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    WHERE YOU ARE NOT ♦ private, Deca


    Star WHERE YOU ARE NOT ♦ private, Deca

    Post by Guest 5th May 2017, 9:06 pm

    Izayuki Hyoujin ♦ Black Rose ♦ SS Rank

    A walk through the forests outside of Rose Garden were generally peaceful, and gave Izayuki a chance to cool off after doing standard organization for her guild, be it paper work, sorting through jobs to be posted on their board, or various odd jobs. Her Aces typically handled the introductions and members being admitted into the guild, so at least that was one thing off of her mind.

    Seika hovered nearby, quietly levitating in her tiny, white-furred Ayakashi form. Eventually, the quiet Youkai would alight on Izayuki, front paws holding onto her shoulder so she could rest, while she continued to exert some magic to levitate the lower half of her. The two enjoyed their quiet walks on break, but rarely found anything to say to one another. Even since that other night on the rooftops, with Seika stealing some of the Glacier God Slayer’s power to contain inside of a lacrima, things had been awkward between the two. While Seika seemed to act like nothing had happened, Izayuki was left with irritating silence, and no feeling of closure for the situation.

    As they traveled alone, Izayuki closed her eyes, relying on her sense of smell and muscle memory of the path to guide her while she attempted to think of exactly what she wanted to say. Now would be as good a time as ever to speak with her companion about that night. Unfortunately, such a thing was short lived, as the white mew-like creature’s voice interrupted her thoughts. “Iza, what’s going on?” Seika asked urgently, bringing the Bakedanuki back to reality. Scents around her were fading, and as she reopened her rosy-hued eyes, they were no longer on the forest path, but in a pitch black void.

    It was uncanny, and almost familiar. Was not the darkness of her own mind very similar to this? Instantly on guard, Izayuki felt the silver fur on her ears and tail bristling. What sort of trick was this? Seika clenched her tiny paws on Izayuki's shoulder, also on guard and with her senses alert.

    “Who’s there?” she questioned, clenching her teeth in annoyance. Whatever it was, it was likely best not to be messed with.


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    Star Re: WHERE YOU ARE NOT ♦ private, Deca

    Post by Decayuss 6th May 2017, 11:52 am

    Pre Note: To anyone who is concerned about this... first off: mind your own business. Lmao. But secondly, Iza and I thought this would be a cool thing to do. No, I am not coming back, no I'm not making a new character or reviving my current one, but we're doing this in the Unknown Lands so most of the rules don't apply, and it's all fun and games.
    "A wanderer isn't always lost."
    "Where am I?" All he could remember was blackness, and that's all he could see before him. At least, he thought that's what he was seeing... when one stares into the void, they can't quite tell if they actually have their eyes open and are gazing deep into the abyss, or it's merely a figment of their imagination. He seemed to have lost all of his senses while in this world, or perhaps he never even had them in the first place. There was no air to feel, there was nothing to see, absolutely no sense... and he couldn't even feel his body functioning. He wasn't quite aware where he was, yet something found within his subconscious had kept him... alive, in some way. His physical body was dead, and his soul... well there really was no telling what had happened to his soul. It wasn't certain that if the thing floating around endlessly in this voice was his soul, or something else a part of him. Yet, there was he was for quite some time, just floating around endlessly with no sense of anything.

    He wasn't exactly sure if his mind was active or not, but he found himself recollecting--unaware that he was even doing so--some events of his past. Some of his most notable ones, anyway. The memories flashed through his min--if it was his mind--one after the other. The day that he burned the prison floating in the sky straight to the ground, being perhaps the only surviving person on that day. The day he first took up his mighty blade Nidhogg, and forged a bond that would never be shattered. The time when the Devil and Angel inside of him first awoken, and he was met with a surge of power that would continue on through his life. One after the other, these memories kept him busy and unaware, if he was even capable of being aware with where he was at. There wasn't certainty if this was his destined afterlife, or if this was something else.

    This stream of consciousness, however, was interrupted when one of his senses had been given something to activate itself. Auditory. Within the middle of his mind's comatose, he heard something from the outside, something that broke the chain of endless thoughts to his mind. The female that had been caught in his own void could see a body floating above her, floating, it looked like, and looking quite lifeless. But soon after she called out to the blackness, his eyes started to twitch with his second sense being reactivated. And soon, he could feel the warmth of his body once more as blood started to pump through his veins. The first sound that came out of him was a gasp for air as his eyes had finally shot right open, only staring into blackness, yet somehow noticing that he was once again looking through his eyes and not his mind for the first time. He could feel his head throbbing from a headache as his body turned itself over to look down at here the source of the sound came from. For the first time, he somehow saw light where there was none, being reflected off of the young girl that intruded in on his Purgatory.

    Promptly, he landed in front of her on a ground that wasn't visible, yet one could feel as if they were standing on it. His head was still quite in shambles, and for a moment he had almost forgotten how to speak or communicate with words. "Who... who are you? And where... where... where am I?" He inquired.
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