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    Entertain the patients(Kiba-Solo)

    Lumina Rubyscale
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    Entertain the patients(Kiba-Solo) Empty Entertain the patients(Kiba-Solo)

    Post by Lumina Rubyscale 4th March 2015, 6:14 am

    Kiba had gotten roped into doing a job at the hospital. He didn't mind for the most part, except that he had some stupid Newpaper guy following him around. He was doing some kind of article on Kiba, which annoyed him. Kiba sighed as the man how sat across from him on the train, he was joting things down on a little notebook. Thank fully he didn't ask any question, just sat there observing. Kiba was thankful for that at least, little victorys. Kiba felt the train slowing down, they must be nearing Magnolia.

    Kiba's luck didn't hold out, "So Mister Yukiko, what do you do for fun." Kiba sighed as the man asked. "Like do you have any favorite things?" 

    Kiba stood up just as the train stopped fully, he looked at the man then pulled his small amount of luggage off the rack above the seats. Kibe exited the car leaving the man blinking as Kiba walked out.

    "Hey!" Kiba heard the man  scramble to catch up, Kiba quickened his pace, trying to keep away from him for as long as he could. "H-hey wait up." The man was quick, Kiba would give him that. "Why did you take off so suddenly?" The man asked as he caught up. 

    Kiba shrugged and walked down the platform toward the exit. Kiba honestly didn't care for what he was trying to do, it was something he would have to endure. Kiba managed to exit the building without him asking another question. Kiba looked around the fount of station, it was full of life and bustling with people. Kiba liked this place even though it was not full of nature like he likes. But it was full of life, something he did like to see, Kiba sat down on the steps. he watched the people go about their day, Family's doing their thing. Kiba smiled and pulled out a small drawing pad, which was new to him, he usually took notes. But this time Kiba decided to try something new, he wanted to record the life he saw. 

    "So this is what you like to do?" Kiba flinched as the man made his persense known again, Kiba just wished he would shut up. "So you like to draw?" Kiba shrugged at the mans question. "Are you just going to shrug?" Kiba stifled a smile and shrugged again. "great... you a people person." the mans comment was full of annoyance. Kiba didn't care, he was just doing what he wanted to, the man could go to hell for all he cared. Kiba had arrived a day early for a reason, but he had failed to tell the man that. 

    "So when are we going to the hospital tomorrow?" Kiba rolled his eyes, apparently he had been paying attention. "hey?" 

    Kiba sighed. "When i get around it." this was not quite true, Kiba had arranged to come around dinner. The only skill he had was hand making tea, which was what was in his luggage. 

    *Hey if you don't feel up for it Kiba i could go.* Kiki told Kiba from the dark of his mind. *I really don't mind you know, Make the tea tonight and ill go tomorrow.* Kiba smiled and stood up.

    *Thanks Kiki... but it's best if i do this myself... i need to become... more social.* Kiba responded as he closed his drawing book and put it back in his book bag. *It's something that i need to get used to.* Kiba looked around for the street he was suppose to go down.

    *OK... well i guess that its a good think... Um Kiba... when are you going to tell people what you found out?" Kiki was referring to Kiba finding out he was at least a half-demon. Kiba frowned, he still wanted to go home and find out what he was.

    Kiba walked down the street looking for his hotel, honestly he didn't mind if the world found out. But Kiki... was oddly the voice of reason here, she was worried that people would not react well. Kiba was suppose to be a paragon of good, and him appearing as a demon would not help anything. Kiba checked in and got his room key, he was tired and ready to be ride of the idiot, so he head to his room and locked it. 

    "Kiki... You know im losing control of the spell right..." Kiba was speaking about the fact he could not manage to control the spell as well anymore. He Knew she knew but he just was trying to make conversation with his other half.

    *I know... I just... wanted to bring a little joy to people.* Kiba blinked at Kiki's words. *Please Kiba?* 

    "Are you sure?" Kiba asked as he pulled Kiki's clothing out of the bag. Kiba knew she really wanted to entertain the children, she was far more sociable then he was. Kiba smiled when a thought popped into his mind. "Think you could lo..."

    *GODS YES!* Kiki responded before Kiba could finish completely, causing him to smile. It was pretty clear that she was just as annoyed with him as Kiba was. 

    Kiba moved to the table and set his bag down. "Well i guess I'll make the tea now." Kiba pulled a bag out and started mulling spices and other things. it only took about a hour to make a tea he felt the children would like. He also included both healing chi and natural healing herbs. Kiba smiled as he finished, "Alright Kiki... Your up." Kiba had gained some control of the change, probably a side effect of his growing power.

    Kiba closed his eyes, a glow started emanating from their body's core. The body slimmed down and turned into that of a females body.  Kiki opened her eyes and stretched, "well then i think a shower would be nice." Kiki headed to the bathroom, stripping bare as she did. She stopped in front of the mirror, "hey... is it me... or are my breast bigger?" 

    *Hmm? turn to your side.* Kiki did as Kiba asked, "Yeah... they are." Kiba no longer saw Kiki's body as her body, it was their body now. *welp i guess it does not matter. Hurry up and get clean*

    The Next Day.

    Kiki had woken up and snuck out of the hotel she wanted to explore the city, which she did for most of the day. She was having quite a bit of fun until the new guy found her.

    "Hey there you are." He came running up, huffing and puffing. "You Kiki right?" 

    Kiki scowled and nodded, "what do you want?" she was annoyed that she had been found. She was frowning at the man in a way that clearly intimidated him. 

    "Uh... well they hospital wanted me to find you... they wanted to know if you could come early." He was doing his best to not look intimidated, but was not doing to well. "They got a food order early so they have to use it or it will go bad."

    Kiki relaxed at his words, "Oh... well ok." Kiki motioned him to follow. "lets go..." Kiki walked off to the hospital, she would do her best to make all of them smile. She would do so from the moment she got in there.

    "SO! Who wants to hang out?!?" Kiki said as she walked in. The children she was suppose to make happy looked at her in confusion. 

    "who are you." a young girl asked. Kiki turn and walked over. 

    Kiki sat down on the girls bed, "I'm Kiki, I am... well." Kiki was trying to think of a way to explain when the girl cried out.

    "OH OH, wait your Kiba's other half... uh... Kiki right?" The girl smiled at Kiki. "Your here to visit us?" Kiki smiled at her, "Yay what can we do?" 

    "I don't know? Board games... OH right Kiba made you all some tea." A few of the children made faces, some even went so far as to exclaim their disgust. "Oh come on, he went thought a lot of time to make it for you."  She got alot of ok, most of which were strained. 

    Kiki stood up and left the room to get some hot water and a board game. she returned with both and made everyone a cup, with Kiba giving her instructions. She spent much of the rest of the night playing games with them. She spent dinner with them, laughing over bad jokes the children told. She didn't care she was having fun, she was happy to have the chance. The new guys simply sat in a corner taking notes. Kiki paid him no heed, nor did the children. Kiki stayed late and fell asleep on one of the beds, snoring slightly. The news guy simply put a blanket on her and left. He had a lot to write, he had been expecting someone that only cared about power. No he had to tell people what he had seen, he had to tell people of the mildly crazy lady he saw. The one who laughed at bad jokes from children, the one that fell asleep after playing simple non-magicly board games with children. He would be busy for quite a while.


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