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    A Rash of Good Luck [Ahmoria Mayy]


    A Rash of Good Luck [Ahmoria Mayy] Empty A Rash of Good Luck [Ahmoria Mayy]

    Post by Guest 6th December 2016, 8:58 am

    Love was something that Ahmoria had never come to understand, not because she was ignorant about it, but because she never felt it before. True love was something a person couldn’t force upon another person or themselves and for her, it simply had never come yet. Whether she would feel love toward another person or not was beyond her knowing and something she would let nature take care off. Besides, she wasn’t completely the hopeless romantic; no, she much preferred letting things happen as they would when it came to love. She didn’t fall to thinking about watching movies with the one she had a crush on, or thinking of any potential date they may have. Hell, she didn’t even have anyone that she had a crush on, but here she was, at the door to the home of a client she had agreed to help. A hopeless romantic he was, something she couldn’t quite grasp about him, though had declared she would help him deliver his letter.

    A light knock came upon the door and as she rapped her knuckle against the wood and took a step back, waiting for the door to open. She could lightly hear the footfalls of the man as he triumphed down the stairs and through the hallway to get to the door. Before long, she heard the soft click as the locks inside of the handle unlatched and the knob turned to pull open and reveal her client. Standing before her was a rather young-looking male, who looked to be no older than what her physical appearance looked like. He had shaggy, brown hair and vibrant, brown eyes, and not a freckle or mole seemed to dot the features of his boyish face. Dressed in a casual outfit for the day, it was nothing but a dark green tee-shirt and some dark blue jeans with unusually white socks on his feet. Her assessment of the male led her eyes to looking back at his, wondering how long it would take him to greet her and let her inside.

    You must be Ahmoria Mayy! Please, come inside,” the man stated, stepping side so that she would be allowed to come into his home. He silently watched the plant demoness as she took a step forward and entered the small house, looking around at its interior. “I hate to be the one to make you do this job; it’s very silly, but I just can’t bring myself to give to her and even if I tried, the guards would be in the way. Celebrities are rather hard to get to nowadays, which is such a shame, but it is what it is and I hope this won’t be too much trouble for you.” The man appeared to be rather apologetic already for having her do this job, though she merely waved off his apologies. “Uh. . . let me quickly get the letter for you so I don’t take up much of your time, since I’m sure you have lots more jobs to do!” With that being said, the young male ran off from his place and into what Ahmoria would dub as being the living room of sorts.

    He came back shortly after, handing her a small envelope that smelled of cologne, which made the woman winkle her nose in disgust. For one, it was because cologne was made out of the extracts of plants and various other chemicals from her children and it was disgusting in smell. She eyed the little piece of paper and flipped it over, seeing at how plain and undecorated it was for as big of a fan as he was. Slowly, Ahmoria nodded as if she was in agreeance to something that had not even been said, then looked up at the male. “I will make sure that it gets to her in a timely manner and that nothing happens to the letter on the way to its receiver,” she stated.

    Oh, good, I was thinking it would be too hard even for you, but as long as you’re willing to do, I trust you’ll be able to!” he responded to her. “I’ll have your pay ready by the time you get back from your journey, but take as long as you need since I know it’s hard even getting to her.

    With that being said, the male waved her off on her journey, letting her leave and head into the depths of Magnolia Town to find the celebrity. She had never gotten a name from the client, but she was sure that he had written his name in the letter that would be given to the celebrity. A small part of her wanted to read the letter he was giving to her, but at the same time, she knew that was invading a person’s privacy. Sighing, Ahmoria clutched onto the letter and weaved her way through crowds of people and to the center of Magnolia Town. It was rather loud to begin with, but that wasn’t very surprising considering the fact that this was a celebrity she was meeting. People were pushing and shoving into each other, screaming into each others ears as to how excited they were to be seeing this celebrity. So far, no security guards. This was a good thing though because it meant it would be extremely easy to get to the backstage.

    Before long, Ahmoria squeezed her way through the crowd and back out into the open, finding herself standing by the stage. She looked at the massive structure, then toward the backstage area and where the security guards were standing by the door. Narrowing her eyes, the woman shifted down into a squirrel, then picked up the letter and bounded toward the security guards quickly. They shifted around in their stance, but other than that, it appeared that they never even looked at their feet since she was able to slip into backstage. The woman shifted back into her natural form, then looked around the room until she spotted the celebrity at her vanity. “Excuse me, Miss, I have something for you,” she called out to the woman who was busy doing her makeup and preparing for the show. Her call caused the woman to become startled and turn around to face her, a rather fearful look on her face from the surprise visit.

    It’s a letter, that’s all it is; here,” Ahmoria stated, walking over to the woman and handing her the letter before taking a step back. “The letter is from a fan of yours who wanted you to have it, but wasn’t able to get it to you without security getting in the way. Have a nice day.” A cheeky grin appeared on her face before Ahmoria disappeared and a squirrel dashed out of the backstage and toward the home of its client.
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