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    Post by Guest 11th April 2016, 10:58 pm

    Izayuki Hyoujin ♦ Black Rose ♦ B Rank

    The black roses had barely been noticed, except by a few members of the guild of the fairies. They were quickly cleaned up, and Marschal and her had made too easy of an exit. It had been boring- no fun of escape, barely much reaction. The yokai lived for reaction- loved it. Everything she did was usually in hopes of getting something from it, and expressions and reactions were typically always priceless, as subtle as some could be. This time, she was just out and about in Magnolia again. Rose Garden was becoming a better city for her interests, but she had things left to experience here, and right now, that was once again the Fairy Tail guildhall.

    She had managed to put herself in the room that would typically be the guildmaster's office with simple uses of her Bakedanuki powers and abilities- subtle, but unique. Complete manipulation of perceptions, and things along those lines, as well as shapeshifting. But after having had plenty of experiences throughout the day, what Izayuki was looking for was more a place to rest. She was in her raccoon dog form currently, with unnatural, fluffy, silver-colored fur coating her small mammalian body. Her eyes remained a light-hued shade of pink, however, but anyone could easily tell despite the color palette, that she was indeed a tanuki. The reason she was in this form was only because after remaining as a human for so long, she needed a break- her power demanded it. It was at this point in time that she was very vulnerable, being weaker, and prone to being cuddled, which was always irritating when it was not Azalea or somebody she knew, cared for, and trusted not to mess up her fur too badly. Sprawling out over a desk with papers- likely the guildmaster's desk in his office, Izayuki dozed lightly, completely unafraid and unashamed.
    It was quiet here at the present moment, and Daemon and Kakuma had proven to her that she need not be too ashamed of who and what she really was, even in the presence of others. It was fine to be a tanuki, and to not be human. She could still be loved and accepted, and that was all she wanted. Except right now, of course. Right now, she wanted to sleep... and possibly see a good reaction should someone find her.

    Location;; FT GM's Office.
    Muse;; 10/10
    Word Count;;
    Psst. Sorry for changing the thread title like that... I'm weird. xD

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    Private Re: WITH GUNS HIDDEN UNDER OUR PETTICOATS ♦ private, Heero

    Post by Haru-senpai 11th April 2016, 11:07 pm

    Rose would be walking through the upperfloors of the Guild Hall, as the place was still silent in the morning hours. Sipping a small cup of tea, the female Exceed walked casually. Stretching and swishing her tail, as she held a clipboard tight to the side of her dress.

    "Damn Heero...sleeping in....I told him we had to get started early on this paperwork......Brennan keeps on blowing things up." Rose sweatdropped at the thought of the fire wizard and continued making her way toward Heero's office.....forget that it was HER office now. Down to the pens on the desk. He never even used this place, in fact Heero thought of it as a blight upon the earth and feared his own office like a coming hurricane.

    As Rose entered the office, she would push the door open; reading the clipboard and sipping her tea. She would then see an.... animal on the desk over her clipboard. Slowly lowering her cup, she assessed the many ways a Raccoon could have made it's way into the Guild and then into the office to sleep. She didn't come up with too many.


    A long awkward silence was shown, as a scene of Rose holding her tea and clipboard was shown; across from a sleeping Racoon on a desk. Comically, Rose would sneak up on it, as her head raised slowly from behind the desk; cat ears moving as she readied to pounce.

    "HEY!!! WAKE UP!!! THIS IS NO PLACE FOR A RACOON!!!" she yelled, before smashing her cup of hot tea over the head of the sleeping Racoon. As it came too, she hoped the hot tea would scare it off. As she did so however, as an Exceed she began to sense some kind of Magic coming from it. "W-wait....are you really a..." as it got silent again, Rose would get "-___-" this face as she sweatdropped and stared at the Racoon she'd just doused with steaming hot tea.


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    Private Re: WITH GUNS HIDDEN UNDER OUR PETTICOATS ♦ private, Heero

    Post by Guest 15th April 2016, 12:59 am

    Izayuki Hyoujin ♦ Black Rose ♦ B Rank

    Dozing quietly, the rise and fall of the silver-furred animal's chest was rhythmic and soft, with a gentle breathing and placidity despite the unfamiliar place. She was tired, plain and simple, and did not care. The sudden shout and feeling of hot liquid against her head startled Izayuki awake however, forcing her to instantly hop to her feet and snap around towards the offender with a low growl and teeth bared. She barely understood what had just happened, but the scalding, leaf-scented water which she could only identify as tea was quick to wake her up and help her find her bearings. The shout, however, had been just the thing to really piss the cranky tanuki up. In fact, she seemed much more upset about the words the weird creature had picked more so than the tea. "Owieeee! -what was that for!? And insultin' me too, huh? To chigaimasu! Boku wa araiguma ja arimasen! Tanuki desu!" she exclaimed, her words coming out in shock and at rapid speeds because of it. Due to the surprise above all, the latter parts of her indignant statements were not even in English, but a different foreign language that Izayuki understood and spoke. The translation from Japanese to English was simply, "and you're mistaken! I'm not a raccoon! I'm a tanuki/raccoon dog!".

    Blinking her pink eyes, the tanuki was beginning to truly make out the appearance of her attacker. It was no person, but an animal-thing. A cat? An anthropomorphic feline wearing clothes? She appeared to be so cute and helpless... but that was no excuse. "A kitty?" Izayuki continued on, tilting her silver-furred head in confusion and curiosity before shaking her long fur to get rid of the moisture, likely spraying the surrounding papers and Rose while she did it.

    Word Count;;

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