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    Entertain The Patients!(Job/Solo/Closed)


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     Entertain The Patients!(Job/Solo/Closed) Empty Entertain The Patients!(Job/Solo/Closed)

    Post by Mammon 24th January 2017, 10:13 pm

    Mammon finished another job at a strange place where no magic was allowed and it was negated which was quite interesting to be quite honest. He was clicking the apps. For Clam Chowder summoning. Mammon was so obsessed with the device that he was hoping clam Chowder would come out of it. And he could eat free soup without buying ingredients for it. Legs crossed as he ate his Chowder and Flicked through the apps. He had installed the Anti-Hacking System, a Clock, hacking System, List of all the jobs he did, names of significant people that meant a lot to him like Aera and Izayaki. A whole bunch of food recipes, a lot of Soup apps. If Adult Entertainment had apps. Chowder would be his sin. He placed the Ilac down, finished his chowder took a shower, brushed his teeth got dressed, made more Chowder with a bowl, placed his Ilac in his pocket, and headed towards the Guild.

    Upon entering the guild he went ahead and took a job request on the job wall. "Hmm, this seems easy. I'd take it." he said with a grin on his face. As he wold then Chuckle to himself, taken the paper. He was interested in the Jewels rather then the Children. Although the Jewels didn't seem to be much. It'll be enough to pay this months Rent. Which was enough to get by. As he most spent his jewels on food and then rent.

    And with that being said and done, he headed towards the location of the Job's Location. "Entertaining the Children? Seems easy.. But It's said not to use Destructive spells. There Guess I will have to use my fire in a creative way to make it less dangerous." He said slowly towards himself as he put the paper in his Pocket, and made his way towards the Hospital as he chowed down his Chowder. Once he arrived he would seek the nurse.

    But not before looking around. Everyone seem depressed even the adult patients. "I hate this place already." He pouted and he noticed he was out of Chowder. "God damnit. I want Chowder to depressed." Now he was depressed. He was greeted by a Nurse. "This way, Young Wizard." She said as she gestured towards him to follow her. And that he did. She brought him to a room of children. He took a deep long sigh and spoke. "Bring, me three apples, a string, a Bowl, noodles, fish, and three balls~" She gave him a weird look. "Don't ask just bring it to me." He said. She nodded and went on her way.

    She did just that. He made his way towards the children and he spoke. "Alright listen up. I don't know why you guys are depressed but I will only do this one. See these three apples? And This bowl~" his hands glowed and his hands turned to flamey claws, he squeezed on the three apples as the skin melted, the juices flowed on the bowl. The children seem unimpressed.

    He took the string and then jabbed it into the three balls, he took the fish, and three it in the air. holding the balls by the string he lifted the in the air in the direction of the fish, and opened his mouth as flames came out of it. That roasted the fish. That finally got an attention of the children as they said the following words. "Wow." "So Cool." "I wanna be like him" He smiled, as he ceased the flames. and dropped the balls. "Now let's play toss the hot balls. You have to be quick and jump on one leg while your holding it and then when yo toss it jump with both legs." As everyone did this, they all seemed to be having fun.

    He beckoned the nurse to come which seemed extremely happy with him. "Let's do something for these brats. bring me the kitchen here." She nodded and did as she was told. he grinned. As begun chopping ingredients, and placing them into a pot filled with Chowder. The Kids seemed to enjoy playing. "TIME TO FEAST MY CHILDREN~" he said as they stopped playing and looked at him, the bottom of the pot ignited, as hot steam blew itself out of the closed lid. "IT"S CHOW TIME!" Everyone joined him, as he poured bowls of chowder into their soups and handed it to him. He was hanged the rewarded and placed the Roasted Fish in the soup. "Please, Will you come back." one of the children asked. "Perhaps one day." he answered.

    "How ever, we are not done here. We still have time. So let us begin to have another gain. Called Roast the Three balls~" he said with a cheerful smile on his face as he begun to make his way towards the location of the three balls, and take a single one out of the string, and toss it in the air. As that was done, he would leap into the air using his flames that seemed to appear from his feet as he begun to fly, claws appeared on his hands, as he ripped the ball apart with his flamey claws, sparks and shiny things came out of the ball and water as the ball had water in it. he lapped on the ground and begun to spins with his flamey claws and his flamey feet. Moving around in an graceful manner.

    He would then take another ball out of the string, and would then toss it in the air, as he created a Fire Barrier around him, and then opened his mouth and threw the fire from the Barrier into the ball, breaking it apart as more water cam raining down. boy this was getting interesting, the last ball. He would toss in the air, open his mouth and would ignite it with flames, coating the Ball, before he took the ball in his mouth, and ate it, The Ball being made of fire, he would use it to absorb the fire and fuel himself with fire.

    Smiling to himself as the kids begun to laugh and giggle and smiled to be generally happy with him. Entertaining them. He clapped his hands and spoke. "Well that's about it. Show's over." he said with a smile on his lips. He shook everyone's hand and then spoke. "Enjoy the food, I will hopefully be back next month~" he said with a smile on his face as Mammon himself was generally impressed by what he had done himself. He made the children happy while having fun himself. And It was simply easy to do himself. There wasn't anything that hard to make them not laugh or not have fun. It was a good day for him, he shook the nurses hand, took a Clam Chowder on the bowl and spoke. "See you guys next month. Hopefully you'll see me again and I will be able to do better and and newer things with my flames. CHOW TIME" With that being said he exited the hospital. Sighing to himself as he begun to chow down on his clam chowder eating it in a slow manner. Enjoying it quite well for himself.

    As he strolled his way towards the guild house. He couldn't wait till he was a C Rank Mage. And he would finally be able to solo D Rank Combat Missions on his own. Without any help. or so He had hoped that is. While on his way towards the Guild Hall he did wonder a few thing that had come to his mind. Things like. What did making a few children happy really accomplish, It brought a smile to their faces, made them less depressed that was the pros. But the cons were he didn't like children, he didn't want children of his own. he simply wanted to have one trillion wives or women to toss around and never have children period. That's the type of life style he wished and wanted to have.

    Would he return back to the hospital? perhaps he would not. Would it be worth it for the Jewels? Sure it would however dealing with those children would not. However, on the plus side there was that hot Nurse there. So maybe that's what would keep him going or coming back to the hospital per say yes? Who truly new? He took a deep sigh and finished his bowl of Chowder looking at it he tossed the bowl away. And Slowly made his way towards the location of the Guild Hall. Hopefully for some rest after he had paid the rent. And would then Simply wake up have his chowder, go through his Ilac and go on another Job. Seemed like a fair deal to him. Who knows maybe he would even team up with someone? And do Higher Ranked Jobs. To gain faster Experience in the Battle Field. This would help him over come himself much more quicker and easier. Then simply doing things by himself. Plus he could meet up with Iza too~

    (Word Count: 1505 Words Counts as 10 posts at WC of: 1500. TO the person who changed the posts from 5 to 10. U sneaky dog.)


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