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    Taking Care of the Fam.

    Ninetails Derpfox

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    Taking Care of the Fam. Empty Taking Care of the Fam.

    Post by Ninetails Derpfox 11th January 2016, 11:36 pm


    he parade of joy didn't stop at killing off the people in those three houses, so why in the hell would it stop at compeltely and utterly decimating an entire school? Niyol had used his sword's ability to turn into powder to gently buff away all the blood from his clothes so as to minimize suspicion towards him, though a mage wearing his attire with demonic scars was cause for suspicion on its own. While traveling, a young couple had spotted the man and remembered him from the priory disaster. That one day when all hell broke loose, and a single woman nearly wiped out the entire town. They told Niyol they remember seeing him killing a rather large gator, as well as take down one of the pillars. Having confused him for a good wizard, they explained to the demon possessed man that they needed someone to look after their toddler, to which the demons happily agreed.

    The kid was simply adorable. He was a brown haired lad with bright, hopeful azure eyes that had an instant fear of Niyol, letting him know the boy had great magical power despite being so incredibly young. Once his parents had left, having called a friend to taxi them over to their party, Niyol walked to the kitched and handed the boy a cookie from the jar on top the fridge. The boy looked at Niyol much gentler, eating the cookie that he didn't know had a small shard of the man's white blade in it. Suddenly, the little tyke's eyes bulged open and he coughed up blood. He tried to let out a scream, but nothing more than bloody air came out. Niyol grinned as he knew that the boy would be unable to scream since the shard of his sword in the cookie had been used to completely slice out his vocal cords. The boy fell to the ground, crying on pain and then crying more when Niyol grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, the man's nails digging into his flesh and drawing blood. He tried screaming more, but only the sound of air and blood escaped the little boy's mouth. Niyol dragged him upstairs to his room to put the boy to sleep.

    The parents returned, seeing Niyol reading a book in the living room and noticed the house was spotless. They were so hammered that neither went to see the bloody kitchen floor, and neither checked on their son since the 'legal mage' went ahead and said he was sleeping soundly, and not to disturb him. The demons created a massive lie that was so compelling, so accurate to the parent's expectations that they'd accepted it and paid Niyol and sent him on the way before flopping on their beds.

    The next morning, the mother woke up with a hangover like no other from partying hardy. She'd started the morning routine and stopped at her bedroom door, having noticed the usual good morning cannon ball onto her husband's stomach didn't occur today. She walked through the door with a smiley face on it, her eyes wide open as she saw it... It was grotesque with no skin, hanging by a fleshy tube that originated from its stomach which was resting three feet below it. The body was attached to the ceiling fan that spun slowly, letting the mother know that she was no longer a mother. She fell to her knees, clenching her chest as the sight was so horrid her heart, which was no older than twenty, wasn't strong enough to handle it.

    Her husband walked to the door, having heard her fall and was concerned for her well being. When he arrived, his immediately placed his hand over his mouth trying to contain the throwup. He backed up as though a godly force had punched him right in his scrotum. Just as the woman had finally worked up the ability to think of screaming, a flash of white had hauled her and her man into their room, slamming them on the wall, nailing them in place with a large white spike in their hands and feet. The demon possessed man walked up the stairs in into the room with a large, grim smile on his face that made the mother begin feeling sick. In his hand was a tiny, red, fleshy object that had a pair of loose tubing attached to it. He walked up, and stuffed it in the woman's mouth and told her to eat it, saying he'd kill her husband if she didn't. Not knowing what it was, she did as told in hopes of at least saving her husband, but was mortified as a white metallic ring was formed from a powdery looking substance. The ring was placed to her husband's manhood and spun rappidly while it was inserted in. The man let out a deafening scream, so loud that his tongue got caught amidst the pain and stopped the sound from coming out entirely. Afterwards, the spikes holding the woman down pulled her from the wall and the metal spikes forced her husband's eyes to stay wide open and watch. While having his fun, Niyol told the woman that she had to do something for him, and if she did he'd undo everything that happened. She refused at first, but then Niyol flayed her husband right in front her and hung him just like her son. He then informed her that the object she ate, was actually the heart of her baby boy. After that, she'd agreed to do the one thing without knowing what it was...

    Niyol had gotten himself cleaned up and went to the town square, right in front the local Rune Knight's embassy and watched as the woman walked in stark nude holding a metallic ball. His orders were for her to take the orb and leave it in the building, nothing more... The guards gave her a cloak and some clothes before sending her out, not sure why she had none to begin with. The woman was very careful not to screw it up by letting her desperation show, after all... she wanted her family back. However, once she took a step to the middle of the town square, the metallic bits in the red object she ate flew out of her spreading her entire being all over the area. Niyol nonchalantly got up, watching the blood covered people as the fear set in. He began running away, making it look as though he were just another innocent bystander. When the guards came out to find out what was happening, the metallic ball the woman left in the station turned to a white powder that cut open all the cells in the room, letting at least ten prisoners run free again.
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