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    A Game of Tag [Job]


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    A Game of Tag [Job] Empty A Game of Tag [Job]

    Post by Monica 27th November 2016, 1:55 pm

    Sirius Pendragon • Black Rose • D Rank

    Magnolia Town, what a lovely place to completely relax and forget about all your problems. There was the Fairy Tail guild to protect them and the ambience that the town had just put his mind at peace. Although he had heard of rumors, about Fairy Tail joining the dark alignment, she had also heard that it was due to the fact they were harboring a single dark wizard, whom they could not abandon as they were a family. The decision of the guildmaster was respectable in Sirius's mind. How could they simply banish someone they deemed their family, just because of some things they had done in the past, correct? It was always good to forgive those who had done wrong, and give them a second chance. Unless this wizard had evil intentions for the future as well. Then, Sirius could not imagine what kind of dangerous spot the guild had put itself in. Allowing a single member to change a large aspect of the guild. A bold yet hazardous move. The future is unpredictable. The future of Fairy Tail was something the guildmaster should be concerned about if they continued to keep this sorceress under their own roof. But, this was not Sirius's concern in the least bit, so there was no real reason for him to be wasting time worrying about another guild. Plus, he was here to relax, and so – with his hands in his pockets – the blonde young man sauntered through the streets looking as though he didn't have a care in this world.

    Suddenly a young voice brought him out of his peaceful train of thought, breaking the mode of tranquility that he had just entered. "Oniisama, could you join us for a game of tag? We just need one more person on our team. I promise it will be fun," said the young girl who approached him with a pleading look and those puppy eyes that you just could not resist. It was a surprise that he appeared as a friendly man who was willing to play tag with a group of children barely half his height.

    "It's funny you thought a person like myself would agree to playing tag with a bunch of children. Your friends are going to lose if I join your team, though. I have long legs," replied Sirius with an amused chuckle. The child didn't bother to wait for his confirmation, but instead pulled him into their little circle, announcing to her little friends that their team was full and that they should be scared, given how tall Sirius was, more than twice their height. "Oh my, hello there children," Sirius greeted awkwardly, pulling his coat so it didn't fall off his shoulders. Now seemed a little too late to decline, and so Sirius decided to go easy. He didn't want some kids crying because they got caught in a game of Tag thanks to a much older man who was six feet, eight inches tall. At least, it's something new.

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