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    United We Stand (GM meet/private)


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    United We Stand (GM meet/private) - Page 2 Empty Re: United We Stand (GM meet/private)

    Post by Sol 28th May 2017, 5:39 pm

    While the guild master started to file in quick one guild still seemed to be missing and considering they liked to stay hidden it was understandable for Basilisk Fang to either not show up at all or rather late, however the dark shadow lurking around said otherwise as after Eris had spoken Sol emerged from a dark corner behind her and smirked slightly.”considering they are a light guild miss I think it is too much for them.” he said simply as he moved towards the group and he took his spot and sat in a throne that was beside Eris before he turned and he bowed his head to her respectfully.” it’s a pleasure to meet you“ he said softly before he turned and looked at the other guildmasters.The dragons chest was bear and his guild mark was on full display showing his loyalty to the rest of the guilds at the table.”My guild master Famine is currently busy at the moment so I Sol Terumi will be filling in for her at this meeting” he explained as he leaned back in his chair much like Eris had and his claws tapped on the throne and he looked around the room at each person with a bored expression.

    He saw the guild master of Infinity Hydra and Sols first impression was that the man was to hopeful for all of them to work together, then he saw the young leader of Fairy Tail and he wanted to scoff since he didn’t have a good impression of that guild at all. His eyes darted from the room until they landed on the two beside him Marceline and Eris, he had met the master of Savage Skull before but he had never met Eris so he was rather curious about her. As he processed what he had heard around the room he felt that Marceline had the right idea as far as what they should be doing but Soranos question bugged him.” considering what Ive heard Bosco does to any with magic in their blood inside that country I don’t think we should answer any of their demands or give them a single thing” he stated before he spoke again.

    I agree with Marceline on the magic council, they don’t care for anyone but themselves and honestly I highly doubt that they are going to change their ways anytime soon” he sneered at the end as he gained a bored look on his face.


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    United We Stand (GM meet/private) - Page 2 Empty Re: United We Stand (GM meet/private)

    Post by Guest 11th June 2017, 3:56 pm

    Izayuki Hyoujin ♦ Black Rose ♦ SS Rank

    She flew towards the twelve foot tall beast woman, only to be moved away by an invisible portal to Ardere’s head. That was not much fun, so within the blink of an eye, Izayuki teleported back to the head of the mostly naked woman, though the Grim Heresy leader was quicker. She moved to an ethereal form, allowing the fluffy tanuki to fall through the woman, only to land in her hands.

    Izayuki frankly did not mind; she was used to being handled by those much larger than her. She allowed Eris to gently scratch her as one would with any adorable canine, though the raccoon dog did her best to avoid having her sensitive ears touched. The tiny yokai continued her speech about choice of attire, to which Eris confidently responded. Fortunately, she was intelligent, and not one to act out or speak poorly about the Black Rose Guild Master’s blunt speech.

    “Interesting way of thinking, but I suppose I cannot expect someone who is not human to respect the concept of modesty,”
    Izayuki replied-- a sincerely innocent observation, while moving to a sitting position in Eris’s flat hand. She was not human either, like many of her guildmates. Few Ayakashi cared to dress up modesty. One of her Aces, Jiyu, was the perfect example of that, wearing as little clothing as she could possibly get away with. As for the carrots-- maybe later. Eating in the presence of some of these mages did not seem like the best idea. What if they poisoned the air?

    Once the meeting began to really get interesting, with topics of importance, Izayuki reverted back into her human form, with silver-furred ears, a fluffy tail, pale claws, and elongated canine fangs. She no longer could fit in Eris’s hand, but sat on the giant pale woman’s lap shamelessly at the table. Would anyone feel awkward at the scene? Maybe, maybe not, but she could care less about some opinions from others. Picking up on a familiar scent, the pink-haired guildmaster would wave at Venir, who appeared to now know that this was not the average ‘party’, as Izayuki had impressioned upon invitation. “Hiya, Vennie-chan~!” she chimed, still hopefully seated on Eris’s lap. “I'm glad you could make it!”

    Ahh yes… then came the subject of Navrick. Some guilds had worked for the kingdom, while others sided with the magic council, who rashly invaded the kingdom and lost. She personally sided with Navrick, under a disguise, and left her guild itself out of it. As for Bosco, the nation used to be allies with Black Rose. However, ever since her guild relocated to Rose Garden in Fiore, she had been out of contact with the leaders and representatives of the other nation. And finally, talk about the magic council. She never was fond of the power that ruled over the magical guilds and people of Fiore, despite running a legal guild, herself. Still, perhaps it was best to hold her tongue, for now. With a small smile on her face, silver-furred ears continued to listen, eager to learn.

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