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    Lost in the mansion;; Wolfe, Kite and Jiyu Job

    Jiyu Kazehime
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    Lost in the mansion;; Wolfe, Kite and Jiyu Job Empty Lost in the mansion;; Wolfe, Kite and Jiyu Job

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 1st June 2017, 1:36 pm

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    The young woman glanced at the ground her normal passively happy expression fading away to something of scorn as she stared at the sidewalk, recalling what happened the last time she saw the Sabertooth guild master. While the event was not directly related to him? It still left an extremely bitter taste in her mouth. Since she had run away and never looked back, seeing the face of her much younger self on a piece of paper with the words missing scrawled across it like she was supposed to want to come home? Was jarring for the Inugami because for the sake of everything in the world, she did not want to ever go home, while she did sometimes miss the village itself, the only thing waiting for her in the house she grew up in, was the man she called father, drinking himself to death and doubting every word she said and every choice she made. Going back to a place like that? Was never an option for her. Thus when she saw the poster she had reacted very badly, recalling the feel of it as she harshly ripped it to shreds, savagely balled it all together then brutally tore it apart again before finally setting it to ashes in the wind. Jiyu had not been paying attention to who was around when she abused the poster, thus she did not know if Kite had seen what she did or not, but she feared if he had seen her actions after they defeated the undead general, he would question her on what she had done, why she seemed so hateful towards a girl she may not even know. Kazehime hated her own face, she looked just like her belated mother and no one believed her on what had happened that day, she was alone in rage that should have been shared by an entire village.

    Shaking her head slightly she glanced at Wolfe once more, her fingers trailing down to the belt he designed for her. When the item had been tested? It worked just fine, entirely shrouding the long, thick extremely fluffy tail she was incapable of hiding herself, Jiyu just hoped that trend would continue, cause if it failed she may meet another death on this mission. A task she had not actually been seriously considering taking until he told her that his technical skills could help enable her to hide her tail, which he had been able to do. However? She was wondering if the price had been too high, because now the male knew about her tail itself, how simply a feather light touch could bring her to her knees due to the arousal like feelings it elicited, and he had even managed to find the spot at the base of her spine that paralyzed her body. The simplest solution to her problem at current would have been to kill him, but he was her guild-mate thus she was incapable, so she had to trust him, blindly trust someone to keep her biggest secret. Kazehime hated it and thus this job she had originally intended to be a quick fun trip if she could go on it without getting executed, quickly turned into a task she nearly rued. However, if the white-haired man could eventually prove to her that he was able to be trusted in spite of the subtle wrong foot he got off to with that? He would prove to be a very powerful ally, she was far from stupid, Jiyu knew this and thus she tried to keep the violation of her privacy and body she felt down. Honestly, Wolfe had not even done anything that bad, he simply measured her tail, not his fault that was directly wired to every other part of her nervous system with a direct route up her spine to her brain, thus more sensitive than any other part of her. He had been trying to help her, still was apparently, so it wasn’t like he was some bad person, she just had trouble trusting men, to begin with considering what had been done to her for three years, much less a man who knew two of her best kept secrets largely against her direct will for them to be learned. Oh well, it wasn’t as if he knew about Solace, so she could learn to forgive him soon enough.

    “Hopefully the wind lets me keep this on when we get there.” she was holding a caped cloak up in front of herself, the same one she used to use in order to hide her demonic traits before she could shapeshift. This time? She intended to use it in order to keep the way her magic made her dress from getting her arrested in the place where mages got their heads cut off without a second thought. Of course, she doubted her tight pencil skirt and her skimpy crop top were actually exposure enough to get her arrested, but even these days she could feel the wind tugging at them as if it was discontent to have anything covering her flesh at all. Would it eventually tell her she had to be nude? Jiyu hoped not, in spite of her confidence she couldn’t just walk around in public nude, even if she normally walked around damn near it. “But we’ll have to move quickly the last time I wore this it only allowed it for a day and refused to even let me put it on the next day.” she had been terrified of her demonic traits when she first grew them because she had been raised as human by both her demon mother and her human father, especially after her mother’s death. “We’re meeting Kite on the boat.” after-all just two mages was hardly proper for going into penegrade, you needed a small powerful group, the three of them made that, even if she was afraid of the duo she knew they could take care of this like she could, it was the best option. The only two mages she would trust innately enough for this did not get along with each other and plus neither of them were high enough rank for this.

    “Did I ever formally thank you for agreeing to come with? I know this is a daunting mission for most magic users.” even she had outright admitted it was part death trap, but she was sure a guild master, and ace and herself could handle this just perfectly.


    Lost in the mansion;; Wolfe, Kite and Jiyu Job Miku_chibi_by_kenneos-d4l2s2w

    Lost in the mansion;; Wolfe, Kite and Jiyu Job H6NcPbM Lost in the mansion;; Wolfe, Kite and Jiyu Job H6NcPbM Lost in the mansion;; Wolfe, Kite and Jiyu Job H6NcPbM Lost in the mansion;; Wolfe, Kite and Jiyu Job H6NcPbM


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    Lost in the mansion;; Wolfe, Kite and Jiyu Job Empty Re: Lost in the mansion;; Wolfe, Kite and Jiyu Job

    Post by Wolfe 2nd June 2017, 1:32 am

    Wolfe had started the day like any other day. He first got dressed and then made his way down to the guildhall tavern and was met with the beautiful smile of the waitress that worked the Infinity Hydra bar in the tavern and he ordered his normal breakfast, about 15 plates of all kinds of random foods. It had taken a little but he was finally starting to get into the grove of things. He had always known since he woke up inside the guildhall only weeks ago, with no memories or idea who or where he was, that there was a chance that he may never get his memories back and would just have to live with the idea that he would have to start over here and now. Wolfe wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. He could be leaving behind a lifetime full of happy memories, and maybe even a lover that lived in some other town, or maybe it was a life full of pain and loss, filled with sorrow and emptiness. Hell… maybe it was both. However, Wolfe might never know, and he was coming to terms with this.

    Wolfe spent the rest of the beginning of his morning as normal as he eat his food and talked over different events with the young bartender. After breakfast Wolfe made his way to his office to look over a few things only to find a reminder left for him by Jiyu, the young woman with the tail he had met only a few days before in the tavern and after a very interesting introduction he ended up helping her out by creating a belt designed to hide her tail. At first he thought it was because maybe she was shy of it in public, but during the process of having to measure her tail and get an idea of how fluffy it was to help determine how best to hide it, that her reason was far more personal. So he had made her the belt and now she was ready to take on some new job it seemed and the reminder he found was let him know that they would be leaving around midday today and that they had a third member for their job, The guildmaster of Sabertooth, Kite. Wolfe had actually never met Kite in any official capacity. However, just recently he and Ardere had helped with a huge issue regarding the fall and destruction of Sabertooth’s guildhall, and a very grueling fight with a group of very powerful elders that seemed to have been the cause of such a thing. The battle was still pretty fresh in his mind, but it had been a real wake up call for Wolfe about what kind of power he was truly capable of and to what degree he could push himself.

    Wolfe finished up some of the smaller things he was working on and straitened up before he headed out of his office and out to meet Jiyu. He took his time and enjoyed the travel as he made his way to the Mountain Village. This was uncommon for him as normally he would use his powers and just streak across the sky as a bolt of lightning. However, this time he was traveling with someone so he decided to take it a little slower and try to enjoy the travel this time.

    Wolfe met up With Jiyu and they began they journey towards their destination. Along the way Wolfe took in the scenery and was generally pretty stoked to be out and even on a job, but it seemed like Jiyu was more in head then she was on the road with him at the moment. He would catch her taking glances at him from time to time, and also at her tail. He could only assume the insane amount of stuff going through her head, but to some degree some of it was obvious. She had a lot on her mind about Wolfe having touched her tail while he was making her the belt she was using to hide it and from the random glances he assumed she had some thoughts about this, but was keeping them to herself. He wasn’t sure if this was good or bad, but he figured if they were important enough she would bring them to his attention and in the meantime he wouldn’t press her about it. It was about this time she finally broke the silence with a comment about the wind and how it might affect the cloak she was wearing. Wolfe only nodded at her and hoped for her sake that she was right, as it would help lend an extra way to hide her tail, which she had made obvious was very important to her.

    After another short time she mentioned about how her clothing choices had gotten her in trouble in some way in the past and before he could even think of a rebuttal of any type about how she should have obviously picked a new clothing choice, she mentioned that they would be meeting their third member, Kite, on the boat. Wolfe once again gave her a nod and decided not to make any comment about the clothing issue and just looked out over the area they were currently traveling and thought about what might be awaiting them once they reached their destination. It was at this point she made one more statement, as she was thanking him for his choice to come along for the mission ”No need to thank me. The danger doesn’t worry me. You needed some help, and I was more than willing. Hell you helped me a little actually. Since I have been back to the guild, I have been wracked with issues because of my memory loss and been focusing on it a lot. This is actually a good distraction to be honest, and a good start on the path to moving on in the case I never get them back. I need to start fresh somewhere, so why not here, and why not now? Also, even though I might not remember everything about my magic, I am not worried. From what Ardere has taken the time to remind me there was a reason I held the position of Head of Destruction and he has been helping to remind me of it.” Wolfe gave Jjiyu a smile as they continued along the road heading towards their destination.

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    Lost in the mansion;; Wolfe, Kite and Jiyu Job QO55HpX
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    Lost in the mansion;; Wolfe, Kite and Jiyu Job Empty Re: Lost in the mansion;; Wolfe, Kite and Jiyu Job

    Post by Kite Wilhelm 6th June 2017, 9:12 pm

    Kite Wilhelm
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    The sound of Kite’s boots stomping on the wooden floor of his office were pronounced and loud. He was walking from one end of the room to the other gathering his gear for the job that was ahead of him and he wasn't happy about the circumstances. He was already wearing a pair of black pants, a pair of black boots that the pants were tucked into and had his top in his hand. Holding the bottom of the shirt open looked in the mirror nearby and looked at the reflection, at the scars that took up more than 20% of his body. He “earned” them from his time in the underworld with Asmodeous both when he was training for his demon slayer magic from his teenage years and then the newer scars from his own demonized father that gave him new scars. It was the latter event however that Kite found himself thinking about due to its indirect connection to the cult that raised him, the cult that was all about anti magic. That small group was enough to set the chain of events into motion that would leave his body like this, and cause the pain to his friends but this quest that he was about to embark on was a thousand times worse. ”Pergrande...“ he said to himself shaking his head before he put his skin tight under armor like top on. Kite had been hailed by Jiyu, a girl he had met on a job in peace village who recently joined Infinity Hydra, his friend Ard’s guild as well as a sister guild to his own. She had sent a request that he join her and another member of the guild named Wolfe on a job that would have them exploring and investigating a mansion in Pergrande that was haunted. Dealing with a haunted mansion was nothing, going on a job with IH members was fine with him but what he didn't get was why they were being allowed to go on this job in the first place. ”How could that hothead just let the two of them wander into a place like that.“ he said in frustration which in turn sparked his aura which burned blue as he walked to his weapons rack. His first reaction was to reach for Rose and did so while still speaking to himself, ”Of course I'd take this job. I can't very well let any duo of mages enter a county that will literally sick their entire military on them.“ he stopped and retracted his hand away from Rose’s handle, ”Shit. I can't take rose. She's a lacrima saber. If they see the vines wrapped around it and me it might give away my being a mage and in turn drag them into it.“ he was regarding Jiyu and Wolfe in this situation and instead just put his hand around the handle of his unnamed broad sword that was in it's retracted state and placed that on the small of his back. He looked at his coat and gave his head a shake.”plain black clothes shouldn't draw suspicion. However.“ he looked at his guild mark that was located on his upper right arm, on the inside of his bicep. ”That will be a problem.“ he walked over to one of his dressers and opened the top most draw and pulled out a long piece of fabric similar to the shirt he was wearing. He slipped his arm into the opening at one end and pushed his hand and then his arm until his hand popped out the other side. He hated to cover up his guild mark as well as his entire arm but it had to be done. He was content as well as ready as he was going to be for this job. ”Time to go.“ he said as he exited his room at the tavern that was acting as his substitute guild hall while the new one was being built.

    He looked back at the tavern and then gave his attention to his airship next to the tavern and smiled, ”I wish I could take you with me but that wouldn’t be taken too kindly..“ kite pressed his hand to his ear, ”EDI do you read my location?“ he would ask the AI that was hardwired into his ship “Yes quite clear” Kite turned away and continued you exodus from town ”I can’t take the tailspin with me this time but have the engines ready for emergency extraction.“ “Understood remaining on standby” Kite didn’t respond but kept walking. The plan was to meet at the river bank that was in between their guilds and take a boat that would sail on the river and lead out to the sea and then to Pergrande. It didn’t take the Demon slayer long to reach the general area where the meeting was to take place and as he grew closer to the river he noticed there was a boat anchored on one of the banks. ”If i were a betting man, that must be the boat.“ he squinted briefly to try to get the distance into focus a little better and noticed that two people were there already ”I must be a tad late.“ he said as he picked up the pace a bit and eventually reached the boat as well as the two that were waiting there. He saw the man with white hair who was taller than him that was present during the crisis at Sabertooth. ”Good to see you again wolfe.“ he looked at the girl puzzled at who she was. ”I wasn’t aware of a fourth member joining our job.“ he looked at Wolfe ”Is Jiyu running late? She didn’t mention you’d be bringing anyone else.“ he said and looked at her before raising his eyebrow, ”I’m sorry, the name is Kite and you are?“ he would ask the rather pretty girl but then noticed something very familiar about her. The tail that came from the small of her, it wasn’t the first time he had seen it but the last time he seen it, it had been a lavender color and was owned by someone that didn’t look like her. He slowly put the pieces together in his head and gave a smirk. ”Let me guess. You have the ability to change your appearance?“ he said to her now assuming that the pretty girl was none other than Jiyu herself.

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