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    New Beginnings Start Here [Private//Ardere;Ezra]


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    New Beginnings Start Here [Private//Ardere;Ezra] Empty New Beginnings Start Here [Private//Ardere;Ezra]

    Post by DOPPO 9th December 2016, 4:51 pm

    Terra Ignis, a place where it seems like you can travel back in time. Castles, towers, and more The air? Crisp and rich, beautiful lakes that reflected the setting sun. It was early evening, and the horizons changed to an orangish-blue hue, a beautiful thing to see. The breeze brushed over his cheeks, and pleasing chill ran through his body. On horseback, a tall, bearded man with long brown hair and hazel eyes slowly came down a bridge. The Guildmaster of Blue Pegasus, a once famous guild returning from it’s ashes, new and ready for the challenges that awaited them. What would be to come? Enemies? Yes. Tragedy? Why, of course. Heartbreak and hard times? Certainly. But not every day has to be full of tragedy and heartbreak, and not every person must be an enemy. And not every time is a bad time. What Ezra saw in the future were all of these undesirable changes, but what about the good ones? What about the friendships they’d forge that would never falter? Or the miracles they’d all bring to themselves and others? The good times, what about those?

    Ezra had no doubt that this guild would succeed in all obstacles, he could already feel the progress they have made in such a short time. But it was all just the beginning, there was much to do. So many different things to do. But Ezra came here to learn, to listen, to feel, to taste, to touch, to experience all the things he had been exempt from his entire life. But today? Today was a little different. In Terra Ignis, as beautiful as it is, he did not come to here to sightsee. But instead confront Infinity Hydra, a famous guild known for their ambition to rid of evil and darkness and the guilds that embody discourse. Ezra had taken all day to ride here, as he had little money to afford quicker, faster travel. But traveling by horseback through these mountains made him think that it was worth the while. But…

    “My back, my baaaack…” He groaned as he slid off of the brown horse’s back, arching his back and holding it with a winced expression. Maybe being on horseback all day did make you a bit sore… heh.

    Today, he had planned to meet with the guild’s Guildmaster, Ardere Kasai, also well known Wizard Saint. Arriving at the entrance of the guild, the first thing he notice was the architecture and structure. Like a traditional Midian castle he has seen in portraits and foreign paintings. It humbled him. But with his horse tied to the fence nearby and a Blue Pegasus crest on the top of his left hand, he knocked on the thick doors.



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