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    In Progress [Tag]Solo

    Post by Rim Caster on Wed 16 Nov 2016 - 21:12

    it was Rim:first day in Sabertooth so he decided do his first job as mage,he went to guild mission tab,and take first better task,he gave better look that mission and readed"we are searching for buddy to play tag with us,Reward:None,Location:East Gardenhe sighed n thinked it"i picked that job it would be stupid bring it back at that tab"so he taked earliest train and which took him to magnolia,

    Ok i am in centre of town where i should go,i asked elder mister where is East Garden"turn left and go down the street,it would take you 5 minuts",i followed his advise and finally follow road to East Forest i take a few foots and finally found out East Garden,place was beautifull and reminded him his family meadow,it was not only peaceful,it was place when he could calm down and forget about his problems,He found out Big old tree,then sit down and rest for awhile

    He was waked up by small group of kids which counted 5 kids.
    "Hi mister wanna play with us tag?It wouldn't be funny without you"Said in pout manner kid
    their think of playing tag with me expirienced adult in such place as the forest garden;but for those a kid it was a largest area they played in their all life.
    Rim stared warm up and he gave them one of his signature"why not,let's play" he exclaimed

    Kids started runing away from him and He started chasing them but accidentally activated
    booby trap which was bucket with paint swinged from the tree
    "You are playing dirty so i will play on that same rules"
    Rim dodged paint bucket with ease but second time activated trap"so what is next"
    now the kids started throwing the rocks"Really that is new low even for kids and time to get serious"
    Rim with masochitic smile dodged all rock and started to run in their direction
    "oh shit we are fucked up and he know were we are "Kids were scared and tried run away from him but he instanteus arrived in front of them
    "so who is first to experince the pain"Kids unshethed knives and tried him
    stab but he closed eyes and in last momentum jumped and kicked all kids
    "i guess you are some spoiled kids from rich families whose placed job in guildboard"
    Another Kid spoken"So what is wrong with it we were bored"His muscles bulging in his forehead
    He punched them hard so they had bloody face
    "You placed that job beacuse you were bored?!,In this time i could make at least 2 another jobs and helped peoples who needed my help"Rim agressively asked
    "So why you taken that job"They shouted He came near the they,They were scared of so they watched his actions carefully and fall on their asses
    "I've taken this beacuse i thinked it would be done fast and i would play with a bunch of nice kids,and do secound job in meantime" He said with menancing aura'But realty is cruel i guess'
    "Go!!Run home before i dont do something that i would regret"Kids runned away and I returned to guild
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    [Tag]Solo Rim_ca12

    Rim Knightwalker

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