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    I Have No Time For Pretty Poison [Ahmoria Mayy]


    I Have No Time For Pretty Poison [Ahmoria Mayy] Empty I Have No Time For Pretty Poison [Ahmoria Mayy]

    Post by Guest 6th December 2016, 9:42 am

    Another knock upon the door of which was the barricade to her client’s home, waiting for an answer to her call within the home. Today, she had accepted the job of taking care of a child while the parents went out on their first date in a rather long time. Apparently, the child had been so much trouble since birth, neither of the parents were able to enjoy any time to themselves. Normally, she wouldn’t have gone out of her way to help humans in this sense, but these people were not humans at all. Their devilish child was none other than a changeling, a fairy child that had been replaced with the child they had originally had. Perhaps they had angered a fairy in the past and that is why they had been cursed with such a creature as the baby they had. Whatever their reasoning behind the changeling child, the woman waited for one of the parents to come down and greet her.

    It felt like a few hours to her before a person had come sauntering down the stairs from whatever they were doing upstairs and answering the door. The opening creaked loudly as it was unhitched and unlocked, various other things before the door was able to swing open valiantly. Before her, a rather aged woman stood, staring at her with weary eyes that could only mean the changeling child was getting to her. Ahmoria, on the other hand, had given a bright smile to the woman as to look as cheery as she possibly could for the parents. “You must be the babysitter?” the aged woman inquired, “my name is Katy, my husband Ron is upstairs with the baby right now. I’m so glad that you were able to make it; I don’t know how much longer my husband or I would have lasted before we had to leave. Please, come inside and I’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to be prepared for the few hours that we’ll be gone.

    She gave a small nodded and as the woman stepped aside to let her in, the plant demoness took the opportunity to walk in and look around. The home was rather decent, not over the top and not overly bland either; it was just the right amount of naturality to her. Each wall was decorated with a family picture or a picture of something abstract and considerably beautiful or had a plant against the wall. Soft carpet covered the hallway and tickled at the bottoms of her feet, making her toes curl in satisfaction over the material. Side tables lined the walls as well, each having a lamp or an ornate piece of decoration that made the place all that more lively. Ahmoria could certainly stay here for a few hours no trouble; the home was comfy and homey to her compared to other places she had been. Turning around, Mori faced Katy in order to see where the woman would take her while her husband handled the baby upstairs.

    Now, before we leave, I want to explain to you why I warned you about little Joseph,” Katy stated, beckoning for Ahmoria to follow her into the living room. “Joseph is a growing boy and he likes to get into things that he really shouldn’t be getting into, like last week and the night before. Somehow, Joseph had managed to get into the knife drawers in the kitchen and just recently, he very nearly cut his own cute fingers off! I don’t know what I’ll do with that boy when he gets older; I’m going to have to padlock everything in this house so he can’t get into it. Anyway, it’s your job to make sure the baby doesn’t cause anymore issues while we’re out, and I trust you’ll be able to do that. He likes playing with trains and being read stories, so you can use that in order to keep him preoccupied while we’re gone. Oh! And before we return home, I would like it if you’re able to put him down for the night so my husband and I can just go straight to bed after getting home.

    Don’t worry ‘bout a thing, Katy; I’ll make sure that your little boy has all the fun he wants to have and that he’s asleep by the time you get home,” Ahmoria responded to her. “Please, do go enjoy yourselves at your date, I wouldn’t want for you to be concerned about anything and coming home early just to check on us.” A smile appeared on her lips and she beckoned with a hand for Katy to leave at any point in time that she so wished to leave. Katy gave a small nod in the direction of the woman, then turned away from her and called up the stairs for her husband. Her husband quickly came down the stairs with the boy in tow, his gruff nature grizzly and unappealing to the plant demoness. Ron walked over to her and handed the baby to her, then dipped his hat toward her before heading out of the home with his wife. Mori was left staring at the child with uncertainty in her eyes, unsure of what she should do with the child now that they were gone.

    Setting the baby down, Ahmoria plopped down on the couch and set a toy train at the baby’s side, watching as he grabbed it and began to zoom it around. She rested her head on a hand and watched as the little boy innocently played with his trains, crashing them around and into each other. Hours leaked by as the boy entertained himself with everything that he could possibly get his grubby, little hands on, in which she had to confiscate. However, it wasn’t long before Ahmoria could tell that the child was starting to get tired, as now he wasn’t getting as mischievous anymore. Mori picked Joseph up and cradled him in her arms before wandering up the stairs and searching for the baby’s room. Entering the room upon finding it, the woman placed the young child in his cradle and rocked it slightly until he fell asleep. Now, all that was left was to wait for the parents to get home so that she could get her pay and leave the little rascal to them again.
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