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    To Earthland... And Beyond!


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    To Earthland... And Beyond! Empty To Earthland... And Beyond!

    Post by Nevermore 31st January 2016, 9:58 pm

    Job Details:

    The day was once more a salty and humid day as the sun over hargeon hung like a massive globe of plasma ready to tear away her flesh and broil her. Yet the sea that resided next to the port town kept the heat to a minimum a gift she supposed she could be thankful for as her dress hung down to her ankles sticking to her sweat ridden skin. Before she could even complain about the heat more however her eyes hung low as annoyance welled in the pits of her stomach a sight in her area of which made her disgusted. Ahead of her about four meters ahead was a massive line of people leading down to the docks a fact she could not ignore as right now the main reason she had even decided to come to Hargeon was that dock as she had decided to get a passport and as a mage of Sabertooth it would come in great handy to have one.

    Setting a hand on her bosom she would smile at one of the burlier men and tap his shoulder making sure to look as lustful she could speaking in an almost moaning voice, “Excuse me sir~ Would you mind letting me by? I would just HATE to be in this sun for so long as it could ruin my skin~” The man began to gulp and nodded letting her by as a woman behind her glared at her she could feel the daggers in her back but she could care less. More time passed the sun reached the mid point across the sky as she began to use her hand as a fan yawning as she began to shuffle her hips side to side remembering a fun song.

    As the sun reached near the end of its cycle she would smile sitting down on the ground in front of the end of her line smiling as she sang in her head. Yet as she sat the woman who had been behind her would cut in front a small tinge of anger would come out as her eyes began to radiate a red aura a small flicker in her striking blonde hair as she stood up quick, “Excuse me miss you cut in front of me~” when all she got was a glare and and a small ‘hmph’ from the woman the small part of her holding herself back gave up sending her into a rage in seconds, “I am sorry ma'am~ But I said. . .YOU CUT IN LINE.” In a moment she would grab the woman throwing her into the sea a scream being heard as people moved away from her and she sighed. Within seconds she would walk up to the desk showing them the Sabertooth tattoo on her bosom as they would smile and get her passport prepared making sure to give them the jewels they needed as she would do a small bow of respect before walking off. Taking a small break in bar she would spend the night in Hargeon before taking the long trek back to Sabertooths guild hall hoping to see if they had any new jobs for which she could take part in.

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