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    Xellal's Bag of Holding (Bank)

    Xellal Arivuz'Arix
    Xellal Arivuz'Arix

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    Xellal's Bag of Holding (Bank) Empty Xellal's Bag of Holding (Bank)

    Post by Xellal Arivuz'Arix 20th February 2017, 6:21 pm

    Xellal's Bank

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    Ongoing Missions:


    • Find This Book!:
      Job: Find This Book!
      Rank: D
      Player Requirements: Single or team. 2 D rank mage max for team. 10 post minimum and 170 words per post.
      Job Requirements:- Go to the Library and find the book
      - Do not destroy anything, especially books
      - Do not harm anyone
      - Retrieve the book and borrow it from the library before giving it to the old lady
      Job Location: Peace Village
      Job Description: "There is an old lady who enjoys reading a lot when she was younger who wanted to read a certain book that is used to be her favourite. Too bad the book is out of print and it is not being sold anymore. The only place that the book could be found is in a library but she is too old to go out on her own. She would ask help but most of the people she knew are too busy. So the old lady decides to make this a request for anyone willing to help her find this book in the library.”

      HELP INFO:
      - You can make up the name of the book as long as it is not common and a rare book
      - The library that has the book would be in trouble
      - The library was pranked by some kids who decided to rearrange the books in the library so that it would be hard to find anything.
      - The book is somewhere in the library and it is hard to find it
      - If the book is about to be found, some of the kids would be there to grab it and run off with it.
      - The kid is just having fun and would give the book if they are scolded.

      Enemies: None
      Reward: 750 Jewels each

      Job Information: Find This Book!
      Job Thread: N/A
      Job Approval: Post #831; Page #34

    Finished Missions:


    • Archaeological Excavation:
      Job: Archaeological Excavation!
      Rank: D
      Player Requirements: 1 - 3 Mages. 10 post minimum. 160 words min per post.
      Job Requirements: You have to be at least a D rank mage. Find the remains of the ancient creature and bring them to the professor.
      Job Location: Forgotten Desert.
      Job Description: An archaeological professor has stumbled on a dig site in the Forgotten Desert. Somewhere burried in the sand are the remains of an ancient creature. The professor asked for capable mages who can help him excavate the creature.
      Reward: 750 Jewels each.

      Job Information: Archaeological Excavation!
      Job Thread: Search for the Creature
      Job Approval: Post #831; Page #34
    • Deliver My Letter!:
      Job: Deliver My Letter!
      Rank: D
      Player Requirements: Must be done under 10 posts. 500 words total. This increases by two posts and 200 words per extra mage.
      Job Requirements: Deliver the love letter.
      Job Location: Magnolia Town.
      Job Description:
      There's this man in Magnolia who wishes to send a letter to one of the most popular celebrities in Fiore, who seems to be his childhood friend and love interest, and surprisingly, that celebrity is heading to Magnolia Town. You must get through many fans and enter the backstage if you want this to happen. Just don't get caught by security, or else you won't be able to give the letter.
      Reward: 600 Jewels

      Job Information: Deliver My Letter!
      Job Thread: Maaill...?!
      Job Approval: Post #831; Page #34

    • Break the Siege!:
      Job: Break the Siege!
      Rank: D
      Player Requirements: A minimum of two wizards of any rank. Fifteen posts in total required. 100 word minimum per post.
      Job Requirements: You must defeat the thirty bandits holding the small village of Quanny under siege.
      Job Location: Small Village near the Ancient Ruins

      Job Description: As you are walking along one day, you see a lowly looking man walking out of the town's law enforcement agency with a withdrawn and sad look on his face. You write it off as something minor, like he couldn't pay a ticket he owned, but as soon as you turn away, he looks up and sees you. The man is immediately stricken in awe by your majesty and power and hobbles over to you. The man proceeds to be for almost an hour for you to help him. After you finally give in and ask him what he wants, he then tells you about his village, Quanny Village, that is by the Ancient Ruins. He tells you that a large group of bandits has taken over his peaceful village and are using the citizens to excavate dangerous portions of the Ancient Ruins. He pleads for you to deal with the bandits. If you choose to agree, he will thank you and immediately take you to the village.

      Weak: Thieves. There are twelve of these individuals in total around the village. They can be found looting graves, homes, or anything that might seem to hold some value. They travel in pairs. They do not do much physical damage, however, they are quite fast and good at dodging. And they can whistle like nobodies business. They do not use magic. They attack with daggers.

      Normal: Marauders. There are twelve of these individuals scattered around the village. There tends to be one Marauder with every pair of thieves, as the slow and clumsy Marauders who deal heavy melee damage use the thieves as their support so to speak. The thieves keep their target busy and the Marauder comes in for the kill. They do not use magic. They attack with powerful bronze knuckles.

      Strong: Gunslingers. There are five of these individuals scattered around the village. They tend to go out on their own, but they're stronger than their counterparts in the fact that they are smarter. Ambushing them is difficult, and they use their Gun Magic to help them keep their enemies at bay. Their techniques consist of three spells:

      Stun Shot: They shoot a single energy bullet at you, aiming for a critical spot on your body. If it lands, you will receive mild D-Rank damage, but be slightly disoriented for a post.

      Gatling Shot: They shoot out ten energy bullets at you. If a bullet lands, you will receive mild D-Rank damage but the spot will sting for two posts.

      Sniper Shot: They aim for your head this time, shooting once. If the attack lands, you will receive normal D-Rank damage, and will bleed a little for a post.

      These enemies are very weak physically.

      Boss:[/u] Scourge. Scourge is a C-Rank Fire Wizard. He is capable of throwing flames up to thirty feet away from his body, coat his body in flames for one post, and imbue his physical attacks with fire, leaving first degree burn damage. He is weak against water-based magics. If you do not want to fight him, he will take bribes, or simple shows of power will deter him as well. He is not nearly as smart as his gunslingers, but he is clever.

      Note: You can only finish this mission if all thirty bandits are defeated. If you beat all the weak-rank bandits and roll the dice and still get weak-rank rolls, you can combine rolls to equal the rank of the bandit you are fighting.

      Reward: Become the hero(es) of Quanny Village and will receive 1,000 jewel.

      Job Information: Break the Siege!
      Job Thread: Break the Siege! - Unlikely Allies Stand Together
      Job Approval: Post #874; Page #35

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