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    Wine Testing (Sasha/Job)

    Gisen Ceostra
    Gisen Ceostra

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    Wine Testing (Sasha/Job) Empty Wine Testing (Sasha/Job)

    Post by Gisen Ceostra 23rd April 2016, 7:51 pm

    Yet another fun trip led the Knight of Tartarus to the Rose Garden. This time however, she was given this by a rather.. well sexy blonde form which she met prior to this. Models were soooo wonderful despite the rumors people spread about them being spoiled. If anything, she would have said this girl was prety damn ripe when she was with her. Of course, that was beyond the scope of the very reason from which the country girl was in the town to begin with. She wanted to pass on the invitiation to a special wine testing that she had been privately invited to in turn for a modeling job in the next town over. With a slap on the ass, Sasha more than happily accepted the thing much like a mission really and came to slip on over to the swanky place, dressed in style and looking elegant while still as comfortable as she could possibly end up being about dressing up upon getting to the place in question. She'd open the door, though why it was left unlocked she had no idea, and entered the place before shutting the door. A man dressed in a very fancy suit and way way way too much gel slicking his hair back had stepped out. He looked over her short dress with a brown leather belt wrapped around, covering most of it with a pink suit top and matching colored heels on her feet. With as much as her magic had her wearing them, it was a sinch just to be able to wear them for special occasions without a need to feel any pain from them anymore... After long enough that is.

    "Come come, darling! Sit sit, please! I have many a wine for you to taste before we open!" He would rush her over to a seat, sitting with a simple wine glass left empty and bare. Plopping into the seat, her hands would sit in her lap nervously as she looked around, seeing few waiters and waitresses walk around every so often to make sure tables were et, menus rested on them. The pouring sound of the wine made her look back as she saw it filled part of the way and tilted her head at it. "Go go go! Taste taste taste away, darling!" He spoke, entirely impatient and said impantience wearing thin on Sasha a lot quicker than one would expect. Being called darling sat rather oddly on her since the last time she was called that in a serious term of endearment was quite a number of years. She slowly picked up the glass and began to sip on it, setting it down and licking her lips as she let out a rathe happy sounding tone from her "Mmmm~". "Very good very good! Now now now! Here!" He'd take 3 bottles and pour her glass after glass, letting her to see after being done the 7 different types of wine in different glasses before her. One by one, she would sip on each one and swallow, nodding to about 6 of them before finally feeling her head going rather light on her. "Oh dear oh dear! Someone get this luscious fruit here a cab! I forgot to tell this one to spit the wine out again! Ah god.." He'd bite onto his nails, slipping her reward for her testing, as well as a voucher for the restaraunt into her coat pocket before the employees would get her into a cab, even paying her way to the place she stayed in.

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