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    What Is Food To One Man Is Bitter Poison To Others [Ahmoria Mayy]


    What Is Food To One Man Is Bitter Poison To Others [Ahmoria Mayy] Empty What Is Food To One Man Is Bitter Poison To Others [Ahmoria Mayy]

    Post by Guest on 9th October 2016, 4:01 pm


    Job Description:
    Job Title: Wine Testing
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Any Rank
    Job Requirements: 500 words per player, +200 words per player beyond the first
    Job Location: Rose Garden
    Job Description: The owner of a high class restaurant in Rose Garden has finally finished a batch of his home made wine. However, before he serves it to customers, he wants someone to taste it and tell him if it's the best in the world or not.

    Reward: Free everything for your next visit to his restaurant, no matter what the cost

    She wasn’t all too certain why she had picked up this job in the first place, but nonetheless, she had picked it up and was going to do it. After all, this was a job and a job rewarded money or so she thought; this job she had taken up didn’t offer anything more than a free meal and drink. It was useless to her considering the fact that she was immune to poisons and thus, the effects of alcohol did absolutely nothing for her. The free meal, on the other hand, well, she supposed she was all right with that, but she would have preferred cash over anything else. Being a plant demon, she sort of survived on photosynthesis and sunlight over human food that was made from her beloved plants. Ahmoria wasn’t some kind of carnivore, she wasn’t going to eat her kind when she knew they had been mercilessly killed by humans! That was utterly disgusting to think about and even caused the woman to frown at the thought of her plants being consumed by humans.

    However, that was part of nature, for even the fauna of her home forest had come around and ate her beloved plants often without her knowledge. It wasn’t something she could completely stop and while it upset her to think about it, she would eventually get over it. Sighing, the demoness stepped foot into Rose Garden and looked around, frowning at all of the spectacular lights that covered the city. She didn’t like how vibrant and busy it was, how it served the bustling nightlife that came to life once the sun had fallen. All of it disgusted her because somehow everything about Rose Garden seemed to relate to plants in her eyes, and Rose Garden was not even a garden. Exactly what part of the city foretold that it was remotely related to the natural world? Why would they claim it’s a rose garden when no roses were around? This caused Ahmoria to huff vicariously at the lights and ugliness of the city, but no matter what, she continued on down her path.

    People sidestepped out of her way, looks of awe and bafflement crossing their faces as they took in the plant demoness’s physique. She was a strange one, indeed, but there was no reason for them to stare even if they were admiring her voluptuous curves. Hell, even the men stopped dead in their tracks to study the bobbing breasts of the woman as she nonchalantly walked down the sidewalk. It made her severely uncomfortable, but as a gift woman of great curves, it was something that she forcibly had to get used to. The men would constantly objectify her and idolize her as the perfect sex doll, maybe even try to get her in bed, but she wouldn’t. Ahmoria was disgusted by everyone that lived in this city and not because of their pigness, but rather that they abused her plants. Those plants, every plant, really, meant the world to the young demoness and she hated seeing them abused and held captive day in and day out.

    Trying to ignore the prying eyes of unwanted men and women looking in her direction, Ahmoria turned down a sidewalk and continued on. She hunkered low and kept to herself, hoping that if she curled up enough, she would not be seen by the eyes of the hideous humans. Before long, however, she was able to reach the glass doors of the winery that she was meant to test taste the alcohol of here. Well, it wasn’t really a winery, but rather it was a restaurant owned by some renowned man, who wanted to know if his wine was the best. So, really, the restaurant was not only a restaurant, but one that had a winery hidden in the back for those who wanted to drink wine. Entering this small, but extravagant building, the woman walked with a purpose down the carpeted aisle and to the back. The waitresses and waiters didn’t stop her from what she was doing, so perhaps they were aware of who she was and why she was here.

    That was a good thing, though! It meant that she could walk in and walk out without too much of trouble, and who knows, maybe the owner would be waiting for her one his own. Coming across a small door hidden in the back, the woman pressed it open and stepped inside, looking around the dimly lit room for her client.

    Ah, you’ve finally come! Please, take a seat!” the voice of the owner called out to her from somewhere along the bar.

    Ahmoria rolled her eyes and followed the voice, coming to seat herself on one of the stools that stood precariously next to the bar. “So, what wine is it that you want me to taste? I’m not here to dillydally and certainly not here to watch you mutilate my beautiful plants,” she responded to him.

    The owner only chuckled at her words and pushed a drink in her direction, resting an arm on the countertop and his head on his other hand. “Just tell me if you like it and if it’s good enough to go on the shelves or if I should work on it a bit more before putting it up for sale.

    She glanced at him quietly and took the glass that he had pushed toward her, swirling its contents, sniffing it, then taking a sip of it. Licking her lips the woman closed her eyes, then tossed the glass in the man’s direction before standing to her feet and summoning an Urtica dioica. “The wine will always taste disgusting to me no matter how much you change it and mess with it to make it better, you pig,” she retorted. Snapping her fingers, the plant fired off a nettle from a place on its stem, cutting into the throat of the man and dropping him dead. “Thank you, my sweet, little pumpkin pie,” she cooed at the plant, petting it before desummoning it and walking out of the winery. That was one less human in the world that she had to worry about hurting her plants anymore and ruining them for their pleasure. How many more humans there to go? Too many to count, that’s all she knew, but at least she was able to get rid of one.
    - - poison ivy comes a creeping all around

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