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    Swimming Lessons! [Daniel/Job/Solo]


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    Completed Swimming Lessons! [Daniel/Job/Solo]

    Post by Febrakari 26th February 2016, 3:40 pm

    Oh gods, the train again. This time it was even more horrid, as Daniel was smushed together with a bunch of happy citizens all making their lunch time commute. The wolf-man stared down at the little note in his paw, and read it in his head over again. ~Hey, since you already have a connection, I’ve got a job for you to do with my son.~ Damn it was mystic, was the note talking about the little pudgy kid that had torn his fur up with his candy hands?
    The train stopped at Magnolia station, and Daniel made sure to be the first one off. He hated the feeling of being crammed in there with everyone else, made him feel like livestock. Hell, he always thinks the same thing when he gets on trains, yet he rides them anyway. Magnolia was as beautiful as it always way, with people going too and fro, smiles plastered to their innocent faces.
    The familiar warmth enveloped through Daniel once again. This is where he had rescued all those puppies for Ordae, and where he met Yewji the hair-stylist. The white-wolf man held the note up to the sun so he could read the address. Wait.. it was to the public swimming pool? Huh, I guess jobs come in weird places.
    Daniel was there in about 20 minutes, as he stopped to have a chat with Yewji and checked on Ordae and the puppies. All were in particularly wonderful order and had left Dan feeling super warm and about to melt. This is when he saw him. Those abs, that lack of a shirt, the same snarky grin. This was the father of the candy-kid on the train. Daniel’s warmth fleeted away quickly. Oh no..
    The man came up to Daniel and took his hand. “Look man, me and my wife, we’re just so busy y’know? You already know my boy, Eric right?” From behind the buff, tan man, a child, put in a one piece bathing suit, sat grumpily, murmuring. “Oh, right, Eric. Ya I remember you guys.” The man nodded. “Right, well, we’re going on vacation soon to some beaches and little Eric here doesn’t know how to swim.”
    Dan couldn’t help but scoff at this. Of course he didn’t, that’s just my luck. The scoff caught the kid’s attention and immediately as Eric took notice of Daniel, his face lit up in a wide smile. “DOGGIE!” The small child stood up and rushed to Dan’s tail, grabbing hold of it tight. Dan felt warm again. How could he refuse such an adorable face.
    “You want me to teach him, yea?” Dan smirked as the tan man jingled jewels in his sweatpants pockets. “Yep, I’ll pay ya too. Just don’t let em’ drown.” Dan put a thumbs up, chewing on his toothpick a bit. “Thanks so much!” The tan man then strolled off and Dan started walking to the pool area, dragging a ecstatic Eric behind him on his tail.
    Daniel didn’t really see the point in getting on a swimsuit. This was really the only clothing he owned besides some nicer attire for.. special.. occasions. So, the wolf man leapt gracefully into the shallow end of the pool, calling CANNONBALL as he did. This tore his tail away from Eric’s grasp, much to the disendowment of Eric. Daniel came out of the water and shook his head vigorously, getting water from his eyes. “Come on Eric, it’s not deep here!” Dan was easily standing almost 3 feet over the water.
    The pudgy kid slowly climbed down, making unsure noises. “I-it’s cold!” Eric was now fully in the water, standing a bit taller than water level. “I know, you’ll warm up quickly.” Dan smiled, and put a hand on the kid’s head. “Why aren’t you wearing a swimsuit doggie?” Dan smiled wider. “Dogs don’t need a swimsuit silly. Now, let me show you something.” Daniel slowly put a hand behind the kid’s back and lifted him slowly.
    Eric squirmed and wiggled, now very afraid of what he was doing. Daniel made a stern face and lay Eric on his back atop the water. “Deep breath, and watch.” Eric sucked in a heap of air, and held it. Daniel slowly let go and watched as Eric floated along the surface of the water. Eric was smiling, and he let the air go in a big gasp, standing straight up. “I WAS SWIMMING!”
    Daniel laughed. “Oh please, you were just floating. Now comes the real challenge. Pick up your legs and start.. doggie.. paddling.” The white wolf chuckled to himself at the bad dog joke, and bent his knees up, now paddling to tread water. Eric tried to do the same, and kept going under. Dan would quickly pick him up. “That’s okay! Just keep trying!” He gave the kid an encouraging smile, and Eric looked very determined now.
    The pudgy kid paddled and paddled, eventually staying above the water. “That’s it! Now kick your legs behind you!” Dan was melting as he watched Eric begin to move forward slowly, laboring as he continued his paddling. Even through all the work, the kid was smiling, and it made Daniel smile. “Stretch out your arms and scoop the water behind you!”
    Daniel really wasn’t doing much at this point, the kid was a natural born swimmer. For his pudgy size, he was quite graceful in the water, and started doing backwards strokes and forward strokes. It was amazing. “No way! Oh my God Eric yayyy!” There he was, the tan man with some short lady, equally as built looking. “Good job mutt, you done good.” Daniel gazed up at them and whistled for Eric to get out of the pool.
    Dan clambered out, then stood, all of his clothing soaked, along with his fur. “No problem, he was super easy to teach.” The tan man held out a sack of jewels. “There, I promised ya, man.” Daniel nodded and took the bag. “Have a good day you guys. Have a good vacay!” He waved as he walked away, the family waving back. Ah, wet dog smell now filled his nose. Great.

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