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    Keep Calm and No One Explodes


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    Keep Calm and No One Explodes Empty Keep Calm and No One Explodes

    Post by LOTRspartan 1st February 2017, 9:17 pm

    Hostage Negotiator

    For the love of god everyone relax! Hiro's heart was beating more than usual. He was used to action. Hell, he had a demon living within him for god's sake. Maybe he might actual be good at this... He then slapped himself. What was he thinking? Sure he'd stop the bomber but properly kill several others all at the same time.

    He was never used to this type of action before though. An emergency is called on a small business building on the outskirts of one of the parks. Supposedly a man with an explosive lacrima was threatening to blow up himself, his boss, and any poor suckers caught in the cross hairs.

    The building was practically surrounded by Rune Knights. They had set up a small position in the next shop and there were large crowds flanking both sides of the building on the street being held back by blockades and Rune Knights. Everyone was practically running back and forth inside the shop, trying to call up magic strikes, special force teams, who even knows.

    I'll go in there and talk to him. Might as well let him know that someone cares about him instead of trying to blow the poor soul up. Apparently there's something wrong with him and no one is listening to him.

    I swear. I'll do it! the voice shouted from inside. Of course he'd do it. Hiro knew that a crazy man with nothing to lose is capable of doing anything. He just had to figure something out.

    Hey! Doolittle, I'm going to come inside. Don't panic!

    If you pull anything funny I swear I'll blow it.

    I know you will. Hiro cautiously entered the office building. His heart was still beating as fast as ever. Little did he realize how nerve wracking this would be.

    So Doolittle, you've got a family? Hiro's hands were up, making sure not to do any quick and sudden actions.

    My wife's really sick! I can't afford to pay for her healthcare and this bastard won't give me a raise to help. He quickly motioned his hand over at his boss who stood almost motionless in his chair. Hiro's eyes followed his hand, gripping the trigger so tight his knuckles were turning white. He could see his hand was just slightly shaking. Hiro retracted his last thought. He definitely didn't want to blow himself up. He just thinks there's no other option. They say there's little chance of her living unless I can find the money to pay for her.

    And what will do this to help her? If you kill yourself then she really has no hope left.

    I can't live without my beloved Ruby. I can't... His voice began to trail off and Hiro could see some tears rolling down his cheeks.

    How about this, I ask those guards outside if they will be willing to help pay for your wife's healthcare. They pay half and you pay half. Hiro could see the man began to ease up a bit.

    How do I know you're not lying to me?

    Because I promise that I'll get them to listen one way or another. Doolittle lowered his arm, the trigger resting in his hand. Hiro could lunge at him and be able to wrestle the trigger from his grip. But he knew better. Not only would that escalate the situation but lose the trust Doolittle obviously had in him.

    He slowly approached him and rested his hand on his shoulder. Look around. There's no need to scare these innocent people. They're terrified. He slid his hand down to grab the trigger, which Doolittle released with little tension.

    I'm going to be going to prison aren't I? He looked up to meet Hiro's eyes.

    Yes. You did a terrible thing today. Hiro glanced around, to see everyone standing up and beginning to relax. But seeing how no one was really injured, I'll try to see if I can get a reduced sentence so you can see your wife again. Hiro gave a small smile as he escorted him outside.

    The man was handled with care as he was escorted away. Hiro approached the supposed man in charge.

    So the man wants you to pay for half of his wife's healthcare bill and give a reduced sentence.

    Excuse me? The man said with surprise. And who agreed to that?

    I did. You know, considering I did just save a whole bunch of people, including the man you were thinking of just killing. A small smile curled on his lips. Was he seriously back talking the magic counsel? Damn right he was.

    And what if we refuse this offer? he said, crossing his arms. His eyes met with Hiro's. The two were having a fierce competition, with neither one backing down.

    I mean, I could still level the building over there. Everyone is out and the lacrimas are still in there. You'll have to answer to the public why a buiding exploded after I defused the situation. Failed assassination attempt maybe? Hiro wiggled the trigger in his hand.

    We could just arrest you now.

    Hiro began to shake his head. No. No I don't think so. How would that look, arresting the mage who singlehandedly saved some people. Won't look good on your part will it? And beside's there's more to me than you think, I won't go down so easy.

    Are you threatening me guild mage? About three more Knights flanked around Hiro, ready to fight if need be.

    Hiro shook his head once more and this time laughed to himself. Quite the opposite actually. I'm congratulating you captain, or whatever you are. You guys stopped a suicide bomber and saved several live. On top of that you're even playing the good guy and allowing the man to walk free, soon to be reunited with his sickly wife that you saved. My you guys are good. Hiro gave him a pat on the back as he exited the shop, the small smirk still on his face. He felt more empowered than he had ever felt before.

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