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    Wine Testing | Job | Solo


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    Wine Testing | Job | Solo Empty Wine Testing | Job | Solo

    Post by Seiken 27th December 2016, 8:03 pm


    "I really hate waking up before five" A white haired male yawned as he scratched his head and yawned as he threw the cover from over him. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom relieving himself before throwing himself into the shower to get squeaky clean. After exiting the shower the male brushed his teeth and put on the clothing that he always wears. Grabbing his dark blue cloak to complete his look, the man exited the room of his hotel and made his way down to the main lobby, lighting a cigarette as he descended. "Asura, how many times do I have to tell you?!?" A stern voice said from the desk as Asura finally reached the main lobby of his hotel. Asura's emotionally dead eyes looked at the man who spoke to him "come on now, Chino, you know these keep my nerves calm" he said as he made his way over to the desk that was centered in the lobby.

    "I don't care, no smoking in the lobby!" Chino said as he reached over the desk and tore the cigarette right out of the teens mouth. "I hate you" Asura neutral voice said before having a piece of paper basically shoved in his mouth by Chino. "You wish you did, bastard" Chino said clearing his throat and smiling "But, there is a job for you since you don't like working at a desk with me" He finished, fixing his tie and sitting back down in his chair. Asura shot chino a death glare as he removed the paper from his mouth and read it, annoyed by the sheer simplicity of a job.

    "Wine tasting?" Asura said sounding slightly more annoyed then usually, "why do you pick the most boring jobs for me?" Asura finished as he stuffed the paper into his pocket and walked towards the door, putting a cigarette into his mouth as he did. "Whatever idiot, just come back soon so we can head out" Chino said loud enough for Asura to hear as he was walking away.

    Asura sighed as he walked out of the hotel into the streets of Rose Garden. "Which way do I go?" Asura said in hailing the smoke of his cigarette and looking around, it took him awhile but he finally asked someone which way to go to the fancy restaurant to taste some wine. A few minutes after asking for directions he made it to the high class restaurant which looked absolutely beautiful to the world hating teen. He walked into the restaurant and saw it was deserted not even the manager was in sight. "Hello?" Asura said as he saw a figure out of the corner of his eyes and turning around to see a short man in a suit. "You must be the taste tester!" The short man said as he ran towards Asura with a bottle in his hand and a smile so wide it could be seen from the moon. "Yes, I am" Asura said before the man pushed him towards a seat to take so they could begin.

    "Now this is my home made wine please tell me how it taste" The man said as he poured Asura a glass full of the wine and handed it to him. The liquid was pink in color and smelled rather sweet, something Asura wasn't too found of seeing as sweets sickened him. He hesitated to put it to his mouth but he managed to and took several sips of the wine. "Wow" Asura said in his regular emotional dead voice, which scared the wine maker a little. "Is that good?" The owner asked "Its magnificent" Asura said as he finished all the wine that filled his glass. "I'll take three more bottles to go" Asura continued as he threw several bucks onto the table he sat, making the owners eyes light up with delight. "No, Keep your cash to know it was good is enough for me!" The man ran to the back and got Asura three more bottles. Asura gripped the bottles as he excited the restaurant "thanks for the wine" He said to the owner, "No problem, next time you visit everything will be on the house no matter the price!" The owner said as he waved goodbye to Asura.

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