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    Backstage Letters (Job)


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    Backstage Letters (Job) Empty Backstage Letters (Job)

    Post by Chesha 16th August 2015, 3:16 am


    ’I…don’t think this is right…how…?’

    Life had a funny way of throwing Mao for a loop, the girl pretty sure things didn’t normally go so weird in these moments. Her current situation reminded the girl a lot of waiting for the passport wherein she’d accidentally become the center of attention that’d eventually caused the guards to force her to the front if simply to get her out of the way. ’I suppose I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth though?”

    It’d been a silly set of circumstances, one she’d only just realized helped her and yet thwarted the girl’s mission at the same time. A mere collision as two people sped to round a corner and thoroughly smacked into each other, bodies repelling backwards from the force of the strike. Between them only one person had a comfy tail to fall back on, though she didn’t doubt the thing might hurt a bit later, but the other person smacked their head against the road and subsequently blacked out. Apologies flew from her mouth like a flock of frightened birds as the panicking girl scrambled to scrape together their spilled belongings until she realized he wasn’t getting up.

    How embarrassing it was as she held his stuff while people carried him off towards the nearest doctor, a local practice not too far luckily. ’I guess I should deliver his stuff to his work?’ She’d made the decision upon viewing his badge alongside the folder, not realizing at the time it’d been the same location as her destination. As for the coffees now laying all over the pavement, well, hopefully they weren’t important. Mao hadn’t expected for them to see her, see the badge that stated “STAFF” without a picture, and more or less toss her backstage with some offhand comment to “Get to work, we’re busy!” Some other person came along, jammed the badge over her head – so she wouldn’t lose it – and then demanded to know where the coffees were.

    ”I-uh-whu-coffee? What coffee?”

    This woman then had Mao running from one end of the building for the next two hours fetching this, dropping off that, talking to one person, checking up on another, and being a general assistant as she barked orders at anyone and everyone in her vicinity. The woman outright scared Mao to the point the short woman couldn’t fathom admitting she wasn’t the actual stage hand, but that she’d taken him out on the way here by sheer accidental coincidence. ’I suppose this might be a bit of payback though,’ she’d thought for an instance while running with a few full mugs of coffee, ’at least he doesn’t have to suffer this stress for now.’

    Then the miracle happened: the woman told Mao to take a break.

    Only a cloud of dust signified the spot she once stood, the mage off like a light. This request already took quite a bit of time, a lot longer than she imagined it might. Heck the last time she did something like this they’d merely thought she was a part of the photoshoot, but this person would be on stage and performing songs and dance routines soon enough. If there was ever a time to make her escape though it’d be now as she knocked lightly on the door. No response.


    This would be a lot less awkward than interacting with the actual person as Mao peered around before tip-toeing and placing the letter upon the desk. ’I hope this is okay at any rate…’ It’d be a shame if they thought her a dark mage or something, but the letter had been delivered at least. That was until she turned around and the grinning pop star stood there.

    ”Don’t worry darlin’, I’ll be sure to read your little letter,” the woman smiled, the light catching the shining lip gloss as she patted the dark haired woman with her perfectly manicured hand, ”Might want to make your escape though, lest security catch you! And don’t forget to listen to your parents and do your homework!”

    ”Ah…ye-yeah I will!” Mao blurted out before making her escape, muttering under her breath. ’I don’t look like a child damn it!’ On her way back home she made sure to drop the badge off to its proper owner, the fellow looking very confused at the mysterious woman as she hastily exited. The delayed shriek of “OH CRAP!” could be heard all the way down the road, Mao’s step pausing for just a second before speeding up further.




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    Backstage Letters (Job) Empty Re: Backstage Letters (Job)

    Post by Hikachu 16th August 2015, 3:49 am

    Backstage Letters (Job) YdROJZD


    Backstage Letters (Job) JhB4MAf

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