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    Post by Itazura 13th June 2016, 10:46 am

    Finding his way to a nice fancy restaurant, he sniffed the air, letting the intoxicating scent of the wine that seemed to be freshly made. He opened the door, his hazel eyes gazing across the scenery of the fancy joint and bar. Figuring that he looked sixteen, which was apparently illegal for humans to drink that young. So he transformed to another common form that he uses, his eyes turning a dark amber. His hair growing longer into a ponytail, to color of maroon. He wore some sandals, a traditional hakuma, with a red and then white bandages covering his stomach and a short white jacket with red trimming. Doing this morphing before anybody could notice, a more older man, probably in his mid sixties noticed him peeking in the doorway. His dark brown hair brushed back, a few gray hairs could be seen. He wore a black suit with a dark red vest under it. "Oh hello young sir" he said in a deep gruff voice and a smile. "I'm sorry, I just decided to step in, I didn't even check if you were open" he said in a very convincing apologetic tone. "Oh no it's fine, say, are you an alcohol lover?" he asked with a little chuckle as he grabbed a wine bottle off of the bar with his slightly wrinkled hands. "Am I? I basically came here out of smelling the fresh wine" Itazura said laughing slightly, walking in the building fully. Standing about five foot nine inches, he gazed around the room his his dark amber eyes. "Well I made this wine, and it's taken me a long time to perfect it. But I need to make sure it is truly the best wine. Can you help me out? I guess you've had a lot of different wines." He asked the young yokai as he poured the wine into two glasses and gestured for the boy to sit on the bar seat. "I'll gladly help you out" he said smiling, almost grinning, as he sat on the seat next to the bartender and owner. He grabbed the glass and hit it lightly up against the elder man's, then he poured the alcoholic beverage into his mouth. He savored the taste as he set the glass back down and then he said "That is defiantly the best wine, I have ever tasted in my entire life, and that is saying something" laughing slightly he drank the last of the dark red colored liquid that rested in the glass. "Well I'm glad, but that isn't the only wine I made" he said sliding off his seat and over to a cabinet, he opened it and revealed a few more bottles. The weasel grinned, and gladly continued drinking with the elderly man. After a long while of telling stories to the man about some of his travels, the yokai, acted drunk even though he couldn't get drunk. "Well I should get goin" he said with a slight hiccup "Let me help you to the nearest hotel, your in no shape to go by yourself" the man said slightly worried "Nah I'm fine" Itazura said, grabbing a full closed bottle of wine and sliding it upside down into his belt. "Well alright, but do come again. Next time everything will be on the house" he said goodbye to the weasel as he stumbled out of the building. As soon as he was out of eyesight he transformed back into a weasel and scampered away, out of the town.

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