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    Hostages? You scum! {Job, solo}


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    Hostages? You scum! {Job, solo} Empty Hostages? You scum! {Job, solo}

    Post by Gideon 8th October 2016, 6:03 pm

    It was a peaceful day in the capital city of Crocus; it was going to be a nice and quiet evening; it was going to be a day for rest and relaxation! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE! That was until some scum decided it in his best interest to take his boss hostage... Like. Who did that in their free time? Who says to themselves, "Hey, lets take the boss hostage!" Well, it was people like this that he was fighting against; he could not stand the fact that they were able to simply make this decision without any consequence; this was not going to be allowed to continue! 

    It was with this mentality that he would begin to walk towards the town; it seemed that he had a bit of a trip ahead of him, but that was not something that would stop him! He would take on this trip without falter! He shall take on this, what was it? F-F-Five mile hike without any sort of doubt! Yes, he most certainly was going to enjoy this little walk... It was not too bad, now was it? Nope! He was able to make a decent time, this is to say in under two hours! So, what was he to do now? He was in the town, though he was not at the desired location... What to do? Well, it would be best to find the location that was being surrounded by the RK or GK... whichever unit was meant to be taking on this little ordeal... wait... the RK was disbanded a while ago, no? Meh, it did not matter! He was not a part of that system; they were dogs. They simply killed those they suspected of being villainous; not even! They would kill a man for simply looking at them the wrong way! What sort of person was that? They were the villains in the system, though no one had the audacity to call them out on it. Well, Gideon would probably do it today!

    His stride was one that depicted the mans worry for the townsfolk; it was something that allowed him to transverse the town rather fluidly. He was able to find the building within minutes of having entered the town, how nice! No more need to scramble about and attempt to catch up to what he had already missed. Well, this was where it became more interesting; he had to do a few things before the night could end, and it was something that he dreaded; having to deal with so many problems within a few hours was a bit of a task... he could handle it; he simply had to put in a bit more effort than he usually did. Well, it was fine with him! Why would he not go full blast on this occasion? It was an important one! 

    "Step aside mutt!" He commanded, walking past the man who seemed to be in charge; it seemed the Garou Knights were already set to run the whole operation, but he did not trust the judgement, nor the abilities, of the Garou Knights; they were an execution unit, not a rescue unit. How they were acting as police force was beyond him, but it was not in his authority to question that decision! 

    "I'll be handling this as of now! Simply because I doubt that you can handle this situation; why don't you and your men go back? It's not as though you were trained for this, were you? I was under the impression that the Garou Knights were simply executioners! Those who could not do anything but slay those condemned by the crown!" He scoffed, walking through the barricade that they had formed; fuck that protocol! He would handle this as they should be; detain the criminal and ensure he is put to trial. Kicking in the door Gideon made his entrance; it seemed the man was not expecting this as he stumbled backwards.

    As he stumble Gideon simply flicked his wrist, a ball of ice would hit the man and freeze him in place; this was all it took of our hero, Gideon; with this he would detain the vile man; he was going to be put to death, but it would be after the trial. That was almost guaranteed. Grabbing the man he simply walked outside and threw him at the squad of Garou Knights. "Make sure he is alive when you arrest him..." He sighed, walking away from the place. It was too easy a job...



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