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    Take Care Of My Baby! [Job l Solo]


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    Take Care Of My Baby! [Job l Solo] Empty Take Care Of My Baby! [Job l Solo]

    Post by Annora 6th March 2015, 4:10 pm

    Job Description:
    Name: Take Care Of My Baby!
    Player(s) needed: No more than 2.
    Requirements: At least 5 posts, total of 200 words per player. 
    Job requirements:Take care of the baby and make him fall asleep when his parents come back.
    Client’s Name: Katy
    Location: Magnolia Town
    Information: Me and my husband are going for a big party and it’s out of town. Our son, our naughty-inhumane-son, is going to spend the night alone if he doesn’t have any babysitter to take care of him. We need you to take care of him and when we come back we expect him asleep; or else I will not reward you. This may sound like an easy job to do, but in fact it’s hard. The fact that I say that is because; he’s an inhumane baby: he’s very naughty, and dangerous. This one time, I saw him taking a knife and nearly cut his cute fingers off. Anyway, good luck!
    Rewards: 750 jewels each. 

    “You understood?” Myra nodded as the woman standing in front of her was finally done giving her a huge list of do’s and don’ts. “Well. We’ll be leaving.” The married couple exited the house as the pink haired woman waved goodbye. “well the, time to babysit.” The young british woman walked into the living room of the house and saw the little child sitting there and quietly playing with the colorful set of blocks that was placed in front of him. Myra bend down and patted the little baby's head. 

    "He is so cute. It's kind of hard to believe that this kid is naughty and dangerous." The woman was talking to no one in particular. She got up to go grab the child his bottle of milk so that when his parents return, they are satisfied with the job. Myra walked into the kitchen and prepared some warm milk for Luke, the baby. She walked out of the kitchen, expecting the little boy to be there, playing, but was left in a daze as she saw no one there. Plastic blocks were lying on the carpet with there being no one to play with them. 

    Myra set the milk bottle down on the nearest table and Went around the house looking for him. "He has to be here somewhere." She muttered to herself. "LUKE!" She yelled trying to gain attention from the child but heard no response. She then entered the couples room, only to find the young child sitting near the electric switch trying to get his hand inside. Myra's eyes widened as she ran and quickly swept the kid into her arms. "good thing i made it in time..." The neutral mage looked at the innocent faced child. "This kid is unbelievable. Let's not waste more time. Off to sleep you go." 

    She carried Luke to his bedroom and placed him on the small bed. As his back met the soft, comfy mattress that lay on the wood, he child erupted into tears. "Wha..?" Myra patted the child, trying to sooth him and get him to stop crying but it seemed to have an opposite reaction. The child began crying even more. Myra was beginning to lose all hope of him going to sleep before an idea popped up into her mind. She slightly cleared her throat. 

    "Cause I'm only human..." The young woman began the song and the sound of crying died. "And I bleed when i fall down.." Myra had been blessed with a beautiful voice. "And I'm only human..." As she sung one of her most favorite slow song, the child's eyelids starting dropping as he fell into a deep slumber. Myra smiled before getting up and leaving the room. A few hours later, the married couple arrived home to find their son sleeping peacefully. With that, Myra's job was over and she headed back to the Black Rose guild to retire for the night.


    [Word Count: 492/200]


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    Take Care Of My Baby! [Job l Solo] EhHiEpZ

    Take Care Of My Baby! [Job l Solo] QUzgcgK
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