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    The Pawful Store


    The Pawful Store Empty The Pawful Store

    Post by Guest 18th April 2020, 5:46 am

    Magnolia Town was supposed to be a cheerful place where happiness and fun were the orders of the day but that certainly wasn’t what the bunny girl thought of it. It was a horrible place in truth, where animals were locked away in cages, to be sold and traded like jewellery and it made Miranda feel completely sick to her stomach. Humans were such a horrible race and it was at times like this where the celestial mage was pleased that she’d been taught to despise them. They didn’t deserve to be at the top of the tree and should in fact be in cages themselves. A future that would hopefully come to pass with any luck although for now, the bluenette knew that she didn’t have the strength to perform such a feat. Not yet. All she could do was continue to grow, just as her mother had asked her to and develop into the mage that she knew she could be. Today would just be another small step on her journey.

    She’d received a letter from an anonymous source, asking her to perform a task that the bunny girl was all too eager to help with. A pet store had apparently upset the customer by refusing to serve them and although she couldn’t honestly have cared less about that, the thought of making a mess of the store itself did capture her attention. She couldn’t do anything on a grand scale just yet but she could do this and she’d accepted the job straight away. The pay was also rather good, which only sweetened the deal and it was with a sense of purpose that she wandered down the streets, heading for the so called, “The Pawful Store.” She wasn’t quite sure what to expect in terms of foes but that wouldn’t matter, it would be a chance for her to test her skills and giver her spirits a chance to stretch their legs.

    Her eyes would soon be drawn towards a large building with the name matching the one that she’d been searching for. It was a flashy place and her gaze briefly glanced up to stare at the expensive looking advertising board above it, displaying the name. It showed a cat and dog, wearing collars and looking cute, which only annoyed the bunny girl even more. They looked so subservient which caused the normally calm girl’s blood to start to boil. It was so unnatural and as she walked across the street and approached the building, her crimson orbs would briefly glimpse the caged birds that were being presented in the front windows and that almost set her off. Her hands would clench and the tips of her ears would briefly turn a bright shade of pink, a sign of her magical power beginning to emerge, fuelled by her emotions. What was worse about the scenario was that she could understand every sound that the birds made, as though they were speaking in the human tongue. A gift from her own animal heritage.

    As she opened the door, a wave of sound would hit her large rabbit ears as the sound of terrified animals would come from all directions. There were dozens of cages lining both the left and right side of the shop containing all kinds of creatures, some domesticated and some not. From kittens and puppies to magical animals that she couldn’t name. What she could detect though was their feelings and that was enough to almost overwhelm the rabbit. She could hear the word, “Help!” coming from almost every cage and as she shook her head and moved over towards one of the cages, her hand automatically went to undo it.

    “HEY! What do you think you’re doing?” A voice would ring out, far louder than any other, capturing the rabbit’s attention. Standing there would be a janitor, broom in hand, his face like thunder as he started at her. He almost seemed to wield the cleaning utensil like a weapon which also caught Miranda’s attention. “We don’t look kindly on thieves,” he continued sternly, “Keep your hands off of the cages or I’ll call the police.” He was an elderly fellow but the look in his eyes seemed serious as he moved towards her.

    “I don’t look kindly on slavers,” Miranda answered harshly, removing her hand from the cage and turning to face the janitor. “You lock these poor animals away and leave them half starved, filled with fear and you accuse me of doing wrong? You’re the one who should be locked in a cage, along with everyone else who condones this.” As she spoke, her transformation continued, as her hair colour continued to slowly change, her magical power growing. Her red orbs could have burned a hole straight through him with their intensity and the old man took a step back.

    “Slavers? Don’t be ridiculous. These are just poor animals that we’ve saved and are trying to re home. Can’t you hear them meowing and barking with happ…” he started.

    “It’s not happiness,” the bluenette snapped, “I can hear every word they’re saying and they’re begging me to let them out. I don’t care what lies you hide behind. I'm ending this torture now.”

    In response, the old janitor would lash out with his broom, forcing the bunny girl to have to quickly dodge. Tapping into her magic, she’d finally activate her “Emotional State”, transforming her fully into her pink haired form, raising her magical strength greatly. A whip would then form in her right hand and with a powerful flick, she’d crack it against him, scoring a powerful hit across his back and forcing him to cry out in pain. Yet, that wasn’t the most painful part of the spell as his eyes would glaze over, as he fell under her control. With a small smile, Miranda would simply utter a single command, “Release the cages, now!”

    With a bow, the bewitched janitor would proceed to do just that, taking the keys and starting to unlock the cages, much to the delight of both Miranda and the animals themselves. Most of the animals simply fled out of the front door and into the streets but a few remained behind, taking a seat in front of the bunny girl.

    “Is there something else I can do for you?” she’d ask the small group and after a moment or two, a large dog at the front of the group would tilt its head and respond, it's rather deep male voice resonating in Miranda’s mind, “We’re grateful for what you’ve done for us but please, may we have him? He’s been horrible to us and we haven’t been fed properly for a while. We’re hungry.” Thinking about it for a moment, Miranda would simply nod, “By all means, friends, he’s all yours.”

    With a wag of the tail, the dog would then howl, before he and his friends would pounce on the janitor in a frenzy, ripping the old man limb from limb. As they feasted, Miranda would release the effects of her whip spell, so that he could feel the full effect of what was happening, much to his horror. It was barbaric and brutal but the bunny girl’s eyes never left the scene, until there was nothing left of the man. The dogs would then nod their heads towards the bunny girl and take their leave, vanishing into the streets.

    That left only one task and the sound of panicking could be heard from behind the open door that was behind the counter. Raising an eyebrow, the bunny girl would move onwards, jumping over the counter and heading through the door. The sounds of heavy breathing could be heard and as Miranda’s keen hearing picked up on the sound, it began to become quicker and more ragged. As she passed a room, she’d stick her head in to see a frightened woman, cowering in the corner, holding the store’s earnings in her hand  Without a word, she’d suddenly pull on an alarm beside her, causing a large siren to go off, making the rabbit jump. Irritated, the bunny girl would simply lash out with her whip, striking the woman and knocking her unconscious..

    “Get out here! You murdering savage!” A new voice would shout from the entrance, causing Miranda’s head to swiftly spin once again, before detecting where the sound was coming from and heading back towards the front of the store. A woman would be waiting for her, wielding a large gun, a look of sternness across her face. “I don’t know what you’re thinking, rabbit but you made a big mistake choosing this pet store to attack. You’re coming with me, either in cuffs or in bits, which will it be?”

    “Neither,” the pink haired rabbit replied, “Malzahar, come to my aid!” With a burst of magical energy, the bunny girl’s spirit would appear beside her, dressed in her usual purple coloured desert gear. Without a word spoken between them, the pair would leap back over the counter and face their new foe. “Me and my spirit friend here are going to make you wish you’d stayed in your house, human.” Her spirit would simply smile, prepared for battle.

    “Suit yourself,” the woman responded, unleashing a barrage of bullets that forced the pair to have to evade quickly. Finding a gap in the spray of damaging projectiles, Miranda would blow a kiss which clipped the woman and disorientated her, before Malzahar would throw her own curse at the gun wielding woman, striking her firmly and leaving her a gibbering mess. To conclude the little contest, the spirit would fire a powerful blast of magical energy from her eyes that would overwhelm the attacker, forcing her to the ground, unable to defend herself and at the mercy of the pair. Malzahar would briefly look towards her summoner, drawing a knife, as if asking for permission and with a gentle nod from the bunny girl, the celestial being would walk forward and finish the woman off.

    “There’s a cashier in the back room who needs to be finished off too. Be a dear and do the honours, would you?” The bluenette asked her spirit, who with a slight chuckle would then disappear and do just that, leaving the mage alone for a moment. The task was completed and as she looked around at what was left of the store, Miranda was left to ponder if this would be the end of the store or if the owners would simply try to start again. It was a troubling thought and one that she didn’t wish to leave to chance and so as Malzahar returned to her and handed her the cash from the till. The bunny girl would turn to her and ask, “Are you and some of the others up for a little demolition work?”

    “Of course,” Malzahar replied, her voice as silky as ever, “We are eager to show you what we can do, Mistress. I believe that Brand would be perfect for this job and she has been so desperate for you to call her. I will of course, help out as well.”

    “Thank you for the suggestion,” Miranda answered cheerfully, “Brand, come to my aid!” A second burst of magical energy would emerge and a flaming spirit would be standing beside the pair, her body mostly bare besides a few burnt garments covering her more vital areas. Slamming her fists together, the fiery character would turn to the bunny girl and say with a smirk, “I heard about the need for some of my flames, I’m here for you, Mistress.”

    “Great to hear, now let us make it so that this place will never be used to house captured animals again,”
    the bunny girl ordered, a smile crossing her features as she began to hurl spells in all directions. With smiles matching that of their mistress, the two spirits would soon engage with the task too, causing fire and void energy to soon have the place in flames. By the time the three had finished, the building was left in complete ruins and as they made their escape, the bunny girl couldn’t have felt more content with how successful the job had been.

    (The Pawful Store: 1500/1500. Both special tasks completed.)
    (D Rank Freeform: 500/500.)

    (2047 Words)

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