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    Post by Guest 10th May 2016, 3:15 pm

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    Hargeon. It was a nice, small town best known for the friendly people who lived there, as well as its seafood. So when given the choice of either going to Rose Garden or here to get her passport, it had been a rather easy decision.
    A fluffy white ear twitched, hands holding onto the paper that cradled a hand full of long, yellow fries and a single warm, silver fish. Chewing on the tail of the cooked fish thoughtfully, golden eyes traveling upward, the bakeneko blinked, using the tips of her toes to get a better look as to where she was in line. Still in the back. It had been maybe half an hour now and it looked like she hadn’t moved at all…
    Letting out a huff of air through her nose Annazima let a whine rumble in her throat, ears drooping and lips falling into a pout. This was stupid. Why did she need a piece of paper to let her go to certain places? Back in the forest other groups let you come into their territory as long as you weren’t enemies and you had a good reason to be there. Couldn’t they just do that? Have a few people patrol the border of towns and ask all the people coming in what their name and business was and if their answer was good let them go? The humans here were apparently too busy or something for such an idea. It was annoying.
    Taking another bite of the lightly salted sea creature the feline hunched her back, scowling at the thought that humans held themselves on such a high pedestal, when in reality they were the lowest ranking creatures out there.

    “Hey, watch where you’re stepping, man!” A loud yell cut through the idle chit chat of the surrounding people, causing the bakeneko to straighten her back. Ooh, was there going to be a fight? The man sounded agitated enough. His voice was laced with threat. And by the little information he shouted out, someone had stepped back a little too close to him. An invasion of privacy, their ‘personal bubble’ as some may call it. Humans were always so careful about that. This ought to be good. Maybe it could entertain her for the time being until this dammed lined moved. Extra points if there was a bone broken.
    Wanting to see the scene for herself Anna forced herself up once again of the tips of her toes, craning her neck up to see over the taller people, popping a single fry in her mouth and chewed it lightly.

    “Yeah?! How about you watch where YOU’RE going?!” A shove had started it all. The man pushed the other one. The man fell into the crowd. The crowd pushed him back. Next thing she knew there were fists flying everywhere. People were getting kicked, shoved, pushed, hit, everything. By now the straight line that had once been formed with a quite shimmer of a mumble had turned into a giant circle full of angry yells and cries.
    Anna, however, had not joined in on the action. Though she would have loved to teach these inhumane beasts a lesson she had more important things to attend to. Besides, she had to keep up the act of a goodie goodie mage for now. Getting in a fight would hurt her reputation.
    Instead, while the fighting was going on, the bakeneko had taken full advantage of this situation. Seeing as how everyone was so caught up in fighting each other they had completely forgotten why they were all here in the first place. Passports.
    Continuing to chew on her food the woman walked calmly to the photo booth door, no one ever the wiser of what they were missing out on.

    “Thank nya~” Annazima geefully purred, tossing the greasy ball of paper that once held her food into the trash beside her. Licking her lips she smiled, yellow eyes gazing down to the plastic card in front of her. Finally. A passport.
    She had no idea what had happened to the people who were fighting, nor did she care. As far as she knew they were probably arrested or something, but honestly there was no way she was going back to find out. Perhaps it would be on the news later, that would sure brighten her day.
    Ah, oh how humans were such simple minded creatures… But they sure do know how to cook a good fish.

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