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    Housekeeping! Empty Housekeeping!

    Post by Admin on 24th February 2013, 21:13

    Job: Housekeeping!
    Job Location: Clover Town
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Max group of two. 500 words minimum for one mage, 1,000 words minimum for two mages.
    Job Requirements:  One D-rank mage or higher; Solve all of the clients dilemmas.
    Job Description: "I'm going away on vacation and I just can't find a house maintenance done while I'm gone, please, will anyone out there help me. Watch out for Frank though, he's the neighbors dog that always finds a way in somehow, as long as you keep out of sight, but find a way to stop him from coming back without killing him. Also, there's a pesky fly problem. And finally, I have a leaky roof. Good luck! "
    If "Boss" is rolled, it also counts as Strong. If "Normal" is rolled it counts as weak.
    Strong; Frank is pretty strong against D-rank mages, so he's a bit of a challenge, he runs very fast for a dog and has the biting pressure of a crocodile.
    Weak; They are flies, they are annoyingly fast and small, making them hard to hit. Weakness to lightning and bug zappers.
    Reward: D-Rank EXP and 5,000 Jewels each.

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