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    Completed Mammon

    Post by Mammon 8th February 2016, 9:31 pm

    Mammon B8ea6da03fb9ef7b478823047834a72d

    Name: Mammon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Birthday: 2/14
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Special Characteristics: Grim Reaper Tattoo on his back

    Personality: Mammon outside of battle. Is shy and introverted. He doesn't talk to many people and keeps to himself and his creations and projects. It is not uncommon for Mammon to try and attempt to make friends. As this has been done before. He has few friends but the ones he has he tends to talk to them more then random strangers. His Guild mates are his family of whom he talks and socialize a lot with together. His Mentor Iza whom is his older sister he also is very interactive with her. Mammon out side of battle is very Protective of his Family. Guildmates, Iza, and His friends. He would go as far as to take off his to motives aside and go as far as risking his own neck for family. Because without them he would be nothing. He also has a massive Temper. This temper is fueled by Pride and Ambition. Anyone that insults his projects, family, and creations he will get extremely mad and try to fight them in hand to hand combat. He also loves food and would like to eat as much as possible. He wants to be the richest person in existence and would do a lot of things to obtain it. Out off all of that he is usually a normal person unless provoked. He likes to be with friends most of the time. And enjoying being them.

    During battle. He is one mean cookie. During fight she is brute and has intent to injury people who have wronged him. He will go as far as to make some random vendetta just so he can punch the little sucker to death. People who wronged his family. Would suffer an even worse fate then death. Eternal Suffering with constant mind breaking trauma. Till they go nuts and bonkers and die from mental illness. He would use his craftsmanship of annoyance to drive them made if he has to. During Jobs he is hell bent on doing everything for the Mission or so we like to call it Jobs. Because he wants to be the richest man alive. However, this may prevent him from doing the job if his Family is hurt in which he will stop the greed and move forward. So He would be able to help his friends. This is something that is very interesting another thing to note. During battle his fears are his most weakness parts. As Spiders are one of his Major Flaws, Cows are are his Minor flaws and Being alone is a Mild Flaw which is a weakness on it's own and have different side affects on how he does battle if they so much ever conflict with one another. Mammon is fierce and ruthless to a point where he will do everything in his living power t hurt someone or get the job done no matter what. He also will go as far as brutally beat the person to a bloody point just to prove a point.

    Woman: He loves woman.

    Food: Mammon enjoys every type of food. His more favorite which he eats every day. Is Seafood

    His Creations: His creations of Necromancy that he likes, yes useful Objects.

    Animals: Dislikes them period. Unless they are his own creations.

    Men: No, he dislikes men. they are dickish and eww. And treat women like objects

    Sword fighting: Annoying blood physical Users with sharp objects. Just no, get away from him.

    Greed: He wants to be the riches Member of the Black Rose in Existence and to have over One Trillion, Jewels. He is determined to do anything to obtain this path.

    World Ending and Enslavement: This is a minor Motive of his but he wants to rule the world and Wants to enslave the Worlds With Demons, Ghouls, and Zombies and him as the Richest Demon Nerco God.

    Family: He values family and Friends. He will not allow anything to happen to them. he would Put away His first to goals. For his family any time. His Family, Is The Black Rose Guild. Few other notable Figures, and his Mentor.

    Fear of Being Alone: Mammon hates being alone. He loathes the idea. he loathes it so much that if he starts losing friends or breaks a relationship that's been built. He will break up, and start screaming uncontrollably and won't stop till he calms down.

    Fear of Spiders: If he sees a Spider. Depending on how big it is. Small. he would Freak out, Medium Human Sized, he would scream and start freezing up. Massive, He would pass out unless he builds some control of spiders and his fear which I do not see that happening.

    Fear of Cows: Fears the Evil Milkdrinkers.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin Tone: Caucasian
    Appearance: Mammon is muscular and has a six pack and muscles all over his body. He is well endowed. He wears Black pants, Shoes, Socks, Boxers, pants, Shirt. He wear different types of clothing depending on the situation. Like for Winter he will wear clothing that keeps him warm. Like that.

    Guild: Black Rose
    Tattoo: On his right Shoulder, Black
    Rank: D

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    Completed Re: Mammon

    Post by Hikachu 9th February 2016, 10:10 am

    Mammon IBdHhxv


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