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    The Coward's Weapon, Poison [Ahmoria Mayy]


    The Coward's Weapon, Poison [Ahmoria Mayy] Empty The Coward's Weapon, Poison [Ahmoria Mayy]

    Post by Guest 8th December 2016, 2:05 pm

    Mice were always a burden to humans for some reason, and Ahmoria could never figure out why they hated them so much. The little rodents weren’t pests to her, but to humans, the mice were vermin that they wanted to get rid of from their homes. It wasn’t like the mice did much to them, other than burrow their way through the walls to make nests for the wintertime. So, what reason was there for humans to wish harm upon the mice in order to completely and utterly get rid of them from their homes? Perhaps, if they had just waited until the spring, the mice would move out on their own, rather than getting rid of them by their own means. However, this time, it wasn’t their job to be getting rid of the mice, it was her job to be getting rid of the vermin from a home. She didn’t like the idea of it, but the job paid well, and she needed the jewels to be able to afford her own food and clothing.

    Today, it was her job to ride into Oak Town and take care of a home that was ridden with mice and assure that they wouldn’t return. Considering the person who wanted the mice gone was an old lady, she couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit of pity toward her. The woman just wanted to live her life in peace, but now she had mice in her walls scratching away all day long, trying to make nests. If that had been her home, she, too, would have likely gone stir crazy and tried finding a way to completely get rid of them. That was the only reason why Ahmoria was going to help out the old woman and her husband, so they could live peacefully. It was the one thing old people deserved; for having lived as long as they have and done what they had done in their lives, they deserved peace and quiet. Aside from being a murderer, she knew what elders meant to people, she knew how to respect those that were older than her.

    Except, she wasn’t exactly a murderer, she didn’t go around killing everyone that she encountered; most of her murders were accidental. Mori still had moral intentions, just her magic often got in the way of the moral intentions that she knew and kept proud of. Today, she would go into that home and kill off those vermin for the old couple, then leave before her magic could do anything else. As a walking embodiment of poison, it was no doubt that her magic’s effects would have some sort of toll on the humans she was helping out. Yet, as a dark magus, it was expected of her to go around and slaughter the innocent as if it was just another day in her life. Disappointing to say the least, as it wasn’t exactly a requirement to be a dark magus, but it was what it was and that was what was expected of her. Sighing, Ahmoria trudged up the porch steps of the old couple’s home and lightly knocked on the door that blocked her way in.

    Romaham pranced at her side excitedly, stretching out its nose in an attempt to sniff at the door to smell the mice inside. However, the door was abruptly opened as the canine-like creature was about to sniff, causing it to yelp out in fear and slightly dart away. It came prancing back the moment it realized it was safe to be there and waited for the ability to enter the home and eat some lunch. Ahmoria smiled at the old man who had answered the door, extending out a hand in order to shake his and greet him. “I’m Ahmoria Mayy, I was the one who accepted your offer to help get rid of the mice in your home, are you Mr. Corowski?” she inquired. The old man weakly glanced up at her and gave her a small smile and a soft nod of his head before moving out of her way and beckoning for her to come in. She reached down and lightly patted Romaham’s head, signaling for it to follow her into the home, but to behave itself for now.

    As they entered the home, the young woman could hear the soft digging of mice in the walls and watched as another ran across the floor. Before she had time to stop it, Romaham had charged after the vermin, snapping at its back legs and chasing it through the house. “I do apologize about that, Mr. Corowski; if you and your wife could just step outside for the moment or head out into town for a while, we’ll have this issue taken care of.

    No worries, dear, I’ll take Leria out for a nice lunch while you take care of the mice; please, do be care of our things while you do so,” the man responded to her. “Leria, let’s head out for lunch, why don’t we?

    Coming, Love!” Leria called out, carefully walking down the stairs and looking up to catch sight of Ahmoria standing in the hallway. “Oh, well, why didn’t you tell me that we had a visitor, Ko? I could’ve made us a nice snack, but a few hours in town won’t hurt. Gets us away from those damned mice for a bit of peace and quiet; please be careful navigating our home, dear!

    Mori gave a small nod toward the couple and watched them as they left; once the door was closed, she turned back to the home. “All right, Romaham, have your fun. Narcissus poeticus!” Ahmoria called out, summoning forth a small plant at the center of the room. As she summoned it, a noxious gas began to exude from the plant, filling the air with toxin that would normally kill a human in an instant. She smirked as she breathed in the potent smell, waiting as the toxic fumes began to take their effect and slowly kill off the mice. One by one, the soft thud of a tiny body hitting the floor could be heard as the mice began to drop dead from the potent material. Romaham came back to Mori’s side licking its lips and whining a bit before she patted its head and desummoned the flower. It would be a bit before the noxious gas disappeared completely, but by the time the couple came home, the mice would be taken care of.
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