/Description Of TakeOver: Angel Soul Goes To

    Lorelei's Blessing: Edward Von Aurence is blessed by the God which is known as Lorelei who is known as the god of creation, life, and light within his religion. Her blessings grant him a resistance of twenty-five percent toward death magic and unholy magic excluding god slaying magic.

    Pure Heart: Before Edward Von Aurence was bestowed with magic known as The Seraph of Lorelei, he possessed a pure heart that was devoid of darkness, evil, and malice. The holy energies within his magic serve an additional barrier against such forces granting him a resistance toward magics that would attempt to darken his soul or manipulate his soul. As a result, he has a resistance of twenty-five percent of toward soul and spirit magic along with a resistance toward negative emotional manipulation magic.  

    Slayer of Evil: As a priest of the Church of Lorelei and a devout follower of Lorelei, Edward Von Aurence has a duty to protect the Church of Lorelei, Lorelei, and the innocent people of Earthland from those who wish to do them harm. His holy magic reflects his devotion to this duty and deals twenty-five percent more damage to demons, evil humans, malevolent spirits, and the undead.

    Deity Slaying Items: In his Angel TakeOver, Edward is vulnerable to certain artifacts - weapons and items designed to kill or maim angels and other beings of divine or holy origin.

    Demon Slayers: These rare individuals trained in the art of slaying demons and other creatures of malice through holy magic are capable of eating the holy magic or angelic magic used by Edward Von Aurence. The only expectation to this weakness is if Edward uses a divine element that is not corresponding to the particular demon slayer's elemental alignment.

    Durability: Edward's Angel TakeOvers have a set durability or threshold of damage they can take before they are forced to deactivate and go on cooldown.

    God Slayers: In his Angel TakeOver, Edward is vulnerable to magic designed to kill holy beings - god slaying magic and takes damage according to the site rules.

    Opposing Elements: Despite the elements used within Edward Von Aurence's magic are mixed with holy or divine energies, they act similar to their non-mixed counterparts in regards to being countered by other elements. For example, spells involving holy fire spells will be turned into steam by water spells of equal rank but will be doused completely by water spells of a higher rank. The elements within his arsenal follow this branch of the logic of being strong against certain elements and weak against others despite their mixture with holy energy.

    Unholy Magic: On the spectrum of magics which exist within the universe, holy magic, and unholy magic would be seen on the opposite sides of the spectrum. These particular magics can be also considered two sides of the same coin as well. Edward Von Aurence's holy magic can be negated or canceled when coming into contact with the unholy magic of the same rank unless the unholy magic has an elemental affinity attached to it. When that is the case, the elemental triangle comes into the play and the element's or elements' particular weakness determine which magic wins in the end.

    Aspect of Neptune:
    Aspect of Neptune
    Description: The aspect of Neptune, one of the most powerful gods of the sea from whence he came but now just a drop of what he once was. Neptune was considered a candidate for king and was second only to Jupiter. Neptune's dominion over the sea makes its mark on its host.

    Ability: The Aspect of Neptune grants its host favor with the seas. Theirs can only be eaten by god slayers. Water magic costs 5% extra when targeting the host and they are 30% resistant to the element. The host can spend half of the magical energy of a water spell to nullify it(max S-rank). Gains a user-ranked Water-based signature spell.  (S-rank Max) It must be made in the magic app as normal in addition to spells made.

    Usage: Small passive,  3 post cooldown on nullification. Can only be done three times per thread.

    Unique Abilities:
    Celestial Restoration: The unique ability referred to as Celestial Restoration is a unique ability Edward Von Aurence is capable of accessing in his normal form or partial and full-body TakeOver form. Edward is capable of using the divine energy within his body to heal and restore individuals who have died before their time.  However, Edward's restoration ability is not limited to only living creatures as he is capable of restoring or repairing inanimate objects as well. This ability can be used by Edward any number of times within a thread to revive an individual person. The individual brought back this ability is healed for twenty-percent of their max health and twenty-percent of their magical power. However, the ability can only be used the individual once per thread. Edward cannot use this unique ability to revive himself if he takes lethal damage in a thread. Edward cannot use this unique ability to revive an individual who has demonic origins or has become a member of the undead through unholy means.

    Limitations And Rules
    Since Edward Von Aurence is still considered human at his core by Lorelei and her angels, Edward is not fully capable of accessing the restoration ability to its fullest potential. However, this weakness doesn't exist in his Full-TakeOver form.

    Rule 1: Edward Von Aurence cannot revive an individual who has been dead for over seventy-two hours or three days.

    Rule 2: Edward Von Aurence cannot revive an individual who has died of natural means such as old age. He cannot revive a person who has ended their life voluntarily.

    Rule 3: Edward Von Aurence must be able to make contact with a memory regarding the individual's form in order to restore or revive them. Memories can be obtained from pictures of the individual, the soul's memory, or a memory of a person close to them.

    Rule 4: Edward Von Aurence cannot revive individuals whose soul is being controlled by another individual such as a necromancer.  If the necromancer has released their control then Edward can revive that person to their original form as long as the other conditions have been satisfied.

    Rule 5: Edward Von Aurence cannot revive an individual who has decided to stay dead or an individual who has moved on to the after-life.

    Celestial Ascension: The unique ability referred to as Celestial Ascension is the state in which all of an angel's abilities and powers are drastically intensified - it is an expansion of their current form and a temporary 'evolution' of sorts which can be compared to the 'Force' of demon, dragon, god, and other slayer magics. Edward Von Aurence is capable of choosing or designating one of his Full-Body TakeOvers and fully release the limiters on the form to achieve Celestial Ascension.

    While this unique ability is similar to the forces of slayers, it differs in a number of ways. The first method is in how it is activated. The standard method for Edward to achieve Celestial Ascension is by absorbing more and more magical energy into his magic origin. This causes the Full-Body TakeOver to change slightly but raises it overall stats by a significant amount. It usually takes Edward Von Aurence at least three posts or turns to gather enough magical energy. During this time, he is unable to cast any other spells. However, he is still able to move about and during the magical absorption process. After the process of absorbing enough magical energy is complete. The Full-Body TakeOver that Edward is currently in begins to shine with a bright sapphire-blue light that is almost blinding showing that Celestial Ascension has been fully engaged.

    However, during this time, Edward Von Aurence and the Full-Body TakeOver lose five percent of their health and during the Celestial Ascension. During this mode, Edward's strength and speed stats are increased by fifty-five percent and his spells deal fifty-five percent more damage as well. Celestial Ascension does not have an activation time or duration so it can remain activated as long as Edward Von Aurence and the Full-Body TakeOver have enough health and durability to spare. It can be ended by Edward early. If Celestial Ascension is ended by Edward early or if Edward is forced out of it either by taking too much damage from the ability's passive effect of health draining and outside damage, the unique ability goes on a six-post cooldown.

    Celestial Empowerment: The unique ability referred to as Celestial Empowerment is a technique developed by Edward Von Aurence and can be considered the secondary version or lesser version of the unique ability Celestial Ascension. Edward Von Aurence is capable of channeling additional magical power to increase the power or upgrade his individual spells and active abilities assigned to his partial TakeOvers. Edward is capable of increasing a spell's or active ability's strength/damage, the spell's speed, the spell's range, and the spell's area of effect by a thirty-five percent ratio. In order to upgrade a spell, Edward Von Aurence must pay ten magic power. For each individual spell outside of his partial and full-body TakeOvers, this amount of magic power must be paid each time it is cast. However, for his partial and full-body TakeOvers, it must be paid only once and the abilities are enhanced for the rest of the activation period. The additional cost is must be paid for each partial TakeOver ability enhanced. For example, Edward Von Aurence enhances the active ability within a partial TakeOver such as an arm. He pays ten magical power for it. If he were to enhance another ability such as ones for located to the ability with the legs, he would pay an additional ten magic power. After that, he doesn't have to pay any more additional power.

    Celestial Retribution: The cosmetic effect of this passive known as Celestial Retribution which causes the afflicted target to face every sin he or she may have committed during their lifetime. The appearance of the sins may differ among individuals. For example, one individual may simply feel the hands and arms of a person they lied to wrapped around his or her neck weighing her down. Or it could be more severe, such as a group of people murdered at the hands of the individual attempting to pull and drag them down to the pits of hell.

    The true effect of this passive known as Celestial Retribution is - every damaging spell Edward Von Aurence is capable of landing on a target or group of target applies a stack of Celestial Retribution. These each of these stacks applies what could be simply described as a poison since they cause the afflicted target or targets suffer from damage over time and increase amount spells cost to the inflicted target. Celestial Retribution caps out at a duration of five posts or turns. If a new stack is added it refreshes the duration of the passive.

    1 StackThe target is dealt spell damage equal to five percent of Edward's rank each turn.Spells equal to Edward's rank cost the inflicted target an additional one magic power.
    2 StacksThe target is dealt spell damage equal to ten percent of Edward's rank each turn.Spells equal to Edward's rank cost the inflicted target an additional two magic power.
    3 StacksThe target is dealt spell damage equal to fifteen percent of Edward's rank each turn.Spells equal to Edward's rank cost the inflicted target an additional three magic power.
    4 StacksThe target is dealt spell damage equal to twenty percent of Edward's rank each turn.Spells equal to Edward's rank cost the inflicted target an additional four magic power.
    5 StacksThe target is dealt spell damage equal to twenty-five percent of Edward's rank each turn.Spells equal to Edward's rank cost the inflicted target an additional five magic power.

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    Re: TakeOver: Angel Soul

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