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    A SINFUL DISTORTION • semi-open


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    Star A SINFUL DISTORTION • semi-open

    Post by Raven on 9th June 2016, 7:40 pm

    Lucie • Fairy Tail • D Rank

    The guildhall was busy as normal, but frankly, the girl failed to care or to observe. Fragile, delicate hands shook as the piece of paper trembled from the shivering in her fingers. The face she stared down at on the paper was none other than her own, yet the eyes were notably different, at least for her. She had looked at herself in the mirror before, every day, in order to brush out her long silver hair. Those innocent, dark crimson eyes were unmistakable. They were her own, yet on the picture, it showed something else. Her left eye was not familiar red, but a bright, pale, icy, silvery blue, with a cold and murderous look. She could figure out why; the answer was right before her. That was proof that it was Ren's eye, not her own, as he took over to control her actions. Naturally, that was the picture the authorities took.

    Because this was a warning. She was wanted. She was a criminal. She was wanted dead or alive. She was a Coming Storm.

    And nothing scared her more than this knowledge. This truth. This reality. Tears wet the mute child's eyes while some fell, beginning to wet the poster she had managed to snatch. Why was this happening? She did not want to hurt anyone! Ren made her do it! Where was he now? Quietly laughing in amusement at her misery, yet not saying a word? It was not surprising. She would have expected sharp or sarcastic comments from him on how well she had done to get that bloodily far, yet nothing. Nothing. And that hurt her so much more. Could she ever be free? She could not stop; he would not let her. She could not tell anyone either, as her body simply failed to allow her to speak. Ren was able to get over the physical curse of the body, but she remained silent. Even with telepathy, he would manipulate the wording and make things worse. Always. He always made things worse, for everyone, and now he had finally truly done it for her. Ren had made her a Coming Storm.

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    A SINFUL DISTORTION • semi-open VIxeskm

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