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    Hostages and Kiba

    Lumina Rubyscale
    Lumina Rubyscale

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    Hostages and Kiba Empty Hostages and Kiba

    Post by Lumina Rubyscale 4th March 2015, 8:01 am

    Kiba had been called to crocus by the Rune Knights, some idiot had taken hostages and demanded to talk with Kiba. Kiba would not have cared if it were not for the hostages. Kiba arrived only to get picked up by a squad of heavily armed Rune Knights. He didn't like the way that acted, from the way they talked they didn't care about the man who took the hostages. Which was sad honestly, these people were suppose to be hero's to the people and they were talking about ending the mans life. 

    Kiba reached the area where they had a head quarters of sorts. "whats going on..." Kiba asked as he entered, the guys following him taking up positions inside the place. 

    A fat man with a small beard turned to Kiba. "So you him?" Kiba shrugged. "Well that reassuring... anyways Teri Mores has taken a few of her old coworkers and boss hostage at a train station. She demanded to talk to you... so we got you... And that fact that your a Wizard Saint it yo..."

    "I came willingly," Kiba responded. "Whats she got for weapons?" 

    "She has a pistol and some explosive lacrima." the man answered then took a sip of his coffee. "Just get the hostages out safely... i could care less about Teri..." 

    "You pig..." The man coughed on his coffee as Kiba spoke. "all life should be valued, even when someone is off the right path, you lead them back." Kiba walked out of the HQ and down to the platform. He pushed past the Rune Knights who tried to block him, even punching on that tried to outright stop him. "Get out of my way..." Kiba walked down the stairs, he heard the clacking of someone in high-heels and the few people crying. "Teri?"

    "Whos there." A panicked voice called out. "Come out now... I'm armed and im not afraid to shoot someone." 

    Kiba stepped out and held up his hands. "Woah Woah... you asked for me..." Teri looked him up and down. "How can i help you today..." Kiba moved closer to her, trying to get within 30 meters, which was not hard as she walked over to him holding the gun in his face.

    "Bullshit... why would someone like Kiba Yukiko come when someone like me asked." She was on the verge of snapping, Kiba could see it in her eyes. 

    "Cause you asked for me... Simple as that." Kiba knew he could get the gun but the lacrima were another thing. For right now he would try and talk her down the old fashion way, he didn't really like the idea of hitting a woman.

    *HEY YOU WOULD HIT ME!* Kiki exclaimed, Kiba didn't pay her any mind. His focus was completely on Teri.

    "But someone like Kiba does not care about people like me..." She screamed and shoved the gun in his face. "He's got power... He's got Fame... why the hell would he take the time to help me." 

    Kiba lowered his hands. "Cause i was just like you in a way... i was driven from two guilds... cause someone else wanted power. I didn't ask for fame... it just fell into my lap..." Kiba sighed and turned away from the woman, "if you don't believe me thats you choice... but i came here of my own will. Here... to help you." Kiba turned around and smiled at her, holding out his hand. "come on... lets get out of here." Kiba used truth to make sure both her gun and the weapons were useless.

    "Bull shit!" The woman pulled the trigger on the gun, which only got a dry click. Here eyes went wide and she pulled the activation trigger from her pocket. Everyone in the room screamed and ran for the exit, Kiba simply picked up a discarded cigarette pack. He pulled one out and put it in his mouth.

    "got a light?" Kiba asked cheekily. Raising his eyebrows as he spoke. 

    "YEAH ASS HOLE" the woman pressed the switch... and gasped as nothing happened. "wait... your really him? But... but why?" she didn't get to finish her sentance as a group of Rune Knight tackled her. 

    Kiba bent down, "Remember... not everyone cares for power, and some people with it DO care for people like you." Kiba smiled at her, "When you get out of prison... come see me." Kiba stood up and walked off. Not even bothering to check in with the Rune Knights, he just left.


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