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    To Earthland.... And Beyond! (Sasha/Job)

    Gisen Ceostra
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    To Earthland.... And Beyond! (Sasha/Job) Empty To Earthland.... And Beyond! (Sasha/Job)

    Post by Gisen Ceostra 23rd April 2016, 7:53 pm

    Sasha had woken up after taking a trip from the castle from which her new home had been to visit this very town for some reason. Honestly, she was following orders for the most part, and she would need a passport for whenever she would have to go out and lay low for a little while. Much to Gil's lack of knowledge, she didn't really mention that she could use her morpher as an alternate form of appearance should she have to lay low in a pinch. Only few knew of this alternate form of hers, and those only ever included Daiki, Gil, and... Actually that was it. And after what she had done to Erika not long ago, she would need to be weary of whatever the girl would end up wanting to do to get back at the red head for what she had done to her. To the reason for her coming back to the Rose Garden, she had to get this passport taken care of, and despite just being able to leave the country secretly, having to document herself getting one could prove to be a little better depending on what she could do to spread the word of changing the world for the better in the name of Gil to other countries would probably prove to be the best thought of it all.

    The country girl had come to the building where the lines were rather long, though thankfully not pushed outside. She simply walked through the door and took a brief look around before she popped into line, fixing up the suspenders that had been overtop of a white colored long sleeved shirt with light stencil like stripes to them. Short red hair framed around her face, she wore a pair of glasses on top of it all, which was normally unneeded really, but she looked cute in her outfit with them on, so it wasn't anything to it to wear them for a little bit. A bit of aesthetic appearance boosting was a little more enjoyable than anything to say the least, so it wouldn't be anything less than fun for her to wear them once in a while, with select outfits and reasons of course. As she stood in the line, she looked around and watched as how things worked in a place like this. Where she was from, her farm and even Cedar had nothing like this in any way, so the fact more civilized towns folky places like in the Rose Garden had been a little more among the types to be more tech savvy than even the red head had come to like to be. To her, simplicity was the best tool, but she wouldn't really let it be anything different if she had to. She could bare some of the technology, but too much of it was such a detterant. While all her mental thoughts were floating around, she happened to continue to walk around in line until it had become her turn to get her picture. What she hadn't expected, was to be asked about being a part of a guild. Now, she wouldn't be lying to say she wasn't. Reason being she wasn't. She was a part of something better! A kingdom of sorts made up on minds far more superior than any guild could reach. Finally, she had gotten her things sorted out and left... Such a meanial and simple task.... It was a little more than a waste of time really, but oh well.

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