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    GUNS FOR HANDS ▲ Private, Lucie


    GUNS FOR HANDS ▲ Private, Lucie Empty GUNS FOR HANDS ▲ Private, Lucie

    Post by Guest on 26th April 2016, 5:08 pm

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    Job Description:

    Job: Get Rid Of That Pesky Blockade!
    Job Location:Train Station, Clover Town
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: At least 15 posts long. Posts must be 200 words minimum.
    Job Requirements:C-rank mage or two D-rank mages minimum, maximum four mages on this job. To remove the blockade and fight off the goblin and the vulcan.
    Job Description: "We been having some trouble by these pair of annoying whipper-snappers, a goblin and a vulcan who keep terrosing and being a general nuiscence at our train tracks, but now they just went ahead and blocked the tracks with a great old tree! They say we give 'em 100 pies and 100 tubs of sherbert or they'll never move the tree! Those rascals are holding up the trains and closed our station! Go over there and teach 'em a lesson, so we can get things moving again!"- Station Controller Albert.
    Weak: Goblin
    Medium: Vulcan
    Reward: 1,500 jewels

    Mothers usually warned their children about train tracks.
    These warnings involved the mother or any other guardian of a small child to explain the consequences about being around them. Death, was the most typical. Something about maybe their clothes catching on the metal or tripping up on the rails. And usually, these warnings worked to scare the snot out of the little rascals so they would never even think about playing on the tracks.
    However, how would you explain the concept of railroads and trains to someone who had no idea what such things were?

    The metal was hot underneath the feline's feet, though it was more of a tingling sensation seeing as how her skin had a natural resistance towards feeling, temperature and pain alike thanks to her rather rough skin. She hopped from one foot to the next, trying to keep her balance placed on the balls of her feet as she slowly made her way along. Her arms stood out at either side, white tail pointed upwards behind her for more control. This was easy. These metal pipe things were really big. It was no problem for a naturally flexible and balanced person such as herself to stay on.
    She had to guess it had been maybe an hour or something since they left the station to go find these two misfit creatures who had blocked the rails with a large tree. Apparently these train things needed these pipe things called rails in order to move. A design flaw really, as the tracks could always be easily taken out or blocked. However, these were humans they were talking about. They weren't the smartest creatures. A bit dull if you asked her.
    Normally she would have had a good laugh at their situation and moved on to go fight someone. But she was a Fairy Tail wizard for now, she had to keep up the good appearances, even if it meant helping the humans with their petty problems. Maybe if she felt up to it she could get away with stealing something later at the least to balance out her good deed. She had been eyeing up that jewel bank for sometime now, they had to have some shiny goods on them.

    Letting out a purr, closing her eyes and smiling to herself Anna's fluffy ears twitched once, feeling a cool breeze pass by them.
    "What nya nice day to spill some worthless blood~" she meowed gleefully, almost having forgotten there was actually someone else with her at this time.

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    GUNS FOR HANDS ▲ Private, Lucie Empty Re: GUNS FOR HANDS ▲ Private, Lucie

    Post by Raven on 15th May 2016, 11:11 pm

    Lucie • Fairy Tail • D Rank

    Train tracks... train tracks... who cared about such things? Railroads were a bore, used by humans to... transport goods? Yes, that was useful. Very useful. In fact, just the other day, she had learned of a unique art known as 'railfanning', where some fanatic who really like locomotives would go near the track to take pictures or simple enjoy the awesomeness of the engineering. Ren had demanded they take on this blockade job, but the small child had her suspicions that the ones who caused this blockade were indeed foamers, or railfans... whatever one decided to call them. Lucie was heading towards the train station to deal with the recent barricade a pesky vulcan and goblin put in the tracks- a giant tree. That, and evidently there would be some fighting to take down these mischievous monsters once and for all.

    Things were going well so far that day- Ren had not forced her to kill anyone, and things seemed normal. In fact, she had barely heard a peep out of the vengeful spirit all day. That is, until he locked onto a nearby presence... the loveliness of the day never could last, really. "Hey! Anna's nearby..." he said, somewhat warmly, for once. But the announcement suddenly struck fear and dread deep in her core... Annazima Koszmar, the Bakeneko, and Ren's rather insane feline-like sister. What was she doing here? Surely she had not picked the same job... oh no. "She's close. No use waiting for her- I bet we have the same destination."

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    GUNS FOR HANDS ▲ Private, Lucie VIxeskm

    GUNS FOR HANDS ▲ Private, Lucie Empty Re: GUNS FOR HANDS ▲ Private, Lucie

    Post by Guest on 20th May 2016, 3:44 am

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    A small spot of magic energy stopped her from taking another step forward on those rails. A familiar energy. Standing upon the metal lines yellow eyes squinted as she turned her head to locate who the sudden energy behind her was coming from, placing a hand to cradle her side.
    Lucie. Her brother's toy... Her toy.
    If the energy hadn't already given her a hint as to who it was the pale hair and red-tinted eyes did it. What was she doing here? They hadn't interacted much since their first meeting, both seeming to go about their business their own way as soon as the feline joined the guild. It was like the girl thought she could escape from her grasp if she didn't see her... Cute. Even if she wasn't there to hurt her herself Ren always was. She couldn't escape.
    No matter what her reasoning to be here was, she was still here. It was time to have some fun. Maybe it'd teach her a lesson for trying to avoid her. They were team mates after all. Even if the team was forced a team should really stick together. A distant behavior was punishable.

    A smirk curling the corner of her lips the female twisted her body around to face behind her where Lucie was. With a quick flick of her pure white tail the feline would fall upon all fours, rushing her way towards her team mate, hands kicking up dirt behind her and tossing it across the ground.

    "Lucie-nya~!" The cat called cheerfully as she neared her, springing up from the ground with great force before she used her body to latch onto the younger mage's and sent her to the ground, pinning her down. She pressed the girl's arms with the grasp of her fist to the earth, and her torso with her feet, sitting on the girl in a crouched position with her weight being forced upon the girl below her.
    Blinking once she gave Lucie a sickeningly sweet smile, the same kind of forced smile from when they first met. A disguised smile.

    "Nyai'm so happy to see you!!~ Nyou keep avoiding me." She dropped her bright smile to a sudden pout, blinking sad amber eyes, ears drooping against her head.

    "Why do you keep such a distance away from me? Nya own team mate?"
    Forcing the guilt upon Lucie Annazima begun to dig her elongated nails into the child's skin, pressing them in only slightly, but still enough to being some discomfort.
    She wanted to see what her answer was. Though it was quite obvious, she wanted to hear it from the kid herself. She wanted to hear those sweet words.

    i'm taking back the crown

    i'm all dressed up and naked. i see what's mine and take it.

    credit to nat of adoxography.

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