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    TAG, TAG YOU'RE IT ♠ solo

    Post by Itazura on 11th June 2016, 9:21 pm

    Walking through the grass, his white feet bare, stepping across the soft green grass. He hummed a wordless song to himself as he turned his walk into a skip as he walked across an open field, minding his own business. Starting off into a run he preformed a couple of cartwheels and then landing back on his feet when he heard a voice call out to him. Turning to look he saw a few kids, he counted three, but sensed about five "Hey you! Come play with us" a little bald boy said rather loudly as he pointed at the dirty blond yokai. Smiling he bounded right over, continuing to hum his chipper tone for a little bit until he stopped in front of the kids. His hazel gaze, watched the other two kids farther down the hill that he sensed earlier, wrestle with each other. Then deciding to ask what there activity would be "Now what are we going to be playing?" the young yokai asked, and in less then a few seconds the hairless child answered him "Tag, you need to come play with us cause they won't play with us anymore" he said, with slight anger in his voice, pointing towards the two kids who where fighting each other. Thinking to himself for a moment "Now what is this game human?" he asked looking down at the child "What are you stupid?! You just tag somebody else if your tagged by it, and run from it." the boy quickly explained before saying tag your it to him and running off, the other kids following his lead. Well this seemed like a nice time spender, the weasel thought before he started to run after the kids. Not all that serious until the kids started to walk backwards and tease him, a playful grin forming on his face as he ran faster and dropped onto his hands and morphed into his orange furred animal form. Running through the grass, hidden by the length of it, he transformed back right as he reached a child, a little girl with black silky hair pulled back into a pigtails "Tag" he said with his smug grin still resting on his pale face. Running away, a lively laugh escaping his throat as he scampered across the green blades of grass. Continuing to switch back and forth between his human form, and random animal forms, the kids didn't seem to mind that he did this, and enjoyed the challenge of trying to catch him. Snickering to himself as he thought of an idea, turning into a cheetah, running faster then the kids and skidding up to a stop, standing behind a boy who was standing away from the group, not playing their game of tag. He grinned as he pantsed the small boy, laughing as he ran away, the boy noticed what happened and started to cry. Though the other kids just did what Itazura did, and laughed at their friend. The boy sniffled as he pulled up his pants and ran away, the weasel guessed it was to tell on him. Not to long later a man came out, his father, and looked around, looking for this man who pulled down the pants of his child. Seeing this as that he was no longer welcome he said "Later kits!" he said, the kids noticed he was leaving and started to complain. But he ignored them and turned into a his usual mustela self and scurried away into the forests nearby.

    Word Count: 587

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