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    Lawful store


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    Lawful store Empty Lawful store

    Post by Nadarr 11th June 2022, 1:59 pm

    Odeila has attended the banquet to honor the new Paw Pals store that had just opened up. It was a very nice store that held many animals available to by as pets. However today she was here on business. She had been hired to break out and release all of the pets and ruin this stores reputation. An easy enough task for her to accomplish. She had been mingling around the banquet for a little while getting to know the owners. She wanted to get as much information as possible. She didn't want to have to fight a whole party worth of people in she didn't have to. If she could do this quickly and relatively quietly. The last thing she needed where the authority's or Fairy Tail showing up. she found out where all the pets were at and that's they had only the ending shift there finishing the day while this was happening. Odeila pleased with this information waited. After the party had died down she was able to sneak into the back where they kept all if the animals, she looked around at all of the cages where the animals were stored. She needed to find a way to unlock the cages and set them free. Someone here had to have a set of keys, or so she thought. As she walked through back here she felt a ray of light from a flashlight hit her back. As she stopped moving. Especially because she heard the click of a gun behind her. She took a breath as she heard a females voice. "Want to explain what you are doing back here?" She said in a none treating tone but one that demanded respect, full of authority. Odeila thought for a moment before answering the security guard. "Oh I just wanted to see the animals, I love them so much and would love just one more look." She said still not moving quite yet. "Your coming with me we will let the authorities deal with you." She said walking up to Odeila to make her move. "Oh surely that's not needed…I can just go and no harm no foul…" she said as she was grabbed. "No the cops can decide to let you go or not now move!" She said as she was being escorted toward a doorway. "Please wait…i only wanted to peek." He said as she shoved her ever harder this time. "I said to move now unless you want to be shot." She says as she put the gun to Odelia's back. She stiffed up slightly. "Okay then lead the way." She say with a concerned smile. Odeila knew she would have to deal with this woman so she could do her job however she needed to wait for a good time to do so, Odeila was fairly, but a pistol to your back was still a pistol to your back, she isn't faster then a magical bullet at point blank range. As she entered the room there was a front counter with a cashier and what looked like a janitor talking after as days work.

    They both looked visibly confused as Odeila and the security officer walked in. Who is that? "The cashier asked the security officer tilting her head looking a little bit confused and worried. Caught this one in back, call the police while I watch her." She said as the cashier just nodded looking away getting her ILac out. Odeila smiled seeing her opportunity. With a smile she looked back "I am very sorry about this, I know you were just doing your job~" she say quickly grabbing her blade and as the shot Range out there was nothing but Butterflies. Silence filled the air as if time had stopped. Then Odeila appeared on top the counter holding her sword "First Form: Lunar Dance~" She said as she as she spun quicker then was expected hitting all three of them. The Janitor was killed instantly being decapitated, the cashier was barely alive as she fell to the floor in a bloody mess. The security guard stumbled back way better off then the other two were. She would finish the Security officer off first, she would be the bigger threat compared to the cashier.

    Odeila turn to the stumbling security off that had a mixed look of shock and fear on her face. She gripped her sword looking at her. "Breathing Technique of Inner Strength." She exhaled feeling her muscles tense up in all the right was giving her strikes more strength behind them. Without hesitation Odeila dashed forward and with a strong diagonal slash downward across her chest she fell coughing up blood. Odeila looked down at her as she wiped her pistol to shoot her. But before she could shot Odeila swung, slicing the gune in two and stabbing her through her neck killing her. Odeila turn around at the trembling cashier sighing. *I'm free the animals now…if you stop me I will kill you, I'd rather you leave and go get help then me needlessly kill you, please make the right choice for us both." She said flicking the blood off her blade. The poor cashier quickly stood up running out of the store screaming. Odeila was glad she didn't have to die. She looked down seeing some keys on the janitor. She walked over picking them up. "The cages keys…how fortunate" She giggled and smiled as she turned heading back into the back room. As she went to the back room she started to unlock the various cages to all of the animals. She would start to watch them wander around as she opened the door to the exit. They all immediately bolted like a stampede. The animals running around Magnolia in the dead of night already causing Mischief and trouble. She looked out watching them running around and breaking things and breaking into places. People were screaming as she left to head back to abyssal Fleet to report her progress.


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