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    Completed ENTERTAIN THE PATIENTS! (D/Solo)

    Post by Ignacio 2nd March 2020, 8:45 am

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    Nico Dixon
    Someone needs to step up and do something.
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    It had been the same day of his search of seven rambuctious puppies, leaving him scratched and caked in a thin layer of dirt. But a man of his background didn't have a moment of rest if he wanted to keep his head above the water. The jobs has was taking didn't pay much, but he didn't spend much either. Soon, he would have enough to purchase and maintain property of his own in some nearby town with a cheaper cost of living, but he wasn't sure if he would even want to. With ambitious like his, settling down in any capacity might have tampered with their success. But more than that, how could ever hope to become a hero if he wasn't out and about?

    Fortunately, many of his days were like this. A job in the morning and a job in the afternoon. Meat and bread in the evening, and turning in early if he could help it. Today, he had arranged to meet with children in a hospital to entertain them with all things magical. Unlike many other wizards in Fiore, however, Nico's only magical capability came in the form of Gelu Morsus—a battle-ax made of ice. It wasn't the most... child-friendly expression of magic, but he was confident that kids loved weapons! Or, he hoped so!

    "Is that an ax?!" exclaimed one receptionist, gawking at the young man's sheathed weapon on his back. "You don't actually mean to tell me you intend to entertain kids with that?!"

    Nico began to vehemently shake his head and flail his hand in front of him, "No, no, no! Listen, I was gonna do a little magic! Like, snowflakes or something like that, ya know?!"

    "SECURITY! Get securi—"

    "Is dat a sword?" interrupted on small, light voice. Both Nico's marmalade eyes and the receptionist's fixed onto the source of the noise. It was a small boy who had wandered far from where he was supposed to be, dragging a blanket behind him. He was gawking at the battle-ax. "Cans I touch it?"

    One way or another, Nico was escorted to the children's ward, where kids with various overt injuries. Some had broken arms and legs, while others simply looked stricken with illness. Despite their troubling circumstances, all seemed overjoyed to see a tall, warrior-esque man march into the room with a large battle-ax. They all hurried to circle around him, and those who couldn't would watch with awe and anticipation.

    "That's so cool!" blurted one girl.

    "Can you make sandwiches with it?"

    "Ish sho cold!"

    Nico was sitting on the floor with his legs criss-crossed, Gelu Morsus laying across his lap. He laughed, a grin stretching his face. "It's super cool, right?! Maybe when you guys get a little older, you can get one yourselves! Isn't that awesome?!" Nico looked across the rows of children that circled around him as they all "ooo'ed" and "ahh'ed" in unison.

    The young boy from before leaned forward. "What do you do wid it?"

    Nico's paused, somehow caught off guard with the question. His brows screwed and smile softened. How can I explain this in a way that's... okay for kids? Heh...

    The brown-haired man grinned again, humming in thought. "I beat up all the bad guys with this! A little bit of WHAM! BWOOSH! KABLAM!" Nico made playful swing ing motions in the air, mimicking his actions when wielding Gelu Morsus. "Super cool, right? I wanna protect little guys like you, so will you all root for me?"

    The rows of children paused for a moment, but soon all of their faces lit up. Together, they said, "Yeah!"

    Nico's face lit up, the sun appearing in his eyes again. "REALLY?! You guys are the best, man!" he began to tap the head of Gelu Morsus, looking around at the kids, "You guys wanna see some snow?"

    After his show, the kids were left in high spirits. Nico strode past the receptionists' desk, collecting his pay with his ear-to-ear grin. Despite the incident from earlier, he and the receptionist had a rather pleasant exchange before he left.

    "They really like you, I guess!" the woman laughed.

    Nico smiled back. "You think so? I liked them too! I hope they get better, and I'll stop by when I can! Take care, okay? Okay!" he bid farewell, waving at all of the passing staff members as he left. He had one more job to do before he could retire for the day.


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