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    Dates [solo]


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    Dates [solo] Empty Dates [solo]

    Post by Vlad on Sat Aug 27, 2016 8:42 pm

    Walking down the streets of this town he had began to see why this place was given the name of “Rose Garden.” The beauty of such a sight could not be captured by the means of any average man. It must have been crafted by a true artisan. A man, or female, who had a set design in mind. They knew what they wanted those who would walk this path to feel. These were the qualities of a true master. The masterpiece was something that Vlad was appreciating. Having heard of this town he had some expectations, however, he had never seen this place. His expectations were blown away; words did not do this place justice. It was not his first time in this place, however, he was always amused by the ornate designs he had found in this town. Toady it seemed he had to simply meet a female in a restaurant and have dinner! A dinner date! Not too bad; it was rather easy.

    Now, a few streets from the restaurant, he began to realize what the place was like. The outside was quite ornate; carved oak formed an overhang, allowing for the customers to sit outdoors if they wished. It was quite an interesting design. The red slating overtop the wood matched the roofing quite nicely. While Vlad did not usually discuss the beauty of places, he was still able to appreciate the work that was put into the place.

    Walking into the restaurant it was on par with that of the exterior; the extravagant crown molding paled in comparison to the beauty of the tables; by using a spruce wood they contrasted the oak wood that they had used for the flooring. What an interesting concept, he quite enjoyed it. Mixing the dark and light, allowing the differences to further depict the beauty each held. Lovely.

    As he began to dive deeper into this place he realized that he had been here before; this was the same place he had spent a night taste testing wine; it was amazing. Well, it seemed his date was already here.... she was early. "Hello dear!" He began to talk the girl up, hoping to lighten the mood; it seemed to work very well! She became receptive of each word he spoke; she was actually a rather nice girl. The two ordered dinner, and began to eat; she seemed to be a very shy girl, not speaking much. This was fine though, she seemed to be content with simply listening to him as he spoke; it was something that made him a bit happy. He did not have many occasions in which others would simply sit around and listen to him; it was a nice thing. Having finished up their food they would simply exchange pleasantries and part ways. Well, he had a decent enough time out; the food was good enough to not offend him. Well, all in all, he had an alright experience. She was not someone he would meet again, but that was fine. It was over, after all.



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