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    Destroying the Urge to Destroy Yourself

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    Destroying the Urge to Destroy Yourself Empty Destroying the Urge to Destroy Yourself

    Post by Shipping Goddess 15th August 2016, 7:31 am

    "Stand back everyone this is a hostage situation! We can not have you anywhere close to this building as it could endanger your lives!" One guard spoke as Marshmallow, with Lilian on top, flew through the sky. She didn't know what was going on, so she decided to fly down and see for herself. Upon crashing onto the ground, the expected occurred. Everyone freaked out, and Lilian raised her hands in defense because the entire guard pointed spears at her. The all gave her the same scared yet defensive glare.

    "I just wanna see what was going on! I'm no threat to anyone. Please, a hero is never idle while others are in danger!" The guards all dropped their spears, and returned to their normal business. One of them told lilian a man was stressed out and once he got fired, he snapped. He strapped himself with enough explosives to level the building, and won't come down.

    "GET OUT OF THE FUCKING BUILDING NOW!!!" A guard yelled.

    "I don't think vulgarity will help you much. I'll go in and talk to him. It is my duty as a hero to be! And don't worry, it's as a volunteer okay?" Lilian walked into the office building, leaving the guards there dumbfounded. As she walked up the stairs she realized she didn't know what floor the man was on. Oh well.

    As she walked up to the first floor she didn't find a single soul. Only papers and office supplies all where they originally were. Apparently the man wanted them to go peacefully instead of making a riot, which was smart, lest Lilian think that. Then a thought occured - if he had enough explosives to level a building, perhaps he'd be in the middle?

    Lilian ran up to the fifteenth floor and found nothing. However on the sixteenth, she started to hear voices. It was scared whimpers, and she saw a woman who instantly freaked out at the sight of Lilian. She nearly screamed, but Lilian put her hand over the woman's mouth.

    "Be calm... I'm not with the Guard. Point to where the man is that started all this." Lilian whispered. The woman pointed to the right, and Lilian saw more people. Lilian silently thanked the woman, and crept up slowly and quietly.

    Once she reached the others, she saw him. The man had a button in his hands, and bombs all over him. Lilian didn't want to startle him, so she decided to make a "psst" sound. The man turned around.

    "Who the fuck are you!? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!!!? DO YOU WANT ME TO KILL YOU ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE IN HERE!?" The people around him started crying and panicing, some praying. Lilian raised her hands in self defense, and walked a few steps backwards.

    "I'm not with the guard... Please don't resort to extreme measures, okay? I'm just here to talk..." Lilian spoke in a calm, reassuring, motherly tone.

    The man gave her a look of fear.

    "What's your name? My name is Lilian. You can call me Lily, okay?" Lilian took another step backwards to make it known she meant no harm. The man nodded his head.

    "M-M-M-My name is James. I was a janitor here... I didn't get paid much, and I took a bunch of crap from all of my coworkers. They barely knew I existed, but when they did acknowlddge me all I took was crap!" The man spoke to Lilian.

    "Listen, James. Killing yourself and everyone here won't solve anything okay? If you end your life, how will you build relationships with others, how will you earn their respect? Respect and kindness are both earned, and James, you've earned my respect by not resorting to blowing the bomb as soon as you saw me. You've earned my respect from just telling me why you wanted this to occur. If you come down now, I'll ask the guard to provide you with a psychologist to tell your problems to, okay? If you don't tell people stuff, then you'll resort to things like this because of pent up anger... So please, come down." Lilian took a few steps forward, and touched the man on the shoulder. He dropped the detonator, and unstrapped the explosives on him. Lilian grabbed both, and walked with him outside.

    Upon reaching the outside, Lilian told her demands to the guard. They complied, and arrested Mr. James the Janitor. Although her pleads not to, the civilians inside the building all gave her a portion of their jewels for saving her life. She didn't want it however. Lilian felt that she was just doing what was right. Once the workers begged her to take it, she finally accepted it.


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