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    Assassination Contract: Ms. Cooper [Kanix Laspor]


    Assassination Contract: Ms. Cooper [Kanix Laspor] Empty Assassination Contract: Ms. Cooper [Kanix Laspor]

    Post by Guest 16th January 2016, 7:50 am

    Assassination Contract: Ms. Cooper [Kanix Laspor] Tumblr12

    Tap. Tap. Tap.

    Kanix launched herself from one place to the next as she darted through Oak Town's homes, upon the rooftops of the houses. Her staff lightly tapped against the surface of each roof, and her feet skidded across the tiles every time she landed. The blind mage struggled at being a quiet, unnoticeable person, especially when she was trying to travel like this. If it wasn't her staff making a noise on each of the rooftops, it was her clumsy footing as she landed on the roofs. She occasionally grumbled at herself, scolding herself for making such mistakes as to show that she was running somewhere. Well, not necessarily running from something or anywhere for that matter, but to complete an assassination contract. This was her first job, and she did not want to fail it by being a Klutz and having everyone notice where she was.

    As she hit the tops of every home she jumped from, the tiles were the most intriguing feeling she had ever felt. They were rough, scratchy almost, and they burned her hand from the asphalt that had collected up too much sunlight. Her hands were all beat up from touching the surfaces of every rooftop, scraped and scratched by the roughness of the tiles. She didn't mind so much, they were just minor scraps that, although they burned, would eventually go away. It was nothing to worry about for her; her only objective right now was to find Ms. Cooper and kill her. However, that would prove to be a lot more difficult that Kanix would think, especially since she couldn't see the woman. So, at this rate, she would be playing cat and mouse with the lady, and hoping that the person she decided to kill would be her.

    Kanix roughly landed on another of the housetops and paused, lifting her head to the sky and listening to the wind. Laughter could be heard below as children ran about and played with each if they were neighbors, or woman gossiping together. She could hear little snippets of the conversations below, but she didn't much care to know what was being said.

    "Did you hear that Johnny is dying? His mother has been hiding away in her house with him since he's been diagnosed," a woman chattered.

    "No, I didn't know. That's horrible! I feel so bad for Mrs. Grabber," another woman responded in a horrified tone.

    "Oh, I know! That poor woman will be so heartbroken and then to learn that all of Oak Town knows about the illness? Oh, boy!" the other lady stated.

    The Basilisk Fang mage wrinkled her nose in distaste and tuned out the conversation below her to the best of her abilities.

    Her head swiveled around to the left, the wind picking up some and dancing through her hair like a ballerina on stage. A scent was carried on the wind; barbecued meat was what it smelled like to Kanix, perhaps a cookout nearby. She turned on her heels and bound off in the direction of the smell, wondering if that would be the home of Ms. Cooper. The more she thought about finding the woman, however, the more she felt she was beginning to regret taking this job.

    Kanix shook her head and snarled at herself; she would not be guilty for taking the life of an innocent woman! Perhaps, she would be though. After all, she felt it was entirely wrong to be killing someone who committed no heinous crime. The mage stumbled as her thoughts clouded her mind, and she toppled from the rooftop and onto the grass of a property.

    The woman groaned and rubbed the back of her head, sitting up and dusting off her white coat, now stained light green in places. She grimaced at the feel of the wetness and the patches of green that now covered her beautiful pirate's coat. Only, she let out a sigh after a few minutes of staring down at her jacket and dusting it off, then turned on her way. However, voices in the backyard of the home caught her attention, and she paused in her tracks to listen.

    "Richard, I just don't know why these plants keep dying! No matter what I do, I just can't keep them living," Ms. Cooper whined to her brother. "Maybe it's the soil I'm using, it has to be the soil that I'm using; there's no other explanation than that!"

    "Andrea, you're fretting over nothing!" Richard stated from somewhere close by to where Kanix was standing. "I have to head out though, so please stop worrying about your damned flowers and let Mother Nature run her course?"

    "Fine. . ." Andrea groaned to herself in reply to her brother, and soon the sound of a door opening and snapping shut could be heard.

    Kanix jumped off to the side and pressed herself against the house, listening to the retreating footsteps of Richard as he left. When she could hear him no more, the mage turned around and grabbed onto a fence full of ivy, climbing her way to the roof. Standing on the top of the house, she could see all of Oak Town again, but lowered her gaze to the gardening housewife. Her senses took in everything around her, from the direction of the wind, down to the very scent of each flower in Ms. Coopers garden. The fun thing about this job was that she didn't have to use magic if she didn't want to, she could just walk up behind the woman and hit her with her staff. Though Kanix didn't want to damage her weapon, she was certain she could hit her hard enough to kill her in one blow.

    The dark mage pursed her lips and sat down on the rooftop, crossing her legs Indian style and resting her free hand on her knee. Her fingers gingerly tapped her kneecap, and then her eyes widened at the thought of how to kill Ms. Cooper.

    Kanix lightly tapped her staff on the roof of the house, loud enough that Ms. Cooper could hear it, but dismiss it as a sound of nature. Her eyes lit aglow with a white essence, and the emerald gemstone on her staff brightened and pulsated.

    Andrea Cooper, down below, froze in her place and let out a small squeak of terror as she became immobilized by Kanix's Soul Trapping ability.

    The mage was sent into another realm momentarily, busybodies rushing around and living off their eternity in a hellish place. A spirit appeared in front of her and grimaced in her direction, where she would smile kindly back to it.

    "Would you like to kill someone for me, dearest?" Kanix inquired to the demonic spirit, who nodded in return. "Then I would like for you to come back with me and kill a woman named Ms. Andrea Cooper. . . as violently as you can."
    She took the spirit's hand and instantly, they were sucked back into the realm of the living, only the spirit was no longer beside her, but inside her. The mage would stand to her feet and tap her staff again, waiting as the gem light back up to connect to the spirit. Her staff would wave out in front of her, and soon a door appeared above Ms. Cooper, dropping out a demon from its gates.

    The demon screech at the frozen woman and snatched her up into its hands, digging its claws into her skin. While the woman was frozen, unable to escape, the demon tore her limb from limb, blood splattering across the ground. When the deed was finally done, Kanix grimaced at the metallic scent of blood everywhere and turned on her way. Her minion was sucked back into the gates of hell, and she no longer had to worry about doing any dirty work.

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