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    Destroying The Pawful Store


    Destroying The Pawful Store Empty Destroying The Pawful Store

    Post by Guest 19th April 2021, 4:23 am

    Perhaps it was the fact that she was now able to transform into an animal herself or maybe simply because she was becoming sentimental in her old age but Medeia could not help but shake her head as she gazed at the cages around her. Staring back at her were the faces of animals of all kinds, mostly kittens and puppies but there were a few more exotic pets too. Each seemed to have the same unhappy look and the witch truly did understand how they were feeling. Trapped in a cage, with no way out. She was somewhat sympathetic to them and it only caused her to feel more inspired about the task that she had agreed to complete today. Her employer had continually tried to purchase pets from this shop and yet had been refused. A bizarre move in the witch’s opinion. Why leave free money on the table when it was offered so readily? Apparently, it was due to the shop owners not trusting the man with an animal due to his looks which Medeia frankly found rather laughable. How could they possibly judge someone based on appearance alone? There was far more to a person then met the eye, after all. So, in his anger about being refused, he had come to Medeia, asking her to eliminate the store workers and destroy the building in revenge. Normally, she would have probably told him to leave her alone but he was offering a fair amount of money and she did always enjoy a good revenge story. So, she had agreed.

    As she walked past the cages, a jet black coloured kitten would catch her eye. A sweet looking creature who started to meow the moment that it saw the witch. Amused, Medeia would approach and place her hand through the bars of the cage, hoping to stroke the lovely cat. The animal did not shy away and happily rubbed its head against her hand, purring deeply in delight at the affection. “Friendly little mite, are you not?” She chuckled, quickly becoming fond of the delightful cat. “How about I let you out of there and you can come home with me?” Medeia had always had an instinctive gift when it came to languages and she could have sworn that the animal’s next meow was one of agreement. “Do not worry. I will let your friends out too.”

    “I would not try that if I were you.” A male voice interrupted her. “We are not all that keen on thieves here and will not allow you to open a single cage.”

    “You do not have the skill nor the might to do anything about it, peon.”
    Medeia retorted coldly, not even looking at him, her attention still focused on the kitten.

    Her focus would switch to him as though as she felt something against her back and removing her hand from the cage, she would slowly turn around. To her complete bemusement, the angel found herself staring at what appeared to be the janitor of the store, his broom up against her rather bountiful bosom. “Are you completely stupid?” She asked. “Threatening me with a piece of wood?” Grabbing the broom, she would push it down and draw the man in, before delivering a mighty claw attack that almost cut him in half. Blood stained the floor as he fell, while the animals started yowling and shrieking due to the smell of it.

    Noticing a key ring on his belt, Medeia would swiftly take it and begin to open the cages, resulting in the animals quickly making their escape. Flying and charging for the exit, the incensed creatures would make a complete mess of the place as they left, bursting out into the street and vanishing into the darkness of the night.

    “How could you do that?” Another voice uttered, one more timid than the first.

    Standing behind the till would be a place faced woman, a cashier by the looks of her. She was trembling from head to toe but as she came out from behind the till, a pair of magical swords would appear in her hands. “We have treated these animals with nothing but respect and in return, you burst in here and destroy our business? Why?”

    “For refusing to sell your stock to a rather angry looking fellow.” Medeia answered honestly. “He wanted revenge and here I am.”

    “You monster!” The cashier responded, darting towards Medeia, swinging her blades.

    Yet, she was not all that gifted nor particularly strong and after dodging the attack, Medeia would cause flames to burst forth from her foot, before delivering a powerful kick that knocked the woman flying backwards and crashing into the back wall. As she slid down it, the cashier managed to hit the alarm attached to it, causing a loud siren sound to start blaring out.

    Paying no mind to it at all, the witch would turn and make her towards the exit but just as her feet touched the pavement outside, a gunshot could be heard, the bullet fired landing an inch away from Medeia’s foot. The shooter was standing at the other side of the road, a magical rifle aimed directly at the angel.

    “No sudden movements, mage.” The gun wielding woman shouted. “I knew the day would come when I would be needed to defend the store and today is that day.”

    “A pity that all of your waiting and hard work will come to naught.” The witch replied, unleashing a powerful breath attack that combined three of her many elements. The blast tore towards the woman at such a speed that there was little she could do and was caught flush by the all mighty blow, launching her backwards and through the window of the house behind her. Smiling, the angel would then summon a desert scarab and send it after the gun wielding mage, watching it as it followed her through the window. A few moments later, a powerful explosion was hard and that was the end of the defender of the store, with the house collapsing on top of her. Not part of the job but collateral damage was always nice.

    With only one last objective to complete, Medeia would return her focus to the store itself and tap into her powers once final time, her hand pointing towards the sky. A powerful meteor of purple coloured energy would descend from the sky, crashing into the store with its immense weight and destroying it in one mighty blast. The ground shook and once the dust and debris had faded away, there were only pieces of what had once been the pet store left. Her job was done.

    As she was about to leave and return to her employer, a meowing sound would cause her gaze to shift downwards, to see not only the kitten that she had played with earlier but another one as well, who was pure white. Remembering the reason why she had been sent on the job in the first place, she would lean down and say to the white kitten. “I have an owner in mind who would love to have you as a pet but as for you.” Her gaze turned to the jet black kitten. “Your place is with me.” With both kittens meowing in unison as an answer, she would lean down and take them into her arms. Once they were comfortable, the angel would grow her wings and take off, her mission complete.

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