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    To Earthland and Beyond!


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    To Earthland and Beyond! Empty To Earthland and Beyond!

    Post by Isis 10th June 2017, 9:33 pm

    The first thing that he was tasked to do was to get his passport. Dante hated waiting in line for this but he was going to need it to do the international jobs and to move around the world as he gets stronger as a mage. Lucky for him this job was just a matter of going down into the town. Lamia Scale was in Hergeon town so he litterally just had to go into town.  The town was a bustling as ever on this day the fishers where selling there recently caught wares while the bakers where baking.

    Dante had to walk through the marketplace to get to the passport office thinking that this was going to be an easy job. This building you can easily tell has seen there fair share of destruction wither it was from Fairy Tail or just some arsenist. Dante was not to sure how safe that this building was even though he could tell that it was recently rebuilt. The doors held a unique amount of details to it letting those who where guilded mages through or anyone really. The door had a lion on it that seemed to move occasionally to let you know the door has been spelled. Dante was not sure what was going to happen since even mages of Dark guild tried to gain a passport. This was when he entered the building.

    The building was also vary well detailed from the trimm of the nice brown with a golden fern circleing around the building to the little pixies they added to it. THe pillars that tried to not only hold up this building was looking like something from anicent greece.  Dante was shocked that the town had gotten enough of the funds to rebuild this building and make it look so fancy. He would then see the line that was there all to get their passports and his jaw dropped.

    This is going to take forever he thought seeing as it was taking one person at a time. He wondered why the teller did not call for back up. So he was waiting in line moving slowly and slowly keeping his god senses on high alart. I wonder how many people here are actual dark mages.his mind would wonder more as there was so many different scents that was driving him crazy. the line was moving more and more but it was still the one person there. This got under Dantes skin more then he would every admit to.

    It literally took 30 mins before Dante was able to get up there and that was only when another teller came by. " Hello How may i help you today". this teller sounded just wrong. when dante got up to her. " I am here to get my  passport." the teller looks at him before speaking again " Show me proof that your are a legal guild mage" she said while he was unbuttoning his shirt enough to pull up. Dante would turn around and show the teller the mark of Lamia Scale in its rainbow of color that was the middle of his back. " D-Class mage of Lamia Scale Dante West". The teller would turn a it red as she would look down and finish the paperwork. With one final stamp Dante would be handed his passport giving him access to the countries outside of Fiore.


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