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    Take Care of My Baby||Solo


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    Completed Take Care of My Baby||Solo

    Post by kittykool75 23rd May 2016, 9:50 am

    Take Care of My Baby||Solo XQmeiRT
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    The seventeen year old knocked on the door of the suburban home. Soon getting an answer from what he presumed to be Katy, she was all dressed up for the party that she is going to go on with her husband. Though through all the makeup, on her face you could see all her stress and her tiredness. "Finally, we need to leave. Few things, well you should know from the job description, he is very naughty, so keep all dangerous things away from him. What he eats, and his allergies are written on a note on the fridge, so don't let him eat anything he can't. And that should be about it, oh and sorry, thank you for coming" She said, speaking very fast, not letting the boy get even one word in. Katy called out for husband, and they left, though the husband mouthed thank you as he went out the door. He could clearly see who was the pants in that relationship, letting out a sigh he heard giggling and little thumps down the hall. Reaching into his memory banks he grabbed what the two, almost three year old boy's name is cause the mother forgot to mention it again. "Oliver!" he called out, though he knew it was useless, the boy wouldn't come, he just laughed some more. Lucius personally didn't see what was so funny, but he walked towards the fridge and he reached his hand out and grabbed the note. It listed what the mother said it would, plus what times he ate, it appears he eats at six p.m., which is in one hour considering it was five right now. During this time he decided to put the knives in a place where he knew a boy of his age couldn't reach. Then he heard the sound of a razor, which means the little brat was playing with stuff in the bathroom. He quickly got over to the bathroom and saw a little orange haired boy holding a razor. Taking it from the boy's hands he unplugged it and set it high up, the boy looked up at him, staring for a bit before climbing down from the bathroom sink and running off. Letting out another sigh, he knew this would be a long night. He knew what two year olds normally acted like, and this boy seemed to be extra troublesome. He came out to the living room to see the little boy crawling around on the tops of couches. Grabbing the boy he set him on the ground, before he got to scold him the boy ran off again, he was full of energy that is for sure. He followed the boy to his room, were he was reaching for some toys on a higher shelf. Lucius just had to reach down considering his height, he squatted down and handed the boy his toy. Oliver grabbed it happily and sat down and started to play with the little car toy. "Can I play with this?" he asks, grabbing another toy. The small child nodded, and the young man sat next to the redhead and drove the little car around. This entertained the little boy for about, five minutes, surprising amount of time. Then he got up and ran out of his bedroom, Lucius picked up the two objects and put them back into their places before following after the boy. Back to more dangerous endeavors he assumed as he walked out of the small room, ducking under the doorway. The young man started to list of things in his head that would be considered dangerous and usually listed on warning, keep away from children. He went back into the bathroom and put some stuff out of reach, though you would have to plug it in to be dangerous, lets say he was being safe, not a common thing for the boy to do to be honest. Suddenly he heard crying, he let out a huff, stupid kid. Walking out of the bathroom he walked into the open area of the kitchen and living room, he saw the little redhead on the ground next to the coffee table. Probably tripped and hit his head or something, he started thinking of different scenarios that could of happened as he walked over to the baby. Kneeling down he felt the child's head, nothing, probably just nicked it and got wimpy. "Your fine" he said standing up and looking across the room to see the clock, if he eats at six, it would be a good time to start making food now. "So what do you want to eat?" he asked the whimpering boy as arrived at the fridge. Suddenly stop crying, he pondered it for a moment before answering "Macky sheese!" which the seventeen year old translated in his head to mac and cheese, little two year olds like Oliver could not speak all that well still. Quick glancing at the list again, milk was not written on the list, so it was fine. He started to get everything ready, filling the pan up with water and dumping the box of macaroni into it. Turning on the stove he glanced behind him to see the little boy climb onto on of the chairs and attempt to climb on the table. For being a small kid, he was rather vigilant, only slightly though, the kid was to idiotic to be that careful. To make it boil faster he put a top on the pan filled with the cooking pasta. While it boil he decided to continue to child proof the house from this little trouble maker. Looking through the drawers he found the outlet covers, smart parents to buy them, stupid to not have put them on yet. He started to do that and apply them to the places that the toddler could reach, while he did that the child was now on the table playing around with the knick knacks on the table. Coming back to the kitchen he caught the kid just in time from dropping from the table, holding the plump kid he glared at him. He didn't really like kids all that much they were like small drunk people, and he knew how those people acted. Not wanting to have to deal with the kid while he cooked he just set the child in the highchair, he went to Oliver's room real quick and came back with a little car for him to play with on the high chair. Which when playing with it, he noticed that when he dropped it, his babysitter would come over and pick it up for him, he found this funny, so about the fifth time he did it Lucius put the toy away. After finishing up the meal he put it in a small bowl and set it in front of the kid with a spoon, not wanting the kid to go and stab himself while he ate. After the boy finished eating, the teen cleaned up his face and set him free. For the next hour he proceeded to save the child from his own repeated stupidity. Then the time came, bedtime, which he figured as much that this child was going to be one of those kids that hated getting dressed up for bed. Which was true, he chased the kid around for a while, and finally pinned the kid down and started to change his clothes when he realized that Oliver made a total mess in his pants. How dirty it was Lucius decided it would just be easier to just give the child a bath, which after getting it ready and getting the kid in, the toddler continuously splashed water on the assassin as he tried to bath him from outside the bath, but the kid continued to try and bathe Lucius. After the bath, the upper half of him soaked in water, he dressed the kid up in pajamas. He carried the kid over to his room and put him in his crib, though the kid wasn't set on going to sleep. Oliver looked wide awake actually, Lucius left and came back with a book that he got from his bag. He sat down and started to read as the little boy tried to get his attention, but didn't and just talked to himself instead. Finally after being in the room for about an hour, the time was about nine o'clock, the boy fell asleep sucking his thumb. Letting out a sigh he put a blanket over the boy and went back to reading his book, though got up not to long later to read on the couch. Which was more comfortable then the floor, during this time he lost track of time while he read, until the front door was opened "Welcome back" Lucius said standing up and closing his book "Where is he?" Katy asked "Asleep, in his room" he said pointing casually to the baby's room. Shocked the woman looked at her husband and back at the boy who stood over six feet tall "We have a hard time getting him to sleep" the man said as his spouse went over and looked in the room. The redheaded boy was asleep "Well uhm, thank you. How was he?" The woman asked as she got the money from her bag and handed it to the teen "Fine, he was trouble sometimes, but nothing I couldn't handle" he said as he took the money, he grabbed his bag and put the money in a wallet and put that along with his book back into the bag. Swinging it over his shoulder, he said goodbye to the couple and left. Ducking under the doorway, he closed the door behind him and he let out a sigh. He was ready for a nice warm cup of mint tea, then maybe book reading, if his sister doesn't tell him to go to bed at nighttime like a normal person.

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