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    Chrono's Fifth Mission: Wine Testing


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    Chrono's Fifth Mission: Wine Testing Empty Chrono's Fifth Mission: Wine Testing

    Post by Chrono 23rd June 2016, 9:27 pm

    Job Details:

    Chrono had grown quite the liking for accepting these jobs nowadays. They were benefiting him well with their rewards, while he felt like he was learning something every day. Today, he had accepted a job not asked by the council, but rather by the owner of a high-class restaurant in Rose Garden. On the other hand, Chrono did order transportation anyways, but it wasn't from the council, this time. He, who had selected this job, was to go to Rose Garden to test some wine, you see, just before the owner would decide to make it open to the public. As far as Chrono knew, there were three types of white wine, and two types of red. Honestly, Chrono had never tried wine before, seeing as it wasn't popular at all in his homeland, while Infinity Hydra had a tendency to sell other types of alcohol - at least from Chrono's perspective.

    It took hours for Chrono to travel from the whereabouts of Infinity Hydra's guild to Rose Garden, but once he was there, Chrono was delighted to see this place for himself. When he was there, in fact, Chrono was struck in awe of the place, embracing its luxurious atmosphere; everyone wearing suits or dresses. No customers were permitted to watch, obviously, but Chrono had the exception of dressing casually since he would only be here temporarily. The owner escorted him to his table, where he would be forced to test all five wines out. "I'll be sure to rate them as honestly as I can." Chrono promised. The first glass brought to his attention was a type of white wine. It appeared smoother than the rest, and clear in that matter. When Chrono tried it, all he could say was that it would be an acquired taste like beer, otherwise one with expertise drinking wine would most likely enjoy it - this first sample of wine passed, in other words. Chrono could only tolerate the wine and nothing more, so he requested some water in case he would, in fact, be disgusted by upcoming wine. And boy was he right. The second glass of wine was a red one, looking like orange juice with pulp, but in red form. As soon as he attempted to drink it, Chrono almost grew teary eyed swallowing the wine. This was obviously a definite no.

    Two of the five glasses of wine were now over and done with. Chrono took a short intermission to drink some more water, and give some advice on the wine he had already drank. "Perhaps if you make the first glass of wine sweeter, it'll appeal to a bigger audience." Chrono recommended, "As for the second glass, I'm afraid to recommend discarding it, and nothing more. With the remaining glasses, I'll just say if it's a pass or not." The judges and owner alike agreed to this, certainly enjoying the fact that Chrono was sacrificing taste buds for this. He drank the third glass, which was the other red wine. This one was excellent! It was stronger in taste than the rest, and was easier to consume than the rest too! This third glass of wine was given an immediate pass, but also an advisory for a specialty drink when the restaurant would eventually open to the public. Now, there were only two glasses left. Both glasses of wine were white, though one looked more white than the other; the whiter one was tried first. Just like the first one, it would have to be an acquired taste, but was more bitter than the first. For the public's sake, Chrono decided not to give this glass of wine a pass. The final glass of wine was now given, and tasted just like the third glass, but a bit sweeter. "Please put this glass of wine and the third I tried on your specialty list. That is all I have to say for this testing." Chrono concluded, "Thank you for your time and beverages especially." Everyone present in the restaurant gave him a round of applause before the owner certified Chrono with everything he wanted during his next visit, when the restaurant would be open to the public.

    Such a simple task in the end, but an enjoyable one, thankfully.

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