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    Completed Housekeeping!

    Post by Cassiopeia on 8th July 2019, 11:42 am

    While still in Fiore, following her previous escapades, Cassiopeia Gojira decided it was simply too early to return back to the guild hall on Amber Island. Minstrel was a long sail from Fiore, and going back and forth frequently was a waste of her time. So while she was here, she decided to look for more local work, to fill her pockets further with a steady influx of Jewels. The local Job Boards proved fruitful, as she found one she could do over the next day when she awoke.

    The task itself was simple enough, and she accepted it immediately. Meet with the owner of a house before they went on vacation and patch up a few things before they returned. Easy work, for easy Jewels. Cassiopeia made her way across Clover Town towards the address, finding the home in question easily enough. She knocked on the door, only to be greeted by the owner. A frazzled looking man with thick rimmed glasses and armfuls of luggage. His eyes grew large in his skull, upon being greeted by a seven foot tall woman sporting a large tail. "H-Hello, Miss. Is there something I can do for you?" He stammered out, unsure what to say.

    "Hello." Cassiopeia replied simply, unphased by his surprise. "I'm Cassiopeia Gojira, here about the Job you put out." She held up the flyer from the Job Board, just to prove her point.

    "Oh!" The man said, somewhat startled. He set down one of his suitcases and reached a hand up to shake Cassiopeia's. "Oh my yes, thank so much for getting here quickly. Yes I'll be leaving for a few days and I have a few things that need doing. The roof is leaking and needs to be patched up, and the damned neighbor's dog keeps coming over and tearing up my flower gardens. If you could handle those two things for you I'd be ever grateful."

    Cassiopeia just nodded, shaking the man's hand back with her crushing grip. "Consider them already done." She said confidently, looking up at the roof. It didn't seem that bad from this angle, though she'd need a clearer look. And a dog, how much work could one dog be? She'd fought Dark Mages, someone poorly trained mutt would be child's play in comparison. "I promise I'll have everything done before you return." Cassiopeia said, giving the man a reassuring look.

    "Oh, thank you so much miss Cassiopeia. You're a lifesaver." The man replied eagerly, shaking off his now sore hand and grabbing the rest of his luggage. "Now if you'll excuse me, I really must be off. I'm going to miss my ship if I don't leave right this instant. The keys are under the mat, lock up when you're finished." He said before making his way off, moving as quickly as he could with his luggage. Cassiopeia just smiled and shook her head. Alright then, it was time to get to work.

    First thing she'd need to do is assess where this roof was leaking from, she headed inside and made her way upstairs. Looking about, Cassiopeia found a bucket in one of the guest bedrooms and clear water stains on the ceiling. "Hmm... Northeast corner." She muttered aloud, taking mental note. Further investigation didn't find any more signs of water damage in the other rooms, much to her relief. She then made her way out back to see if there was a garden shed with tools, and hopefully extra shingles.

    Making her way out back, Cassiopeia could see the flower garden was already torn up. Muddy dog prints were all over the patio leading back next door. "Owner needs to invest in a fence..." She muttered to herself, shaking her head and spotting the shed with ease. She found it unlocked, and upon investigation there was more than enough tools for the job inside. Cassiopeia had never fancied herself a carpenter, but she felt she could manage. All you had to do was overlap shingles and copycat whatever the previous workers did.

    Luckily for her, there was a bucket of tar and a stack of shingle sheets stacked neatly in one corner. Probably leftovers from when the roof was last re-shingled, ones she'd now put to good use herself. Cassiopeia scooped up her tools with her tail, grabbing her shingles under one arm and holding the bucket of tar in the other. As she made her way back outside though she was greeted by a new face. A huge brown bulldog stared at her snarling with its slobbering maw. She stared back at the mutt, in no mood to deal with a dog that didn't know its place.

    The bulldog, Frank, squared up its shoulders and started running at Cassiopeia snapping its jaws. She just planted her feet, arched her back, and let out a  bloodcurdling roar. Frank stopped cold, fear welling in the dog's eyes as it realized it had bit off more than it could chew. It immediately turned about as quickly as it could in the opposite direction. Bolting across the yard, Frank retreated to his own yard, hopefully never to come by again. "Stupid dog..." Cassiopeia muttered under her breath, looking up at the house's roof and leaping up in one solid jump.

    She landed on the roof, and found a relatively flat spot to set down her supplies. Cassiopeia lamented that she didn't have more 'suitable' work clothes, it was difficult enough balancing on the rooftop in her heels, but she'd manage. She quickly found the damaged spot and got out a fresh sheet of shingles. Using her Atomic Breath spell, the woman heated up  her tar and applied it to the back of the shingles, carefully laying them onto the damaged spots after she tore out the old shingles. The work took several hours, as she methodically worked to make her patch job as seamless as she could. Frank didn't return, much to her relief, and by mid afternoon the task was complete. Smiling to herself and wiping her hands clean on a rag the Kaijin hopped down from the roof, eager to inform the owner of a job well done.

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