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    The Dose Makes the Poison [Ahmoria Mayy]


    The Dose Makes the Poison [Ahmoria Mayy] Empty The Dose Makes the Poison [Ahmoria Mayy]

    Post by Guest 9th October 2016, 6:48 pm


    Job Description:

    Why she was doing such a good deed was beyond her, especially for a male who was of the human species and not worth her time. Yet, here she was donning the hat of a mailwoman, along with the matching outfit and the satchel to go with the whole getup. What was worse was the fact that the mail outfit that she wore was just as skimpy and revealing as the leaves that covered her body. She was certain that if she bent down, everyone would get a clear shot of her nonexistent panties or a good boob shot as well. The idea sickened her, but if this was pleased the human race in order to keep them quiet while she slowly killed them off, then by all means, she would dress like this. However, the only thing that she wouldn’t do was fall for the tricks of their piggish men who tried to get women in their beds. Women were not things to objectify! On top of that, no one wanted poison ivy on their bits, now did they? Who knows…

    Dusting off the rickety clothing, the woman picked up the letters that remained from the broken down mail truck and stuffed them into her satchel. A good walk around the city wouldn’t hurt her and if she was correct about the mailman’s route, all of the houses were close together. Besides, she would be able to admire the scenery while she was at it, taking her time to get the letters to the people of Magnolia. She had been here once before, eliminating a few people from the town, including some children back in the park; it made her wonder if they recognized her. How much fear could she place in this town before she would be forced to skedaddle out of there and looking for somewhere else to terrorize? It wasn’t like she was that strong either, but if she was sneaky enough, she wouldn’t have to worry about being caught by the Rune Knights. Besides, by the looks of it, if people were still sending out requests to her guild, then it was certain that they hadn’t yet found out who killed those children.

    Dipping her hat at the desk lady, Ahmoria headed out of the building with satchel in tow and a map of the mailman’s route in her hand. It looked like the first house she had to go to was only just down the block where the mail office was, which meant he truly was almost done with his route. To her, it kind of sucked that he wasn’t able to finish his route entirely, he must have been so excited before his mail truck broke. She was also happy that it had broke, though, because it meant that he wouldn’t be able to contaminate the air her plants breathed. Ahmoria didn’t want anything that could potentially harm her plants and the way they worked and lived their daily lives. One wrong thing could set them off course and that could change the way the entire ecosystem of Earthland worked permanently. After all, being the guardian of Earthland’s nature meant that she had to make sure that nothing would go wrong with it.

    Quietly, Mori ran her lips over the clasp of the letter, making sure that she planted enough poison on it to kill the person simply by touching it. Afterward, she stopped at the gate of the home and opened it up, walking down the little path to the door of the house and knocking. It only took a few moments for someone to come rushing down the stairs of the home and opening the door to greet her. Who was greeted by happened to be a little girl, likely someone who was waiting for a letter in the mail with how fast she ran down. Ahmoria gave a fake smile in the direction of the girl, bent down a bit, then handed the girl the letter and patted her on the head. After that, she turned away and headed down the porch, across the path, and back onto the streets to continue her journey. The next house was literally right next door to the one that she had just been at, so she must have been working in reverse.

    One-by-one the woman headed from house to house, delivering the letters that contained an x amount of poison on them. Poison that was potentially deadly or at least would cause them harm enough that they would be sent to the hospital. Before long, she would be hearing news about Magnolia having an outbreak of poison ivy with unknown origins and it would make her smile. She couldn’t wait for that day when the hospital located in the town would send out the warning for the people to be safe. The only thing was, these people wouldn’t be safe, they would never be safe because she would continue to profusely torture them. They all deserved to feel the pain of her plants as they snipped, clipped, and groomed them to the way they wanted them to look. Evidently, she was sick and tired of her plants being mutilated because the humans had a strange sense of demeaning style in their eyes.

    Soon, she came to the last house of her route, stopping at the similar gate to the first house before opening and stepping onto the pathway. She walked along the winding path until she reached the porch, walked up the steps, and knocked on the door, waiting for an answer. It was a few minutes, maybe one or two, before anyone came to the door of the house, greeted her, and took the letter from her. They slammed the door in her face as well, as if they weren’t all too happy that she was late in giving the letter to them. However, she ignored it and headed back the way she had come, figuring there wasn’t a reason to dwell on human’s stupid nature. Besides, she had an office to get back to because there was money there that she wanted to get before she moved onto her next job. Closing the gate behind her, Ahmoria glanced momentarily back at the house, then abruptly began to walk back to the office.
    - - poison ivy comes a creeping all around

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