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    Delivering Letters? (Job)

    Maxim Waldgrave
    Maxim Waldgrave

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    Delivering Letters? (Job) Empty Delivering Letters? (Job)

    Post by Maxim Waldgrave 7th April 2016, 1:09 pm

    Uriel had ended up in a bit of a situation. Stuck hiding inside a broom closet in the backstage of a theatre where he was meant to be dropping off a letter and not getting caught up, and being caught by thugs, and other people who may have wanted to stop Uriel from doing his job. How had he ended up in this situation the reader may ask themselves? Well it all began with something called doing your job.

    The Warden had taken this job because he figured it would be relatively easy for him to do. Just dress up as a goon, look all menacing, patrol a few corridors until he found the one with the idol… And then just carefully and with a huge amount of nonchalant gusto… Put the letter in plain sight of the idol and get out of dodge.

    Of course it was never going to be as easy as walking into a building, and just finding her. Not when they were to employ heavy duty security on this place.

    But before he even walked into the theatre, he decided to use his partial transformations to make it him look even more buff than he usually was. Turning into the form of Atlas with his mighty arms, shoulders, legs and chest. Buffing uo was certainly the best way to look like he was one of the guards there.

    Donning on a suit and tie Uriel would then make his way through the crowds, and pushing past punks and punkettes that may have been there to harm the idol. He had to look menacing, but purposeful. They were certainly something that he could do without any trouble since he was so used to being a bully and able to command authority with people. So why would it go horribly wrong.

    Well when he arrived at the doors, and went through it seemed that they were employing some kind of anti-magic system. Something about some mage who could use light to blind people the last time they were here. And just like that his magic would be nulled and he would turn into this less-that-buff looking fellow.

    And so Uriel hid inside the broom closet, adjusting his clothes to make it look a bit more purposeful that he was here. With the badge, tag and everything. He also had the letter hidden inside his suit just in case he would end up meeting her.

    It was just lucky that the broom closet just so happened to be right opposite the idol’s room. But why would he still have to wait a while? Because there were armed guards everywhere.

    Time for the second plan of action: Make the letter turn into a Frisbee so that it would land somewhere in the region of her desk. That was good enough right?

    He would open the closet slightly, throwing the letter in as far as possible. Though it did manage to hit the idol on the head, smacking her down onto the desk and knocking her out… Oops.

    But the letter was delivered, jobs a good’un. And with that Uriel would sneak out of the building, and get away very quickly.


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