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    Take Care Of My Baby! (Job/Solo)


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    Take Care Of My Baby! (Job/Solo) Empty Take Care Of My Baby! (Job/Solo)

    Post by Shakil 1st January 2018, 1:08 am

    Take Care Of My Baby! (Job/Solo) VCBGOW6

    Oyamatsumi Black Rose D-Rank

    There was little to do without jewels. Having splurged most the days he's spent in Fiore so far, Oyama found himself between a rock and a hard place. Do tedious work or to go without a bed to sleep in for a while. Truly, he leaned towards the latter, having spent most of his lifetime outside of a cozy, warm home and in nature or up high in mountains. But it was not a soft bed or fluffy blankets he brooded over, but the idea of not being able to feast upon what this nation had to offer! A spectrum of meat dishes, bitter alcohols, perhaps even things that weren't intended for consumption, he had to try them all! Or whatever he could afford, and as of present, nothing.

    So, the large brute found himself doing other people's easy, simple work for enough jewels to buy a meal. He had to deal with a receptionist with an attitude, a needy and troubled mailman, and an assortment of other things. It was quite a mental chore, according to the Oni. While he missed the more exciting, adrenalized days where he was punishing the wicked and battling the unruly, or perhaps watching civilizations grow and prosper, stumble and fall, from high atop his many mountain peaks, staying in one place never overwhelmed him with such wonder and eagerness as exploration has. Although he's visited Fiore before, it had been decades ago, when its old folk were young and ambitious and their Council was still active.

    The man had seen many things, tasted them, smelled them, heard them, felt them. Killed a great many people, and enjoyed each one. It was a duty he had felt coursing through his veins, engraved in him. Punish the wicked, torture them. It was his purpose, his creed. But despite how adamant he felt about those days, he could never recall the location of his birth. It was of little importance, but peaked his curiosity to points no sight or sound could ever achieve. The images left lingering in his mind of the days where glory came every other day left him feeling both longing and eager.

    Now? Now Oyama was simply a strange wanderer who said, went, and did as he pleased. Nothing ever seemed to happen, from his recent observations. Days went by, happy and peaceful. Nights strolled by, quiet and dark. Birds chirped, deer frolicked, wind blew and leaves would dance in those winds. Nothing ever out of place, nothing ever wrong. It was all so very boring to the wanderer, itching for excitement beyond a fruitful conversation or perhaps a heated argument. But with his curiosities conflicting his desires, it was difficult to find an opportunity to brawl or find some adrenaline inducing event without stirring troubles with the Rune Knights or local law enforcement in any functioning society he'd visit. Sometimes the blue haired demon wondered if he were better off changing course to more dangerous areas with more infamous criminals scurrying about, but quickly diverged from the idea in realizing that he'd never be fed good food in areas like that. Nothing but slop, he imagined.

    Today was no different than the other days, being tasked with babysitting duty by some young, weary couple. Really, he felt as if he was the most inappropriate for the job, being terrible with people, much less children, although he wouldn't admit such a thing. What's more, it was a human infant he was tasked to supervise. If anything, they were perhaps the most moody, loud, and needy infants of any species he's ever witnessed.

    "He needs to be in bed by eight, no more, no less! Make sure you give him only the food I set out on the counter and that you use those plastic, small spoons to feed him since he won't use any other spoon. He just spits it right out! I've put some of his favorite songs in the music player if you need him to calm down, so keep that nearby!" his client, Katy, would ramble on. She seemed more wanting to leave than she did seem protective and thorough, which Oyama could understand.

    The blue haired, robed brute twisted his pinky in his ear as she spoke, investigating the wax and dust that filled them and flicking it away. Really, he hadn't been paying attention to what she was saying. He would just nod, followed by a few "mhm's" and "uh-huh's" to get his message across.

    "You got everything? Call me if you need me at all!" Katy would insist.

    "Aye, aye, everything will go swimmingly. Yup, uh-huh, alright. Goodbye!" Oyama pushed her out and closed the door as soon as her feet were on the opposite side, "I thought the broad would never stop talking, geez. . . well, alright you lil meat sack. Lets get started."

    Like so, the two struggled to find a common grounds. Even with the plastic spoons, he spat out the food. After countless attempts, he found himself eating the baby food himself. Wasn't too bad, actually. The child would kick, scream, and shout, and it took every ounce of resistance for Oyama not to abuse the kid for legal purposes only.

    Hours passed and the child had been snug in his bed, parents arriving home just minutes after. Oyama would snatch the jewels from their hands and leave, fuming and cursing under his breath.

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