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    Kei's Bank


    Black Sister

    Black Sister

    Lineage : Musashi's Descent
    Position : None
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    Guild : Shadow Wing
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    Age : 22
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    First Magic: Light Écriture
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    Third Magic:

    Kei's Bank Empty Kei's Bank

    Post by MeWantCake 22nd February 2013, 10:58 pm

    Character's Name:

    Magic (Primary):
    Rapture Magic (Former)
    Light Écriture
    Magic (Secondary): None

    Pet: None

    Black Sister's Rapier

    Accomplished Jobs
    •Rank D - 10
    Time to Farm
    Caravan Raids
    Steal a Fudge Recipe
    Find the Ring
    Take Care of my Baby
    Tea Time with Granny
    Double Trouble
    A Wrath like no Other
    •Rank C - 1
    Guard my House
    •Rank B -
    •Rank A -
    •Rank S -

    Total Exp: 150

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