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    Wine Testing (SOLO)


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    Wine Testing (SOLO) Empty Wine Testing (SOLO)

    Post by Vlad 8th July 2016, 11:00 am

    Alcohol, it was something that many enjoyed, however, some could not handle the effects of. Some would use this substance to drown themselves; it would blur out all depressing thoughts, creating an illusion of happiness. Some would fall under the dictatorship of alcohol; becoming angry, and irritable, they would lash out if they could not consume it on a regular basis. This was what alcohol could do to a regular person… Imagine what havoc it could create if a mage was to become addicted to the substance? This is what must be considered when a mage begins to drink. In this story we find our protagonist, Vlad, being asked to grade the taste of Wine; a beverage with low alcohol concentrations. This was a day of leisurely activity as all he had to do was taste test this mans wine. How lucky for him.

    Walking down the streets of this town he had began to see why this place was given the name of “Rose Garden.” The beauty of such a sight could not be captured by the means of any average man. It must have been crafted by a true artisan. A man, or female, who had a set design in mind. They knew what they wanted those who would walk this path to feel. These were the qualities of a true master. The masterpiece was something that Vlad was appreciating. Having heard of this town he had some expectations, however, he had never seen this place. His expectations were blown away; words did not do this place justice.

    Now, a few streets from the restaurant, he began to realize what the place was like. The outside was quite ornate; carved oak formed an overhang, allowing for the customers to sit outdoors if they wished. It was quite an interesting design. The red slating overtop the wood matched the roofing quite nicely. While Vlad did not usually discuss the beauty of places, he was still able to appreciate the work that was put into the place.

    Walking into the restaurant it was on par with that of the exterior; the extravagant crown molding paled in comparison to the beauty of the tables; by using a spruce wood they contrasted the oak wood that they had used for the flooring. What an interesting concept, he quite enjoyed it. Mixing the dark and light, allowing the differences to further depict the beauty each held. Lovely.

    “You needed a taste tester sir?” He had approached the owner, reaching out with his hand. Shaking the mans hand he had listened to the reasoning he offered Vlad, and agreed with it to an extent. “Lets taste the wine!”

    Being handed a glass of red liquid he would simply take a whiff of the wine; the smell of a wine was often neglected by those who consumed it, but Vlad quite enjoyed being able to smell the grapes. Ah, it was a glorious smell… So far, so good. Sipping up a bit of ht e wine he swirled it around in his mouth, before spitting it into a bowl. “I quite enjoy the wine. You should have no problem selling it at all!” He smiled at the man, accepting his thanks,; taking note of the free dinner he would walk out of the place,m quite happy with himself.

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