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    Delivery Girl (Sasha/Job)

    Gisen Ceostra
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    Delivery Girl (Sasha/Job) Empty Delivery Girl (Sasha/Job)

    Post by Gisen Ceostra 23rd April 2016, 7:49 pm

    A yawn escaped the red heads wide opened mouth, letting out a stretch as the sun had begun to set. She had spent the day rather... painfully to be truthful. After the night of wine testing, Sasha found herself in her apartment room, head spinning and pounding, feeling nausous and sickly from whatever it was, and her memory wasn't that clear to her either. Last she could remember, she was sitting in the restaraunt and having glas after glass of wine pouried in front of her to sample. Luckily for her, she must have had quite the trusting time getting into her place and to her room to not have been taken advantage of with how easy a mark as she was. Thankfully, there was no worry, cause the second she would have found who it was that did that, she'd have their head and keep it in the castle as a souvenir of her travels and would vastly enjoy the idea of it all. With that being that, and pushing what was not away, She did so by showering herself off, trying to help rid herself of the headache while still being able to clean herself up from the previous day anyway. A nice, hot shower to rid her body of her worries and cleanse herself from the sickly corruption of mages she'd possibly pass by.

    Sasha would scoff at her own thoughts of it, walking away and just requipping herself into whatever she felt like. A simple gray top with the words "Country Gal" arched around like a circle of sorts that wasn't actually there, but a star centered around it, only the size of about maybe a baseball in size. A pair of denim short shorts with a black belt looped around her wait and a pair of boots laced up on her feet. With her hair left down like usual, and only a little black hair band to decorate, Sasha had left to go around and just sight see for the day. It wasn't until the time of the sundown that she happened to notice a mail truck parked on the side, it's flashers blinking at a standard rate and a rather aggrivated mailman kicking his truck. Sasha had walked over, asking him what was wrong. It was then he mentioned to her that he was upset about his truck breaking down when he was nearly done his route. She offered to take the rest of the mail from him and run it for him real quick. It was true, she was a part of an evil guild, right hand to narcissistic person, but Sasha was still herself and her hatred was purely to the mages, rather than those who can't use it themselves. He mentioned the lack of pay she would get for it, but she managed to make him feel better by saying the difference is paid up in making him feel better about his day. It took her no longer than 10 minutes to speed through and pass out the mail, tossing the empty sack to the mailman, he handed her the payment and thanked her profusely for her work, leaving the red head to go out to a little place and celebrate a good deed done!

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